Aug 8, 2014:

4:58 PM Ticket #11918 (Disable emails for entries made via TracHoursPlugin) created by jaredbownds
Utilizing Trac with the default notification system, and …

Aug 7, 2014:

9:51 PM Ticket #11917 (plaintext email notification template field formatting) created by rpshaw@…
Hello, I am wondering how best to format the fields in the plaintext …
6:35 PM cemontijo created by cemontijo
New user cemontijo registered
2:39 PM Changeset [14075] by ChrisNelson
  • tracjsganttplugin/0.11/setup.py
  • tracjsganttplugin/0.11/tracjsgantt/tracpm.py

Save schedule under Trac 1.0, bump version. Refs #11773.

NOTE: This is incompatible with versions of Trac prior to 1.0!

Plugin version now 0.11. That's a little confusing since plugin 0.10
worked in Trac 0.11(.6). Sorry. This is temporary. Hopefully I'll get
some other changes in soon and bump the plugin version again.

There are other database accesses that should be converted to 1.0 style
but I haven't fully tested those changes yet.

1:47 PM ExcelDownloadPlugin edited by jun66j5
1:42 PM Ticket #11916 (Trac 1.0.1: "excel w/ history" missing in query view) closed by jun66j5
worksforme: Works for me. I just confirmed that; - The query page (/query) has …
1:33 PM Ticket #11910 (missing NULL value / white space check) closed by jun66j5
fixed: Thanks for the feedback! Closing this ticket.
1:05 PM Ticket #11916 (Trac 1.0.1: "excel w/ history" missing in query view) created by thenor
Have a trac instance with the configuration shown below. At the …
12:30 PM Changeset [14074] by jun66j5
  • wikiganttchartplugin/0.12/wikiganttchart/htdocs/css/gantt.css

WikiGanttChartPlugin: removed font-size style, the font was too small.

11:57 AM Changeset [14073] by jun66j5
  • wikiganttchartplugin/0.12/wikiganttchart/htdocs/css/gantt.css
  • wikiganttchartplugin/0.12/wikiganttchart/htdocs/js/gantt-templates.js
  • wikiganttchartplugin/0.12/wikiganttchart/htdocs/js/templates/gantt-popup.html

WikiGanttChartPlugin: fixed tooltip wrongly showing with empty fields (refs #11910)

11:28 AM Changeset [14072] by jun66j5
  • wikiganttchartplugin/0.12/wikiganttchart/tests/web_ui.py
  • wikiganttchartplugin/0.12/wikiganttchart/web_ui.py

WikiGanttChartPlugin: raise an error message if task name is empty (refs #11910)

9:02 AM Ticket #11899 (Use of deprecated Environment.get_db_ctx which has been removed in ...) closed by jun66j5
9:02 AM Changeset [14071] by jun66j5
  • tracmigrateplugin/0.12/tracmigrate/admin.py

tracmigrate: don't pass db parameter for Environment.get_version since the parameter has been removed in 1.1.2dev (refs #11899, trac:r12826)

8:43 AM Changeset [14070] by jun66j5
  • tracmigrateplugin/0.12/tracmigrate/admin.py

tracmigrate: directly retreive database connection rather than deprecated Environment.get_db_cnx (refs #11899, trac:r13064)

5:52 AM rjiejie created by rjiejie
New user rjiejie registered
1:37 AM PlantUmlMacro edited by jun66j5
No. Use [plantuml] java_bin option instead of copying java.exe (diff)

Aug 6, 2014:

11:46 PM PlantUmlMacro edited by anonymous
10:30 PM WorkflowNotificationPlugin edited by jared.bownds@…
fix small typo (diff)
10:03 PM Ticket #11915 (Environment.get_db_cnx is deprecated) created by juacarrag@…
Due to the new support for automated transaction management, …
7:29 PM Ticket #11914 (ProgrammingError: relation "repository_node" does not existLINE 3: ...) created by jaredbownds
==== How to Reproduce ==== While doing a GET operation on /search, …
4:28 PM Ticket #11913 ([Patch] Conflicts with DynamicFieldsPlugin) created by rjiejie@…
please add feature about for "show_when_component"
12:20 PM Ticket #11912 (Error cloning test plan with PostgreSQL database) created by sistemas@…
Hi, I'm using TestManagerForTracPlugin with PostgreSQL database. When …
11:28 AM Changeset [14069] by rjollos
  • subcomponentsplugin/1.0

Removed empty directory.

11:27 AM Changeset [14068] by rjollos
  • subcomponentsplugin/0.12

Removed empty directory.

