Jul 20, 2012:

10:20 PM Ticket #10148 (offset between left and right part of chart table in Internet Explorer) closed by falkb
8:25 PM TicketImportPlugin edited by farialima
8:18 PM Ticket #8349 (dependencies break the import) closed by farialima
fixed: I believe that the fix for #7812 in [11745] is addressing this issue …
8:17 PM Ticket #5892 ([patch] unique timestamps needed for use with MasterTicketsPlugin) closed by farialima
wontfix: I believe we can mark this ticket as won't fix, since the issue …
8:13 PM Ticket #8409 (Support import nested task automatically) closed by farialima
worksforme: If I'm correct, the fix for #7812 in [11745] is addressing this issue …
8:08 PM Ticket #7812 ([PATCH] Handle references between imported tickets) closed by farialima
fixed: Actually, I ended up applying the patch to the 0.11 branch - in …
8:07 PM Changeset [11745] by farialima
  • ticketimportplugin/0.11/talm_importer/importer.py
  • ticketimportplugin/0.11/talm_importer/processors.py
  • ticketimportplugin/0.11/talm_importer/templates/importer.html

Applied patch for #7812... not tested much, but it's not breaking anything :)

7:22 PM Changeset [11744] by farialima
  • ticketimportplugin/0.11/test/celltypes-ticket-8804.xls._test_import-0.12.ctl
  • ticketimportplugin/0.11/test/celltypes-ticket-8804.xls._test_import.ctl
  • ticketimportplugin/0.11/test/celltypes-ticket-8804.xls._test_preview-0.12.ctl
  • ticketimportplugin/0.11/test/celltypes-ticket-8804.xls._test_preview.ctl
  • ticketimportplugin/0.11/test/with-id-called-id.csv._test_preview.ctl

Fixed the tests so that they run on my machine. I hope they will run on other people's machines too :)

5:01 PM Ticket #10167 (ticket templates don't work for users with TRAC_ADMIN permissions) created by fhuberts
I'm using RHEL6 with trac from EPEL: trac 0.12.3-3 …
4:16 PM Changeset [11743] by ChrisNelson
  • tracjsganttplugin/0.11/tracjsgantt/htdocs/jsgantt.js

Better table alignment in IE. Refs #10148.

Thanks to falkb for the patch!

This looks OK to me on Firefox and Chromium so I guess it doesn't break
anything. I don't have a good way to test IE.

3:36 PM Ticket #9222 (cannot enable all components) closed by rjollos
worksforme: Closing since there was no feedback. Please reopen if you wish to …
2:35 PM Ticket #10166 (got an unexpected keyword argument 'doc_domain') created by didley@…
I get this error after installing plugin […]
2:37 AM Changeset [11742] by hasienda
  • wikicalendarmacro/trunk/changelog
  • wikicalendarmacro/trunk/wikicalendar/macros.py
  • wikicalendarmacro/trunk/wikicalendar/ticket.py

WikiCalendarMacro: Really get all matching tickets, refs #7653.

Thanks to Tobias Johansson for pointing me into the right direction with his
proposed patch for WikiTicketCalendarMacro 0.12 branch.

2:13 AM Changeset [11741] by hasienda
  • wikicalendarmacro/trunk/changelog
  • wikicalendarmacro/trunk/wikicalendar/api.py
  • wikicalendarmacro/trunk/wikicalendar/macros.py
  • wikicalendarmacro/trunk/wikicalendar/ticket.py

WikiCalendarMacro: Restore full 0.11 backwards-compatibility.

Testing with Trac 0.11 lately uncovered thess unreported issues.
I've just added existing compatibility code from WikiTicketCalendarMacro's
0.11 branch.

Jul 19, 2012:

10:05 PM Changeset [11740] by ChrisNelson
  • tracjsganttplugin/0.11/tracjsgantt/tracjsgantt.py

Allow unicode field values (e.g,. for accents in milestones). Refs #9999.

Thanks to falkb for the patch.

