Dec 1, 2005:

9:17 PM Ticket #81 (FIT tests in tickets) created by Peter Merel
Fitnesse (http://fitnesse.org) is a popular but proprietary, crufty, …
2:44 PM MacroMigrationTutorial edited by athomas
1:54 PM NewHackMacro edited by athomas
Updated to 0.9 (diff)
1:53 PM Changeset [151] by athomas
  • newhackmacro/0.9
  • newhackmacro/0.9/NewHack.py


1:47 PM Ticket #80 (IAccountChangeListener method name incorrect) created by athomas
So I finally got around to adding the new user hooks into TracHacks
1:32 PM WikiStart edited by athomas
Removed temporary new hack instructions (diff)
1:27 PM tonin created by tonin
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1:27 PM kyosuke created by kyosuke
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11:44 AM Changeset [150] by trac
  • tocmacro/0.9/TOC.py


  • Prefix an a to the anchor name if it begins with a digit.
7:09 AM NewHackTemplate edited by athomas

Nov 30, 2005:

11:09 PM Changeset [149] by ttressieres
  • perforceplugin/0.9/p4trac/p4trac.py


bug's correction in _get_content

9:38 PM Ticket #79 (ZIP download link for folders in repo browser) created by ttest@…
Sometimes I want to access data in my repository on a computer where …
7:08 AM Ticket #78 (poll radio options need <label> tags) closed by athomas
fixed: Fixed in [148]
5:52 AM Changeset [148] by athomas
  • pollmacro/0.8/Poll.py
  • pollmacro/0.9
  • pollmacro/0.9/Poll.py


  • Copied PollMacro to 0.9 branch, though there is no difference.
  • Added <label>s, closes #78.
5:34 AM Ticket #78 (poll radio options need <label> tags) created by mgood
The radio options for the poll should have a <label> tag that …
2:29 AM PerforcePlugin edited by athomas
2:12 AM Changeset [147] by tiago
  • debianneedversionmacro
  • debianneedversionmacro/0.9

New hack DebianNeedVersionMacro, created by tiago

2:10 AM DebianNeedVersionMacro created by athomas
Initial creation of DebianNeedVersionMacro
12:40 AM Ticket #66 (TracShowPathPatch for 0.9) closed by anonymous
invalid: I made a new installation of 0.9 and now it works. But I don't know …

Nov 28, 2005:

2:16 PM Ticket #77 (MySQL , PostgreSQL Access) closed by mgood
duplicate: #70 has been filed for integrating the database password storage. It …
1:32 PM Ticket #59 (Rename trunk and stable tags and SVN paths to 0.9 and 0.8 respectively.) closed by athomas
fixed: This was mostly done in [119], with various leftovers cleaned up after …
10:12 AM Ticket #77 (MySQL , PostgreSQL Access) created by leiss@…
I saw the database.py on the AccountManagerPlugin wikipage, but I …

Nov 27, 2005:

11:09 PM Changeset [146] by ttressieres
  • perforceplugin/0.9/p4trac/p4trac.py


handling of 'deleted' files in PerforceNode

9:44 PM PerforcePlugin edited by ttressieres
added link to zip file (diff)
7:34 PM DiscussionPlugin edited by anonymous
7:31 PM DiscussionPlugin edited by anonymous
12:03 PM Ticket #76 (Export of wiki-Pages to one PDF-Document) created by jan.linnenkohl@…
It would be really nice to have an plugin, that collects all wiki …

Nov 26, 2005:

11:07 PM Changeset [145] by ttressieres
  • perforceplugin/0.9/p4trac/p4trac.py


handle of "follow-copies" mode in PerforceMode
handle of 'move' action in PerforceChangeSet

Nov 24, 2005:

10:59 PM ttressieres edited by anonymous
10:47 PM Changeset [144] by ttressieres
  • perforceplugin/0.9/p4trac/p4trac.py


first version of Repository.get_path_history
add support of 'branch' in ChangeSet.get_changes

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3:52 AM TracHacks edited by athomas
Note about snapshots being generated in post-commit hook (diff)
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.