Oct 15, 2013:

5:31 PM t2y edited by jun66j5
Removed tagit macro (diff)
2:30 PM Ticket #11350 (Add to Test Plan Button doesn't work) created by valgussev@…
If I do the following steps, I couldn't add a test case to a test plan …
1:43 PM Changeset [13414] by matobaa
  • contextchromeplugin/0.12/contextchrome/style.py

ContextChromePlugin: fix a bug for new ticket page added on [13404].

Oct 14, 2013:

7:39 PM LogViewerPlugin edited by rjollos
Added page outline and maintainer. (diff)

Oct 13, 2013:

5:58 AM WikiLastModifiedPatch edited by jun66j5
1:57 AM WikiLastModifiedPatch edited by izzy

Oct 12, 2013:

3:55 AM Changeset [13413] by matobaa
  • contextchromeplugin/0.12/contextchrome/cors.py

ContextChromePlugin: fix a bug for CORS - Cross Origin Resource Sharing
refs #6827

12:17 AM LogViewerPlugin edited by izzy
Updating Wiki page to reflect the latest changes (diff)

Oct 11, 2013:

11:38 PM Ticket #7527 (Genshi error happens when I do a Display/Refresh in LogViewer page) closed by izzy
fixed: Sorry for the long delay, I'm currently quite busy on a lot of …
11:33 PM Changeset [13412] by izzy
  • logviewerplugin/trunk/logviewer/api.py

! fixing unicode issue as reported with ticket:7527

11:20 PM Changeset [13411] by izzy
  • logviewerplugin/branches/0.11

separating code working before the localizing in Trac 0.11 to its own branch before adding changes not tested on earlier versions

11:20 PM Changeset [13410] by izzy
  • logviewerplugin/branches

adding branches

10:20 PM Ticket #11349 (easy install failure) created by MangoCat
I have a trac 1.0 site setup on Ubuntu 12.10 server - WSGI on Apache2 …
10:11 PM MangoCat created by MangoCat
New user MangoCat registered
3:02 AM Changeset [13409] by rjollos
  • duplicateticketsearchplugin/trunk/duplicateticketsearch/__init__.py
  • duplicateticketsearchplugin/trunk/duplicateticketsearch/htdocs/js/tracDupeSearch.js
  • duplicateticketsearchplugin/trunk/setup.py

Remove svn:mime-type = text/plain

2:22 AM Changeset [13408] by rjollos
  • duplicateticketsearchplugin/trunk/duplicateticketsearch/htdocs/js/tracDupeSearch.js

Remove alert statement that was left from debugging. Thanks to nyuhuhuu for spotting this.

2:14 AM DuplicateTicketSearchPlugin edited by rjollos
Expand recent changes. (diff)

Oct 10, 2013:

8:56 PM Ticket #11348 (Issues with EmailVerification) created by izzy
I just updated one of my Trac installations (from Trac 0.11 to v1.0, …
7:54 PM ResourceReservationPlugin edited by rjollos
Show description in rows so that it's wiki formatted. (diff)
3:14 PM Ticket #11347 (Show related tickets issue) created by valgussev@…
If to create a test plan and then add a test case inside of it, then …
9:48 AM Changeset [13407] by rjollos
  • jiratotracintegration/trunk/jira2trac/__init__.py
  • jiratotracintegration/trunk/setup.py

Install jira2trac as a console script.

9:07 AM Changeset [13406] by rjollos
  • jiratotracintegration/0.11
  • jiratotracintegration/branches
  • jiratotracintegration/tags
  • jiratotracintegration/trunk

Removed intermediate 0.11 directory.

Oct 9, 2013:

12:44 PM CookBook/AccountManagerPluginConfiguration edited by izzy
clarified setting for auth_cookie_path (original description was … (diff)
10:54 AM Ticket #11343 (Modify imported fields only) created by didley@…
This Tool is very helpful. But I have one problem with it. If I want …

Oct 8, 2013:

12:16 PM toverna created by toverna
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