Jan 31, 2014:

11:14 PM rjollos edited by rjollos
Reword. (diff)
11:10 PM XmlRpcPlugin edited by rjollos
Install example was being formatted as a comment. (diff)
9:53 PM rjollos edited by rjollos
Point to other admins. (diff)
7:05 PM Ticket #11533 (show permissions for specific repos only) created by patrick
Hi, I have a trac setup which consists of multiple trac environments. …
4:35 PM glongprom created by glongprom
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3:01 PM Ticket #11532 (trac base url) closed by jun66j5
cantfix: t:InstallationIssue. Support and installation questions should be asked on …
2:55 PM Ticket #11532 (trac base url) created by anonymous
Hi , I am using apache and trac 1.0 . I am trying to change the base URL
12:24 PM Ticket #11531 (Cannot authenticate with accented chars) created by anonymous
If there is an accented char (like ò) in the login field, the …
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Jan 30, 2014:

11:58 PM GanttCalendarPlugin edited by Genie
5:56 PM Ticket #11530 (ticket-custom fields are not getting deleted from the view) created by anonymous
Hi, I am trying to remove few fields from ticket-custom in trac.ini file …
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Jan 29, 2014:

5:50 PM Ticket #11529 (neither PRIVATE_VIEW_FOOBAR nor PRIVATE_VIEW_ALL work with anonymous) created by anonymous
12:57 AM Ticket #10858 (Template isn't loaded for NewTicket in Trac 1.0) closed by rjollos
fixed: It is fixed per the testing I've done.

Jan 28, 2014:

11:43 PM Ticket #11528 (Allow theme to reference external resources) closed by olemis
fixed: In 13619: […]
11:43 PM Changeset [13619] by olemis
  • themeengineplugin/trunk/MANIFEST.in
  • themeengineplugin/trunk/setup.cfg
  • themeengineplugin/trunk/setup.py
  • themeengineplugin/trunk/themeengine/admin.py
  • themeengineplugin/trunk/themeengine/api.py

ThemeEnginePlugin [ refs #11455 , closes #11528 ] : Initial i18n and l10n . Deal with absolute paths in theme info (htdocs , templates, ...)

11:38 PM Ticket #11528 (Allow theme to reference external resources) created by olemis
If absolute paths are provided then do not append value to plugin's base …
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3:28 AM Ticket #11368 (No comments in mail) closed by jun66j5
fixed: Replying to weirdo: > A few more test and it looks like a …
3:26 AM Ticket #11527 (Python source code has mixed tabs and spaces) created by rjollos
I noticed while quickly trying out your plugin, that version 1.8.1 of the …
1:55 AM TestManagerForTracPlugin edited by rjollos
Parameters were incorrect, at least for version 1.8.1 of the plugin. (diff)

Jan 27, 2014:

6:00 PM emtec created by emtec
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3:10 PM Ticket #11526 (AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'youngest_rev') closed by jun66j5
duplicate: A duplicate of #7034. Please upgrade to the latest.
3:05 PM Ticket #11526 (AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'youngest_rev') created by Yegor
==== How to Reproduce ==== While doing a GET operation on …
3:02 PM Changeset [13618] by jun66j5
  • trachtmlnotificationplugin/0.12/trachtmlnotification/notification.py

trachtmlnotification: call TimelineModule.post_process_request to use pretty_dateinfo in the module

2:51 PM Changeset [13617] by jun66j5
  • trachtmlnotificationplugin/0.12/trachtmlnotification/notification.py

trachtmlnotification: revert to the original language after html mail is generated

2:46 PM Changeset [13616] by jun66j5
  • trachtmlnotificationplugin/0.12/trachtmlnotification/notification.py

trachtmlnotification: don't show "Attach file" button in html mail

2:43 PM Changeset [13615] by jun66j5
  • trachtmlnotificationplugin/0.12/trachtmlnotification/notification.py

trachtmlnotification: fixed missing comment of ticket in text/html part if anonymous doesn't have TICKET_VIEW permission (refs #11368)

11:07 AM weirdo created by weirdo
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10:32 AM Changeset [13614] by falkb
  • simplemultiprojectplugin/trunk/simplemultiproject/timeline.py
  • simplemultiprojectplugin/trunk/simplemultiproject/version.py

list object access bugfixes

3:37 AM Ticket #11525 (Provide useful installation instructions.) closed by rjollos
worksforme: Installation steps can be found on the TracPlugins page.

Jan 26, 2014:

6:49 PM Ticket #11525 (Provide useful installation instructions.) created by anonymous
This page does not provide useful information for the plugin installation …
1:08 PM Changeset [13613] by jun66j5
  • tracdragdropplugin/0.12/setup.py
  • tracdragdropplugin/0.12/tracdragdrop/htdocs/tracdragdrop.js
  • tracdragdropplugin/0.12/tracdragdrop/web_ui.py

tracdragdrop: replace automatically "No image" with the attached image after it is uploaded

5:40 AM ExcelDownloadPlugin edited by jun66j5
5:39 AM Ticket #11524 (ExcelDownloadPlugin installed but doesn't work) closed by jun66j5
cantfix: That is an installation issue. The following lines are missing in your …
2:50 AM Ticket #11524 (ExcelDownloadPlugin installed but doesn't work) created by mi.junqing@…
Follow instruction on TracHacks ExcelDownloadPlugin#Installation section, …

Jan 24, 2014:

10:48 AM Ticket #11523 (Can not hide radio buttons) created by anonymous
If you have a custom field that is set as a radio […] you can not hide …
10:12 AM Ticket #11519 (SMTPAuthenticationError: (454, 'Error: authentication failed, system ...) closed by hasienda
invalid: Nice, but some additional description from the reporter is always …
1:45 AM Ticket #11500 (Consider changing license) closed by rjollos
fixed: In 13612: […]
1:45 AM Changeset [13612] by rjollos
  • advparseargsplugin/0.11/COPYING
  • advparseargsplugin/0.11/setup.py
  • advparseargsplugin/0.11/tracadvparseargs/macro.py
  • advparseargsplugin/0.11/tracadvparseargs/parseargs.py

Changed license to BSD 3-Clause with permission of author (comment:1:ticket:11500). Fixes #11500.

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1:28 AM AnchorMacro edited by rjollos
12:53 AM AttachmentNumMacro edited by rjollos
Minor formatting changes. (diff)
12:48 AM AsciiMathMacro edited by rjollos
Minor formatting changes. (diff)
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.