Jun 18, 2014:

10:22 PM TracFormsPlugin edited by hasienda
clearly document available permission action an their meaning as suggested … (diff)
9:56 PM Ticket #11828 (Submit button is not rendered) closed by hasienda
invalid: Replying to anonymous: > I am very very sorry. Thanks for the …
10:15 AM Changeset [13987] by rjollos
  • tracautocompleteplugin/0.11/autocomplete/web_ui.py
  • tracautocompleteplugin/0.11/setup.py

Trimmed whitespace using reindent.py.

10:15 AM Changeset [13986] by rjollos
  • worklogplugin/branches/0.10/setup.py
  • worklogplugin/branches/0.10/worklog/api.py
  • worklogplugin/branches/0.10/worklog/manager.py
  • worklogplugin/branches/0.10/worklog/reports.py
  • worklogplugin/branches/0.10/worklog/ticket_daemon.py

Trimmed whitespace using reindent.py.

10:15 AM Changeset [13985] by rjollos
  • analyzeplugin/0.12/analyze/analyses/milestone.py
  • analyzeplugin/0.12/analyze/analyses/queue.py
  • analyzeplugin/0.12/analyze/analyses/rollup.py
  • analyzeplugin/0.12/analyze/analysis.py
  • analyzeplugin/0.12/analyze/web_ui.py

Trimmed whitespace using reindent.py.

10:14 AM Changeset [13984] by rjollos
  • announcerplugin/trunk/announcer/__init__.py
  • announcerplugin/trunk/announcer/distributors/mail.py
  • announcerplugin/trunk/announcer/distributors/xmppd.py
  • announcerplugin/trunk/announcer/filters.py
  • announcerplugin/trunk/announcer/opt/acct_mgr/announce.py

Trimmed whitespace using reindent.py.

10:04 AM DevGuide edited by rjollos
Fixed grammar. (diff)
9:06 AM Ticket #11832 (Change to 3-Clause BSD license?) created by rjollos
Apologies if I've already asked about this, but in general I prefer to …
9:03 AM robguttman edited by rjollos
Removed TagIt macro. (diff)
5:24 AM Changeset [13983] by robguttman
  • cloudplugin/0.12/cloud/api/chef2.py

knife location.

4:24 AM DevGuide edited by rjollos
Recommendations for adding metadata to a single file plugin. (diff)
3:55 AM VcsReleaseInfoMacro edited by rjollos
Fixed wrong macro name. (diff)

Jun 17, 2014:

8:55 PM Changeset [13982] by rjollos
  • vcsreleaseinfomacro/COPYING

Correct copyright year in COPYING file. Refs #11827.

8:50 PM Changeset [13981] by rjollos
  • vcsreleaseinfomacro/COPYING

Corrected author in COPYING file. Refs #11827.

5:14 PM Exner created by Exner
New user Exner registered
2:36 PM VcsReleaseInfoMacro edited by glen
works with svn only (diff)
2:34 PM Ticket #11827 (License) closed by glen
fixed: In 13980: […]
2:34 PM Changeset [13980] by glen
  • vcsreleaseinfomacro/COPYING
  • vcsreleaseinfomacro/VcsReleaseInfoMacro.py

Added 3-Clause BSD license. Fixes #11827

11:08 AM Changeset [13979] by rjollos
  • motdplugin/0.12/setup.py
  • motdplugin/0.12/tracmotd/admin.py
  • motdplugin/0.12/tracmotd/htdocs/css/motd.css
  • motdplugin/0.12/tracmotd/htdocs/js/motd.js
  • motdplugin/0.12/tracmotd/motd.py

Replaced tabs with spaces and fixed indentation.

10:26 AM Ticket #11831 (Uses deprecated addEvent, which was removed for Trac 1.1.2) created by rjollos
The JavaScript function addEvent was removed in trac:r12863 for Trac …
8:18 AM Ticket #11830 (addEvent function has been removed in trac:r12863) created by jun66j5
The addEvent function is still used in …
8:10 AM Ticket #11829 (MindMap macro has a SQL injection) created by jun66j5
If a single quote character is used in content in MindMap macro, the …
7:38 AM Changeset [13978] by jun66j5
  • tracworkflowadminplugin/0.12/tracworkflowadmin/web_ui.py

tracworkflowadmin: use bundled jquery-ui in Trac core if Trac 1.0 and later (refs #11823)

3:28 AM Ticket #11828 (Submit button is not rendered) created by kate@…
[…] I get correct checkboxes - but no submit button at all. Removing …

Jun 16, 2014:

11:33 PM Ticket #11827 (License) created by rjollos
I noticed that your macro doesn't have a license. It would be simple to …
11:19 PM VcsReleaseInfoMacro edited by rjollos
Format example. (diff)
9:14 PM Changeset [13977] by glen
  • vcsreleaseinfomacro/VcsReleaseInfoMacro.py

use actual revisions that stay between tags

this way allows to create release tag from older trunk than @HEAD, i.e
specifying revision to cut tag from and still display correct revisions

7:45 PM Ticket #11826 (Add support for specific permission to manage custom fields) created by ahamelin
I would find it useful to be able to use a distinct permission to manage …
3:18 PM Changeset [13976] by glen
  • vcsreleaseinfomacro/VcsReleaseInfoMacro.py

for trunk link, find last commit id

3:16 PM Changeset [13975] by glen
  • vcsreleaseinfomacro/0.11
  • vcsreleaseinfomacro/0.12

nuke versioned dirs

Jun 14, 2014:

11:24 PM Changeset [13974] by rjollos
  • extendedversionplugin/trunk/extendedversion/db.py
  • extendedversionplugin/trunk/extendedversion/milestone.py
  • extendedversionplugin/trunk/extendedversion/roadmap.py
  • extendedversionplugin/trunk/extendedversion/version.py
  • extendedversionplugin/trunk/setup.py

1.0dev: PEP-0008 changes.