5:27 PM Changeset [11739] by bobbysmith007
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.12-Permissions/setup.py
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.12/setup.py

bumped version to 1.2.8 re #10165

5:25 PM Changeset [11738] by bobbysmith007
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.12-Permissions/timingandestimationplugin/dbhelper.py

updated db-helper backend checks to correctly handle pooled connections fix #10165

5:25 PM Ticket #10165 (dbhelper can't handle Pooled connections in 0.13/1.0dev) closed by bobbysmith007
fixed: (In [11737]) updated db-helper backend checks to correctly handle …
5:25 PM Changeset [11737] by bobbysmith007
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.12/timingandestimationplugin/dbhelper.py

updated db-helper backend checks to correctly handle pooled connections fix #10165

11:13 AM Ticket #10165 (dbhelper can't handle Pooled connections in 0.13/1.0dev) created by stotty@…
The db connection scpecific functions in dbhelper.py won't work if the …
10:08 AM Ticket #10164 (subversion paths are not listed with trac 0.12.2) created by tobias.bindhammer@…
The subversion paths are not listed with trac 0.12.2. Thus it is not …
8:10 AM Changeset [11736] by rjollos
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/autocompleteusers/htdocs/js/autocomplete_newticket_cc.js
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/autocompleteusers/htdocs/js/autocomplete_ticket_cc.js
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/changelog

Refs #6444: Added support for autocompleting the Reporter field on the ticket page.

7:32 AM otiliafarrior created by otiliafarrior
New user otiliafarrior registered

Jul 18, 2012:

10:08 PM Ticket #10161 (DefaultCcPlugin should be tagged with 0.12 and 1.0?) closed by AdrianFritz
fixed: Done
8:47 PM Ticket #10163 ([patch] enable AD groups in permissions) created by sandinak
This is a combination of ideas from LdapPlugin that will enable AD …
6:30 PM Ticket #10162 (Display ticket tree hierarchy with optional filtering) created by Lisacho
I put the ChildTicketTreeMacro on the home page Wiki of our Trac, so …
5:19 PM Ticket #10161 (DefaultCcPlugin should be tagged with 0.12 and 1.0?) created by AdrianFritz
Ryan, on #10156 says DefaultCcPlugin it´s working for Trac release …
4:24 PM Ticket #10160 (blog publishing / checkpointing) created by sandinak
So I'd really like to see - ability to set a status on an blog entry …
11:13 AM suhasinik created by suhasinik
New user suhasinik registered
10:41 AM MantisImportScript edited by anonymous
10:40 AM MantisImportScript edited by anonymous
10:40 AM MantisImportScript edited by anonymous
6:03 AM Ticket #9978 (TicketCreateButtonsPlugin wiki review request) closed by AdrianFritz
fixed: Completed
12:51 AM Changeset [11735] by rjollos
  • defaultccplugin/trunk/defaultcc/admin.py

0.2dev: Refs: #9555, #10156: Reverted unintended change in [11734].

12:27 AM Tickets #9555,​10156 batch updated by rjollos
fixed: (In [11734]) Fixes #9555, #10156: * FIX: Traceback would occur when a …
12:27 AM Changeset [11734] by rjollos
  • defaultccplugin
  • defaultccplugin/trunk
  • defaultccplugin/trunk/defaultcc/__init__.py
  • defaultccplugin/trunk/defaultcc/admin.py
  • defaultccplugin/trunk/defaultcc/main.py

0.2dev: Fixes #9555, #10156:

  • FIX: Traceback would occur when a system_message is raised, which could be due to component with same name already existing or 'Remove selected items' pressed with no items selected. Thanks to nike-17@… for the report.
  • FIX: Package was missing __init__.py file, which could result in a failure of the plugin to load.
  • FIX: Removed rollbacks on db upgrade, which fail in Trac 1.0dev and later since the db connection is read-only.
12:12 AM Ticket #9545 (a description on attachments) closed by osimons
worksforme: No response => worksforme

Jul 17, 2012:

11:58 PM Ticket #10157 (Pull summary frin parent to child ticket) created by FILEZ
In tickets, only Parent ID #something is listed. It will be highly …
11:04 PM Ticket #5199 (Trac fails after installing plugin) closed by rjollos
worksforme: Egg is loading correctly: […] Upgrade is needed: […] I think …
8:09 PM DefaultCcPlugin edited by anonymous
Plugin needs a maintainer. (diff)
5:17 PM Ticket #10156 (DefaultCC plugin doesn't work with Release 1.0) created by oliver.staron@…
1:23 PM Ticket #7073 (Times and dates are not imported properly) closed by codeFiend
fixed: Thank you for the report, I think the latest version with changes from …
1:18 PM BadContent edited by otaku42
1:15 PM Ticket #1505 (insert into session sql syntax error) closed by codeFiend
fixed: thank you
1:08 PM Ticket #1448 (script failed during getLoginName) closed by codeFiend
fixed: thank you
1:06 PM MantisImportScript edited by codeFiend
1:04 PM Changeset [11733] by codeFiend
  • mantisimportscript/mantis2trac.py

syncing changes from github

1:03 PM MantisImportScript edited by codeFiend
12:59 PM Ticket #4030 (better solution for ensuring utf-8 consistancy with) closed by codeFiend
fixed: thank you.
11:00 AM Changeset [11732] by rjollos
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/autocompleteusers/autocompleteusers.py
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/autocompleteusers/htdocs/js/autocomplete_query.js
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/changelog

Refs #10155: Partial support for autocompleting the reporter, owner and cc fields on the query page. The dynamic behavior has not yet been implemented, for binding autocomplete behavior to dynamically added filters.

9:18 AM MantisImportScript edited by codeFiend
9:17 AM MantisImportScript edited by codeFiend
7:52 AM Ticket #10155 (Autocomplete fields on the custom query page) created by rjollos
Autocomplete the cc, owner and reporter fields on the …

Jul 16, 2012:

5:22 PM Changeset [11731] by falkb
  • simplemultiprojectplugin/trunk/simplemultiproject/templates/roadmap_versions.html
  • simplemultiprojectplugin/trunk/simplemultiproject/templates/version_edit.html

Refs #10086:

  • added a checkbox for activation of due datetime (see comment:ticket:10086:7)
  • properly enabled some string translations
3:07 PM Ticket #10154 (Announcement sending email failed SMTPServerDisconnected("Connection ...) created by admin
Trunk version has a problem with sending mail. Announcer exits with an …
9:27 AM AutocompleteUsersPlugin edited by rjollos
Updated documentation for recent and forthcoming changes. (diff)
6:39 AM AutocompleteUsersPlugin edited by rjollos
Removed dead link to the unofficial debian package. (diff)
6:21 AM AutocompleteUsersPlugin edited by rjollos
Added another contributor. (diff)
6:20 AM AutocompleteUsersPlugin edited by rjollos
Updated development news. (diff)
6:03 AM Ticket #5360 (Wrong comma added on a composed username) closed by rjollos
worksforme: I've tested username John Smith with the latest trunk version and …
5:52 AM Changeset [11730] by rjollos
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/COPYING
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/autocompleteusers/autocompleteusers.py
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/autocompleteusers/htdocs/js/autocomplete_newticket.js
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/autocompleteusers/htdocs/js/autocomplete_newticket_cc.js
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/autocompleteusers/htdocs/js/autocomplete_perms.js

Refs #7324: Added support for autocompleting users and groups on the admin permissions page. Thanks to chrisheller for the initial patch.

3:54 AM Ticket #4832 (Add additional support for admistration user fields (like in permission)) closed by rjollos
duplicate: Duplicate of #7324.
3:49 AM Ticket #5346 (separate autocomplete "stuff" from the AutocompleteUsers and ...) closed by rjollos
wontfix: In light of #9599, it looks like this ticket is no longer relevant.
3:46 AM Changeset [11729] by rjollos
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/autocompleteusers/autocompleteusers.py

Refactoring to support transition to jQuery UI 1.8.

2:15 AM Changeset [11728] by rjollos
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/autocompleteusers/htdocs/js/autocomplete_ticket.js
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/setup.py

Refs #6427: Enable autocomplete to work on reassign when a custom workflow is enabled.

Setting plugin version back to 0.4.2dev.

