Aug 2, 2013:

8:33 PM PrivateWikiPlugin edited by rjollos
Added page outline. (diff)
1:59 PM LdapAuthStorePlugin edited by anonymous
12:53 PM LdapAuthStorePlugin edited by anonymous
12:32 PM Changeset [13347] by igoltz
  • ldapauthstoreplugin/trunk/CHANGELOG
  • ldapauthstoreplugin/trunk/COPYING
  • ldapauthstoreplugin/trunk/ldapauthstore
  • ldapauthstoreplugin/trunk/ldapauthstore/__init__.py
  • ldapauthstoreplugin/trunk/ldapauthstore/ldap_store.py

LdapAuthStorePlugin: merged #1600 and #1147; small fixes

12:27 PM Ticket #7095 (Config dict needs str(name)) closed by igoltz
fixed: In 13346: […]
12:27 PM Changeset [13346] by igoltz
  • ldapauthstoreplugin/0.11/ldapauthstore/ldap_store.py

small change to work with Trac 0.11.6 [close #7095]

7:29 AM Ticket #6904 (Genshi UnicodeDecodeError error while rendering template (unknown ...) closed by sesha
fixed: Thanks it works FINE.
3:51 AM GringottsPlugin edited by rjollos
Added page outline and maintainer. (diff)

Aug 1, 2013:

7:04 PM TagsPlugin edited by anonymous
5:20 PM LdapAuthStorePlugin edited by igoltz
5:11 PM Changeset [13345] by igoltz
  • ldapauthstoreplugin/branches
  • ldapauthstoreplugin/tags
  • ldapauthstoreplugin/trunk

svn layout

10:11 AM TracTicketTemplatePlugin edited by richard
10:10 AM TracTicketTemplatePlugin edited by richard
10:04 AM Changeset [13344] by richard
  • tractickettemplateplugin/0.11/setup.cfg
  • tractickettemplateplugin/0.11/tickettemplate/model.py
  • tractickettemplateplugin/0.11/tickettemplate/ttadmin.py
  • tractickettemplateplugin/0.11/tickettemplate/upgrades.py

support importing and exporting ticket_templates, by Russell Ballestrini <rballestrini@…>

8:08 AM Ticket #6904 (Genshi UnicodeDecodeError error while rendering template (unknown ...) reopened by jun66j5
Replying to anonymous: > Still i am getting the same …
7:58 AM Ticket #6904 (Genshi UnicodeDecodeError error while rendering template (unknown ...) reopened by anonymous
Still i am getting the same error while adding macro template to wiki …
12:04 AM Ticket #11242 (IndexError: pop from empty list) closed by rjollos
fixed: I've downgraded to Genshi 0.6.0 (with speedups). I did not attempt to …

Jul 31, 2013:

8:22 PM AdoptingHacks edited by rjollos
Only show tagged wiki pages. (diff)
8:10 PM Ticket #11221 (working LdapAuthStorePlugin for Trac 1.0.1) closed by rjollos
fixed: igoltz: You are now maintainer of the LdapAuthStorePlugin. Please …
8:09 PM LdapAuthStorePlugin edited by rjollos
New maintainer. (diff)
7:54 PM Ticket #11255 (Charts are only showing some some results) closed by ononedan
invalid: Sorry, my bad. I removed the quotes and they started to work as expected.
7:53 PM Ticket #11256 (Chart is empty) closed by ononedan
invalid: Oops, my bad. I removed the quotes from my query and they started to …
7:44 PM Ticket #11256 (Chart is empty) created by ononedan
I have a chart that doesn't show any results and I can't figure out …
7:29 PM Ticket #11255 (Charts are only showing some some results) created by ononedan
Hello, I have a couple of charts that only show two columns of the …
2:27 PM Ticket #11253 ([patch] model.py/save(): INSERT INTO ticket_custom actually never called) created by lostpoint
from model.py: […] Since there is `UPDATE ticket" between …
2:03 PM lostpoint created by lostpoint
New user lostpoint registered

Jul 30, 2013:

9:58 PM Ticket #11252 (Cannot hide "hours" main nav) created by jaredbownds
This is a great plugin. Currently in trac 1.0.1 I am unable to hide …
4:39 PM Ticket #11251 (TicketImportPlugin - Attribute error: hdf) closed by jun66j5
cantfix: That is an installation issue. Your ticketimportplugin is too old. If …
1:34 PM Ticket #11251 (TicketImportPlugin - Attribute error: hdf) created by pierre.reimann@…
Dear sir or madam, I have installed the TicketImportPlugin, but now I …

Jul 29, 2013:

10:35 PM steve.mckuhr created by steve.mckuhr
New user steve.mckuhr registered
10:33 PM Ticket #11250 (options to set the To: field to the actual recipient) created by steve.mckuhr@…
Currently the To: field contains 'undisclosed recipients:'. Assuming …
11:05 AM TablePlugin/docs edited by anonymous

Jul 28, 2013:

11:42 PM Changeset [13343] by coling
  • gringottsplugin/1.0
  • gringottsplugin/1.0/gringotts/ezPyCrypto.py
  • gringottsplugin/1.0/gringotts/webui.py

Add a branch compatible with Trac 1.0.x

10:21 AM Ticket #11248 (Broken for 1.0) created by jaredbownds
Does anyone have any luck getting this plugin to work in 1.0.1?
2:36 AM Ticket #11247 (Position mainnav on the right) created by jaredbownds
Great plugin. Is there a way to position the mainnav on the right as …

Jul 27, 2013:

11:57 PM Ticket #11246 (Fatal error on database migration with Trac v1.0.1) created by ryank-inovonics
When attempting to migrate a Trac v1.0.1 site from SQLite to …
11:49 PM ryank-inovonics created by ryank-inovonics
New user ryank-inovonics registered
10:56 AM GanttCalendarPlugin edited by Genie

Jul 26, 2013:

7:02 PM Changeset [13342] by rjollos
  • extendedversionplugin/trunk/extendedversion/version.py

Fixed regression from [12231]. Refs #10354, #11179.

VisibleVersion.match_request should not return True for the path /versions.

7:01 PM Changeset [13341] by rjollos
  • extendedversionplugin/trunk/extendedversion/tests
  • extendedversionplugin/trunk/extendedversion/tests/__init__.py
  • extendedversionplugin/trunk/extendedversion/tests/version.py
  • extendedversionplugin/trunk/setup.py

Added unit test harness and failing unit test for VisibleVersion.match_request. Refs #11179.

5:23 PM Ticket #11245 (Possibly configure QuietPlugin to work with HtmlNotificationSender) created by jaredbownds
This plug in is a great concept. Any ideas on the best route to …
3:47 AM Changeset [13340] by richard
  • tractickettemplateplugin/0.10/tickettemplate/ttadmin.py
  • tractickettemplateplugin/0.11/tickettemplate/ttadmin.py

#9238 work around the problem of sqlite(ProgrammingError: Cannot operate on a closed cursor)

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