  • Replaced use of deprecated wiki_to_oneliner with format_to_oneliner.
  • Fixed XPath expression in Genshi stream filter that appended the version to a milestone view.
10:41 PM Ticket #11825 (License) closed by rjollos
fixed: In 13973: […]
10:41 PM Changeset [13973] by rjollos
  • tracjenkinsplugin/trunk/.gitignore
  • tracjenkinsplugin/trunk/COPYING
  • tracjenkinsplugin/trunk/setup.py
  • tracjenkinsplugin/trunk/tracjenkins/__init__.py
  • tracjenkinsplugin/trunk/tracjenkins/tracjenkins.py

1.0: Added 3-Clause BSD license. Fixes #11825.

10:19 AM Ticket #11825 (License) created by rjollos
Hi, I noticed that there isn't a license specified in setup.py. Did you …
10:14 AM Ticket #11824 (Add dependency to setuptools installation requirements) closed by rjollos
fixed: In 13972: […]
10:14 AM Changeset [13972] by rjollos
  • tracjenkinsplugin/trunk/setup.py

Added dependency to setuptool installation requirements. Fixes #11824.

10:13 AM Ticket #11824 (Add dependency to setuptools installation requirements) created by rjollos
The following change will result in the jenkinsapi dependency being …
10:09 AM Changeset [13971] by rjollos
  • tracjenkinsplugin/trunk/tracjenkins/.__init__.py.swp

Removed swp file.

10:06 AM Changeset [13970] by rjollos
  • tracjenkinsplugin/trunk/runBuild.sh
  • tracjenkinsplugin/trunk/setup.py
  • tracjenkinsplugin/trunk/tracjenkins
  • tracjenkinsplugin/trunk/tracjenkins-plugin

Removed intermediate directory.

10:01 AM Changeset [13969] by rjollos
  • tracjenkinsplugin/0.11
  • tracjenkinsplugin/trunk

Removed intermediate 0.11 directory.

Jun 13, 2014:

9:49 PM Changeset [13968] by rjollos
  • announcerplugin/trunk/announcer/api.py
  • announcerplugin/trunk/announcer/email_decorators.py

1.0dev: Python 2.4 compatibility patch. Refs #9106.

Patch by hasienda.

8:48 PM Ticket #11823 (Stalls and crashes on Trac 1.0.1) created by anonymous
This plugin will not work for me using Trac 1.0.1 I am running it on an …

Jun 12, 2014:

9:38 PM Ticket #11822 (Missing __init__.py) closed by rjollos
fixed: In 13967: […]
9:38 PM Changeset [13967] by rjollos
  • spoilermacro/0.12/spoiler/__init__.py

Added __init__.py. Fixes #11822.

Thanks to g1itch for reporting.

6:25 PM Changeset [13966] by Wertilq
  • tracjenkinsplugin/0.11/trunk
  • tracjenkinsplugin/0.11/trunk/.gitignore
  • tracjenkinsplugin/0.11/trunk/tracjenkins-plugin
  • tracjenkinsplugin/0.11/trunk/tracjenkins-plugin/runBuild.sh
  • tracjenkinsplugin/0.11/trunk/tracjenkins-plugin/setup.py

added the whole project

6:05 PM TracJenkinsPlugin-1.0-py2.7.egg attached to TracJenkinsPlugin by Wertilq
5:36 PM TracJenkinsPlugin created by Wertilq
New hack TracJenkinsPlugin, created by Wertilq
5:36 PM Changeset [13965] by Wertilq
  • tracjenkinsplugin
  • tracjenkinsplugin/0.11

New hack TracJenkinsPlugin, created by Wertilq

5:27 PM Wertilq created by Wertilq
New user Wertilq registered
12:36 PM Ticket #11822 (Missing __init__.py) created by g1itch
Without spoiler/__init__.py SpoilerMacro doesn't appear on admin/Plugins …
11:08 AM Ticket #11760 (Trailing comma is added when entering in the CC field) closed by MartinEden
fixed: Yes, I apologise - I have now realised this is due to a custom plugin that …
8:29 AM ExtendedVersionPlugin edited by rjollos
Added contributor. (diff)
7:43 AM Ticket #11820 (Cannot enter an acceptable date in Schedule Released field.) closed by jun66j5
fixed: In 13964: […]
7:43 AM Changeset [13964] by jun66j5
  • extendedversionplugin/trunk/extendedversion/compat.py
  • extendedversionplugin/trunk/extendedversion/version.py

Fixed Edit Version page not working for i18n date/time string with Trac 1.0.x (closes #11820)

12:41 AM Ticket #11821 (Features for next version of plugin) created by rjollos
Here are some thoughts I have on the next version of the plugin, from …
12:37 AM Ticket #8590 (post /ticketlog/query not finding any matches) closed by rjollos
worksforme: Please try again with the latest version of the plugin. If you continue to …

Jun 11, 2014:

6:12 PM kevindaly created by kevindaly
New user kevindaly registered
4:12 PM Ticket #11820 (Cannot enter an acceptable date in Schedule Released field.) created by roger.oberholtzer@…
I just installed this plugin on my system. When I try to enter a date in …
10:43 AM Ticket #11819 (Adding path containing umlaut gives trac internal error) closed by jun66j5
duplicate: A duplicate of #7348.
10:26 AM Ticket #11819 (Adding path containing umlaut gives trac internal error) created by support@…
[…] When I try to add a SVN path containing e.g. an "ü" Normally, …
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