Sep 17, 2014: Today

8:14 PM Ticket #11983 (Section title "Changelogs" is hard-coded and not translatable) closed by hasienda
fixed: Replying to t.riedel@…: > Sorry, my fault. Forgot to compile …
3:41 PM Ticket #11985 (Periodically checks of log) created by framay
Periodically checks of log would be very useful. This means log-files are …
10:43 AM Ticket #11984 (Date/time in commit history table is not localized) created by t.riedel@…
For a trac displayed in german language the date/time in the table of …
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Sep 16, 2014: Yesterday

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10:50 PM Changeset [14170] by hasienda
  • tracticketchangelogplugin/0.12/ticketlog/htdocs/ticketlog.js
  • tracticketchangelogplugin/0.12/ticketlog/locale/de_DE/LC_MESSAGES/ticketlog.po
  • tracticketchangelogplugin/0.12/ticketlog/locale/messages.pot
  • tracticketchangelogplugin/0.12/ticketlog/web_ui.py

TracTicketChangelogPlugin: (i18n) Provide more messages for translation, refs #11983.

Move texts from js file to python script for translation, since a separate js
message catalog would be overkill for this plugin.

Message catalog and translation update as well as some PEP8 changes
(line-length) are included as well.

9:34 PM Changeset [14169] by hasienda
  • tracticketchangelogplugin/0.12/i18n_for_developer.txt
  • tracticketchangelogplugin/0.12/ticketlog/locale/de_DE
  • tracticketchangelogplugin/0.12/ticketlog/locale/de_DE/LC_MESSAGES
  • tracticketchangelogplugin/0.12/ticketlog/locale/de_DE/LC_MESSAGES/ticketlog.po
  • tracticketchangelogplugin/0.12/ticketlog/locale/messages.pot

TracTicketChangelogPlugin: Fix i18n docs, extract messages add German translations, refs #11983.

Thanks to Torge Riedel for preparing these changes.

6:13 PM Changeset [14168] by framay
  • logwatcherplugin/1.0/logwatcher/tests
  • logwatcherplugin/1.0/logwatcher/tests/__init__.py
  • logwatcherplugin/1.0/logwatcher/tests/api.py

added first unit test

10:59 AM TracMathJaxPlugin edited by mitar
10:44 AM Ticket #11983 (Section title "Changelogs" is hard-coded and not translatable) created by t.riedel@…
The title of the section created by this plug-in in a ticket is hard-coded …
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Sep 15, 2014:

3:20 PM Ticket #11982 (CDN URL offline) created by joop.van.bussel@…
We used this plugin but currently the host behind the CDN URL is …
12:42 PM Ticket #11981 (ProgrammingError: (1064, "You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the ...) created by zj@…
I read the file showed in Python Traceback and find a SQL syntax error in …
10:28 AM GanttCalendarPlugin edited by jun66j5
Don't use https://github.com/jun66j5/tracganttcalendarplugin, which is not … (diff)
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Sep 13, 2014:

6:17 AM Ticket #11978 (How to use conditional validation) created by girish
I want to check that certain fields are not blank only for tickets with …

Sep 12, 2014:

10:24 PM Changeset [14167] by bobbysmith007
  • addstaticresourcesplugin/0.11/addstaticresourcesplugin/api.py
  • addstaticresourcesplugin/0.11/setup.py

Allow using absolute refrences to static-resources

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1:14 PM Changeset [14166] by framay
  • mailplugin/trunk/dist/XMailPlugin-0.4.3-py2.7.egg
  • mailplugin/trunk/setup.py
  • mailplugin/trunk/xmail/XMailEMailModule.py
  • mailplugin/trunk/xmail/XMailFilterObject.py
  • mailplugin/trunk/xmail/XMailMainView.py

re-factored code in order to make it more PEP8 compatible; thus marking it as version 0.4.3

9:20 AM Changeset [14165] by framay
  • mailplugin/trunk/xmail/XMailEMailModule.py

only process mail, when it is activated; this means field active needs to be 1

Sep 11, 2014:

3:23 PM Ticket #11977 (Some enhencements) created by framay
- add a checkbox indicating case-insensitive search - highlight search …
3:13 PM Ticket #11976 (Fixing flaws of LogViewerPage) created by framay
There are some small flaws in LogViewerPage: - when input element "Tail" …
2:51 PM Changeset [14164] by framay
  • logwatcherplugin/1.0/dist/LogWatcherPlugin-0.2.1-py2.7.egg
  • logwatcherplugin/1.0/logwatcher/api.py
  • logwatcherplugin/1.0/logwatcher/app_versions.py
  • logwatcherplugin/1.0/logwatcher/htdocs/css/logviewer.css
  • logwatcherplugin/1.0/logwatcher/templates/app_versions.html

re-factored code in order to make it more PEP8 compatible (except of paragraph "Configuration options" in web_ui.py)

10:53 AM Ticket #11974 (Adding previous and following lines) closed by framay
10:51 AM Changeset [14163] by framay
  • logwatcherplugin/1.0/logwatcher/api.py
  • logwatcherplugin/1.0/logwatcher/templates/logviewer.html
  • logwatcherplugin/1.0/logwatcher/web_ui.py
  • logwatcherplugin/1.0/setup.py

refs #11974: adding possibility of showing previous and following lines of searched lines; thanks for Patch of Markas

10:47 AM Ticket #11975 (wikiprint component not loaded in Ubuntu 14LTS) created by huangjianzhong@…
I checked using dpkg -l on my Ubuntu 14.04.1: […] This is the log of …
10:34 AM Ticket #11974 (Adding previous and following lines) created by Markas
This patch allows the user to add previous and following lines. The lines …
9:51 AM Ticket #11973 (Ticket Type is not shown in email notification) closed by jun66j5
worksforme: Ticket type is shown in the notification.
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9:16 AM Ticket #9896 (Selected editing option is not remembered) closed by jun66j5
worksforme: Cannot be reproduced.
9:10 AM Ticket #10257 (Incompatible with TracMathJax (possibly TracMath)) closed by jun66j5
wontfix: I have no plan to fix it. This plugin only understand TracWiki.
9:07 AM Ticket #2119 (pasting easy_install easy_install ...) closed by jun66j5
9:03 AM Ticket #11973 (Ticket Type is not shown in email notification) created by anonymous
Can you please let me know how can i fix, to see Ticket Type in email?
8:48 AM Ticket #8274 (TracWysiwyg for 0.12 broken with Chrome and Firefox 3.6) closed by jun66j5
wontfix: I have no plan to modify tracwysiwygplugin for the issue.
8:26 AM Ticket #11972 (cant delete the attachment after installing the attachmentPolicyPlugin) created by anonymous
I have installed AttachmentDeletePolicy plugin and make an entry in the …
3:13 AM TracTicketChangelogPlugin edited by rjollos
New default since r14162. (diff)
3:12 AM Changeset [14162] by rjollos
  • tracticketchangelogplugin/0.12/ticketlog/web_ui.py

Allow trailing colon in default log_pattern.

2:51 AM Changeset [14161] by rjollos
  • tracticketchangelogplugin/0.12/COPYING

Added COPYING file with license text.

Sep 10, 2014:

12:54 PM Ticket #11971 (Backlog order) created by niltongouveajr@…
To change the order of items in the backlog, I can simply drag and drop …
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.