  • 0.4.2 will be the release for Trac 0.11.
  • 0.5.0 will be the release for Trac 0.12.
2:00 AM Changeset [11727] by rjollos
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/autocompleteusers/__init__.py
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/autocompleteusers/autocompleteusers.py
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/autocompleteusers/htdocs/css/autocomplete.css
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/autocompleteusers/htdocs/js/autocomplete_newticket.js
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/autocompleteusers/htdocs/js/autocomplete_newticket_cc.js

Various code style changes and refactorings.

1:36 AM AutocompleteUsersPlugin edited by rjollos
Page cleanup. (diff)
1:31 AM AutocompleteUsersPlugin edited by rjollos
Pulled in mitar's changes. Added contributors. (diff)
1:18 AM Ticket #8970 (audocomplete fails to function under Trac 0.12) closed by rjollos
duplicate: The send_header method only needs to be called when calling the …
12:58 AM Ticket #5937 (Not working with tracd & http11) closed by rjollos
duplicate: It appears that the fix is #8970. See …
12:48 AM Ticket #5804 (AutoCompleteUsers + AccountManager + LdapAuthStore) closed by rjollos
duplicate: Replying to sergiocharpinel@gmail.com: > 1. I would …
12:42 AM Ticket #9169 (Doesn't work with the bitnami stack) closed by rjollos
worksforme: I suspect there is a jQuery UI issue that will be resolved as part of …
12:40 AM Ticket #7464 (chrome directory not updated while installing) closed by rjollos
12:39 AM Changeset [11726] by rjollos
  • autocompleteusersplugin
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/autocompleteusers/autocompleteusers.py
  • autocompleteusersplugin/trunk/setup.py

Refs #7464: Provide explicit globs for package_data in setup.py.

Jul 15, 2012:

10:59 PM Ticket #10136 (SQL to extract tickets) closed by rjollos
invalid: This question should be directed to the mailing list then. It has …
9:23 PM GanttCalendarPlugin edited by Genie
add Important Links (diff)
12:20 PM GanttCalendarPlugin edited by Genie
remove invalid information (diff)
11:23 AM TracBootstrapTheme edited by anonymous
11:22 AM TracBootstrapTheme edited by chapman.cliff@…
Old instructions. (diff)
12:38 AM Ticket #10119 (show project description as project box header on roadmap page) closed by falkb
12:37 AM Ticket #10096 (support permission handling) closed by falkb
12:36 AM Ticket #10088 (project-related roadmap filtering/grouping: only milestones vs. only ...) closed by falkb
12:36 AM Ticket #10085 (version selection depending on projects) closed by falkb
12:35 AM Ticket #10074 (roadmap page filter for certain projects) closed by falkb
12:29 AM Ticket #10075 (new ticket page needs support for project selection) closed by falkb
12:08 AM timeline_projects_filter.png attached to SimpleMultiProjectPlugin by falkb
timeline filter demo

Jul 14, 2012:

9:06 PM DiscussionPlugin edited by rjollos
This plugin needs adoption. (diff)
4:58 PM ChiliProject created by peerst
10:17 AM DiscussionPlugin edited by Blackhex
9:01 AM Ticket #10153 (Create separated i18n domain for plugin messages) created by anonymous
As discussed in http://trac.edgewall.org/wiki/CookBook/PluginL10N

Jul 13, 2012:

3:17 PM Ticket #10152 (Localization / translation support (L10N)) created by falkb
by following …
10:59 AM Changeset [11725] by falkb
  • simplemultiprojectplugin/trunk/simplemultiproject/timeline.py

Refs #10076: additionally display the project name in case of more than one project (see comment:ticket:10076:5)

2:16 AM Changeset [11724] by rjollos
  • luntbuildtracintegration/branches
  • luntbuildtracintegration/branches/0.10
  • luntbuildtracintegration/trunk

Refs #10108: Part of [11723].

2:13 AM Changeset [11723] by rjollos
  • luntbuildtracintegration/0.11/setup.py

Refs #10108: Reorganized repository to trunk/branches structure and bumped version.

2:11 AM Ticket #10108 (minor tweaks) closed by rjollos
fixed: I added the 0.11 and 0.12 tags to the project wiki page since it …
2:08 AM LuntbuildTracIntegration edited by rjollos
Plugin needs a maintainer. (diff)
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.