Feb 4, 2007:

11:48 PM Changeset [1916] by eblot
  • revtreeplugin/0.11/revtree/htdocs/css/revtree.css
  • revtreeplugin/0.11/revtree/templates/revtree.html
  • revtreeplugin/0.11/revtree/web_ui.py


  • Fix up an issue with Firefox 2.0 on Windows which prevented the SVG image to be aligned on the left side.
  • Add CSS to the SVG image
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5:12 PM Ticket #1173 (download link broken) created by hwinkel
I cant download the testcaseplugin
11:47 AM Ticket #1172 (OpenID plugin does not support genshi/0.11) created by martin@…
I'd like to use the openid plugin with trac 0.11 but there is no genshi …
9:03 AM Changeset [1915] by athomas
  • reposearchplugin/branches/pyndexter/tracreposearch/__init__.py
  • reposearchplugin/branches/pyndexter/update-index


More fixes for update-index.

8:58 AM Ticket #1154 (Enable viewing entire changelog) closed by athomas
worksforme: [[ChangeLog(/, 0)]]
7:55 AM Ticket #1148 (Download link doesn't work with wGet) closed by athomas
worksforme: The download:tocmacro link on the TocMacro page is a link to a zip file of …
7:44 AM Ticket #1155 (Crash Firefox closed by athomas
invalid: Agreed, a browser crash is a little out of scope.
7:14 AM AccountManagerPlugin edited by seebq

Feb 3, 2007:

3:39 PM Ticket #1171 (WebAdmin page corrupted after PageListPlugin installation) created by anonymous
Trac 0.10.3 on Apache/2.2.3 (Mandriva Linux/PREFORK-1mdv2007.0) with …
2:45 PM Ticket #1170 (Russian wiki page names do not convert to links) created by anonymous
5:01 AM mikewalk created by mikewalk
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3:29 AM Ticket #1169 (HTTPAuth doesn't validate against AccountManager htpasswd file) created by jlevy@…
HTTPAuth dialog comes up, but username & passwords are rejected. Doesn't …
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1:05 AM TestCaseManagementPlugin edited by edunne
1:02 AM Ticket #1168 (Error while uploading image) created by edunne
12:58 AM TestCaseManagementPlugin created by edunne
New hack TestCaseManagementPlugin, created by edunne
12:58 AM Changeset [1914] by edunne
  • testcasemanagementplugin

New hack TestCaseManagementPlugin, created by edunne

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Feb 2, 2007:

8:49 PM Ticket #1167 (Project description in RSS feed) created by whitelynx
Currently, the <description> tag in the generated RSS feed from the blog …
8:36 PM Ticket #1166 (Trailing comma on list of tags) created by whitelynx
When a blog is tagged with more than one tag, TracBlogPlugin generates a …
7:59 PM Ticket #1165 (Missing end tag in RSS) created by whitelynx
The RSS-formatted output for the blog plugin doesn't insert an end tag for …
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4:21 AM Ticket #1164 (Cant get the plugins going) created by shaloowalia@…
I have installed the plugins as per instructions but they do not seem to …

Feb 1, 2007:

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7:29 AM Ticket #1060 (Calendar Navigation breaks at the end of each month!) closed by pacopablo
fixed: (In [1913]) * Closes #1060 * Fixed similar bug when passing in an …
7:29 AM Changeset [1913] by pacopablo
  • tracblogplugin/0.10/blog/web_ui.py


  • Closes #1060
  • Fixed similar bug when passing in an arbitrary day. If it's too big (ie, 32) it will just default to the last day of the month.
7:13 AM Ticket #1161 (TracBlog day out of range when navigating blog) closed by pacopablo
duplicate: duplicate of #1060
1:30 AM ScrumBurndownPlugin edited by anonymous
1:20 AM RevtreePlugin edited by eblot
Update w/ the latest plugin release (0.5.0) (diff)
12:55 AM Changeset [1912] by eblot
  • revtreeplugin/0.11/revtree/htdocs/css/revtree.css
  • revtreeplugin/0.11/revtree/svgview.py
  • revtreeplugin/0.11/revtree/templates/revtree.cs
  • revtreeplugin/0.11/revtree/templates/revtree.html
  • revtreeplugin/0.11/revtree/templates/revtree_log.cs


  • Fix up useless Javascript parent link from branch header
  • Fix up buggy message display in AJAX tooltip (invalid CSS)
  • Remove useless div tag around SVG div
  • Remove Clearsilver templates (deprecated)
12:46 AM Ticket #1163 (.egg file too small?) created by bretr@…
I loaded the zip archive of the 0.10 build, and ran $python setup.py …

Jan 31, 2007:

8:03 PM ScrumBurndownPlugin edited by anonymous
7:14 PM GanttPlugin edited by anonymous
6:43 PM ScrumBurndownPlugin edited by anonymous
4:08 PM SysCssPlugin edited by anonymous
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2:13 PM Ticket #1162 (RegistrationModule can't be disabled) closed by mgood
worksforme: Well, it's just RegistrationModule, not IRegistrationModule. However, …
1:41 PM Ticket #1162 (RegistrationModule can't be disabled) created by iacobs@…
It appears that IRegistrationModule doesn't check whether it is disabled …
12:26 PM Ticket #1161 (TracBlog day out of range when navigating blog) created by keith.rogers@…
I'm getting a "day is out of range for month" error when navigating …
5:35 AM SecSessionPlugin edited by pacopablo
added tags, removed TagIt macro invocation (diff)
12:53 AM Ticket #1149 (AttributeError: 'long' object has no attribute 'astimezone') closed by anonymous
duplicate: The corresponding ticket trac:#4497 has been fixed, so this should be …

Jan 30, 2007:

10:20 PM xpwalter created by xpwalter
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4:24 PM Ticket #1160 (ITicketChangeListener problem with trac 0.10.3, python 2.3) closed by francisco.lozano@…
invalid: I'm very sorry, I thought I had upgraded, but no. I was using a really old …
2:39 PM GraphvizPlugin edited by diroussel
2:37 PM bf7ef5a481ccb22c85f25a2da9a84b29d6ccf860.png attached to GraphvizPlugin by diroussel
second example, this time with colour and TracLinks
2:33 PM GraphvizPlugin edited by diroussel
2:30 PM GraphvizPlugin edited by diroussel
added example for TracLinks in dot files (diff)
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11:18 AM Ticket #1159 (ITicketChangeListener problem with trac 0.10.3, python 2.3) closed by anonymous
11:17 AM Ticket #1160 (ITicketChangeListener problem with trac 0.10.3, python 2.3) created by francisco.lozano@…
* Red Hat EL 4.0 * Trac 0.10.3 * Python 2.3 * SQLite * Apache + mod_python …
11:16 AM Ticket #1159 (ITicketChangeListener problem with trac 0.10.3, python 2.3) created by francisco.lozano@…
* Red Hat EL 4.0 * Trac 0.10.3 * Python 2.3 * SQLite * Apache + mod_python …
10:43 AM Ticket #1157 (Reports do not work) closed by anonymous
fixed: While there seems to be no sqlite[n] installed on my box the solution was …

Jan 29, 2007:

10:02 PM Ticket #1158 (Trac cannot seem to recognize TagsWikiModule as the default_handler) created by anonymous
I have followed all of your instructions: created the egg file with …
7:16 PM Ticket #1141 (TracForge login Problem with AcctManager) closed by coderanger
worksforme: Follow the instructions for activating form-based logins in …
5:10 PM Ticket #1157 (Reports do not work) created by Stefan Undorf
No matter what report I try to issue, I get this error: No handler …
3:39 PM Guru created by Guru
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3:18 PM Ticket #1156 (Encrypted passwords) closed by brad
worksforme: dbauth has handled encrypted passwords for a while now. SHA-1 is what …
3:08 PM Ticket #1156 (Encrypted passwords) created by anonymous
I have encrypted passwords in my users-table. Will there be a version …
2:42 PM Ticket #1155 (Crash Firefox created by anonymous
On Opensuse 10.2 (x64) with KDE+Firefox (Last one form SUSE …
12:55 AM Ticket #1154 (Enable viewing entire changelog) created by anonymous
Enable viewing entire changelog. This would allow the creation of a wiki …
12:06 AM RevtreePlugin edited by eblot
Add a note about potential Trac API breaks (diff)

Jan 28, 2007:

11:58 PM Changeset [1911] by eblot
  • revtreeplugin/0.11/revtree/SVGdraw.py
  • revtreeplugin/0.11/revtree/htdocs/js/svgtip.js
  • revtreeplugin/0.11/revtree/svgview.py
  • revtreeplugin/0.11/revtree/templates/revtree.html
  • revtreeplugin/0.11/revtree/web_ui.py


  • Generated XML code are now fully compliant w/ XHTML+SVG DTD
    • Documents are not fully compliant yet (see Trac issue 4614)
    • Fix up ids for SVG markers (issue w/ color-based naming)
    • Fix up invalid form action
  • Use SVG 1.1 DTD
  • Use direct links (w/o Javascript) from changeset to Trac changeset pages
9:45 PM Ticket #1153 (Overly large attachment doesn't bounce) created by anonymous
I have a message that has generated a ton of duplicate bugs. The problem …
9:16 PM Changeset [1910] by eblot
  • revtreeplugin/0.11/revtree/model.py


Upgrade model.py for the latest Trac changes introduced w/ 4655.

  • Note that this breaks compatibility w/ previous releases of Trac trunk.
6:02 PM Ticket #1131 (Installation trouble) closed by eblot
fixed: The latest release for Trac 0.10 should fix this issue. …
5:54 PM Ticket #1152 (A macro for "what links here") created by anonymous
Maybe I'm mad but I don't think a "what links here" option has been …
5:37 PM Changeset [1909] by eblot
  • revtreeplugin/0.11
  • revtreeplugin/0.11/enhancers
  • revtreeplugin/0.11/enhancers/logenhancer
  • revtreeplugin/0.11/revtree/htdocs/js/svgtip.js
  • revtreeplugin/0.11/revtree/templates/revtree.html


  • Use Jquery instead of Trac custom javascript methods
  • Fix up XHTML syntax issues with selection lists and radioboxes
2:21 AM RevtreePlugin edited by eblot
Add a note about version 0.5.0 (diff)
2:11 AM Changeset [1908] by eblot
  • revtreeplugin/0.11/enhancers/logenhancer/__init__.py
  • revtreeplugin/0.11/enhancers/logenhancer/logenhancer.py
  • revtreeplugin/0.11/enhancers/setup.py
  • revtreeplugin/0.11/revtree/__init__.py
  • revtreeplugin/0.11/revtree/api.py


Bye bye ClearSilver: RevtreePlugin is now using Genshi

  • Fix up a lot of issues with revtree parameter management - and simplifies it
  • Remove custom jquery.js as it now comes with Trac core
  • Minor presentation fixes (CSS)
  • Add a (not-so) hidden URL parameter to clean-up the revtree data from the user session: ?reset=1
  • Backport fixes for Python2.3 from RevtreePlugin for milestone:0.10.3
  • Remove obsoleted test files
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.