11:26 AM Changeset [14067] by rjollos
  • subcomponentsplugin/0.11

Removed empty directory

1:20 AM RepoSearchPlugin edited by rjollos
Plugin is unmaintained. (diff)
1:00 AM Ticket #11911 (AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get_node') created by jaredbownds
==== How to Reproduce ==== While doing a GET operation on /search, …

Aug 5, 2014:

11:14 PM MsSqlBackendPlugin edited by anonymous
added trusted connection parameter to ensure [28000] [Microsoft][ODBC … (diff)
6:33 PM Ticket #11910 (missing NULL value / white space check) created by Genie
When you input a task as macro syntax, the summary value of task is …
5:53 PM Ticket #11909 (What does this plugin do?) created by luis.robledano.iwes
From the description I don't understand what this plugin does. It …
5:51 PM Ticket #11908 (dependancy graph not working) closed by rjollos
worksforme: Great. Glad it is working for you.
4:49 PM Ticket #11904 (The level up/down icons are reversed.) closed by jun66j5
fixed: In 14066: […]
4:49 PM Changeset [14066] by jun66j5
  • wikiganttchartplugin/0.12/wikiganttchart/htdocs/js/rmgantt.js

WikiGanttChartPlugin: fixed swapped indent/outdent icons in popup menu (closes #11904)

4:44 PM Changeset [14065] by jun66j5
  • wikiganttchartplugin/0.12/wikiganttchart/web_ui.py

WikiGanttChartPlugin: fixed Genshi UnicodeEncodeError while expanding macro with invalid macro contents if i18n is enabled

4:32 PM Ticket #11906 (The date validation is throwing error.) closed by jun66j5
fixed: In 14064: […]
4:32 PM Changeset [14064] by jun66j5
  • wikiganttchartplugin/0.12/wikiganttchart/api.py
  • wikiganttchartplugin/0.12/wikiganttchart/locale/ja/LC_MESSAGES/wikiganttchart.po
  • wikiganttchartplugin/0.12/wikiganttchart/locale/ko/LC_MESSAGES/wikiganttchart.po
  • wikiganttchartplugin/0.12/wikiganttchart/locale/messages.pot
  • wikiganttchartplugin/0.12/wikiganttchart/tests/web_ui.py

WikiGanttChartPlugin: handle TracError when content in Gantt macro has invalid date string (fixed #11906)

4:28 PM Changeset [14063] by jun66j5
  • wikiganttchartplugin/0.12
  • wikiganttchartplugin/0.12/wikiganttchart/htdocs/js/locale
  • wikiganttchartplugin/0.12/wikiganttchart/locale/ja/LC_MESSAGES
  • wikiganttchartplugin/0.12/wikiganttchart/locale/ko/LC_MESSAGES

WikiGanttChartPlugin: added svn:ignore for build files

12:52 PM Ticket #11908 (dependancy graph not working) created by sharif.uddin@…
I have installed this on centos 5. pyhton 2.4. php 5.2.4. trac 0.12. I …
6:05 AM Ticket #11907 (API docs don't display) created by rjollos
When on the Plugin Registry page (/developer/plugins) and trying …
5:41 AM Ticket #11906 (The date validation is throwing error.) created by Genie
When you input a task as macro syntax, the date validation is throwing …
5:36 AM Ticket #11905 (DeveloperLogModule doesn't work in Trac 1.1.2) created by rjollos
In Trac 1.1.2 the classes implementing IRequestHandler are cached in …
1:53 AM Ticket #11904 (The level up/down icons are reversed.) created by Genie
The level up icon is displayed as level down. I think that the level …

Aug 4, 2014:

7:17 PM Ticket #11902 (Got an error on the Timeline Page) created by sdegrande
When displaying the Timeline with DiscussionPlugin enabled, I got the …
4:25 PM Ticket #11901 (Add XML-RPC) created by sdegrande
Please find attached a plugin file that extends XmlRpcPlugin with …
3:13 PM Changeset [14062] by bobbysmith007
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac1.0-Permissions/setup.py
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac1.0-Permissions/timingandestimationplugin/tande_filters.py
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac1.0/setup.py

Updated csv export permissions monkey patch for trac 1.0 re #11898

3:04 PM Changeset [14061] by bobbysmith007
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac0.12-Permissions/timingandestimationplugin/usermanual.py
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac1.0
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac1.0-Permissions
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac1.0-Permissions/scripts/git_post_receive.py
  • timingandestimationplugin/branches/trac1.0-Permissions/scripts/svn-post-commit.sh

branched for trac1.0

12:42 PM Ticket #11900 (Changes are not notified) created by luis.robledano.iwes
When I change for example the assigned person it doesn´t notify. Same …
6:06 AM WikiGanttChartPlugin edited by jun66j5
added contributor (diff)
6:04 AM Ticket #11896 (Add Korean Localization for WikiGanttChartPlugin) closed by jun66j5
fixed: In 14060: […]
6:04 AM Changeset [14060] by jun66j5
  • wikiganttchartplugin/0.12/wikiganttchart/locale/ko
  • wikiganttchartplugin/0.12/wikiganttchart/locale/ko/LC_MESSAGES
  • wikiganttchartplugin/0.12/wikiganttchart/locale/ko/LC_MESSAGES/wikiganttchart-js.po
  • wikiganttchartplugin/0.12/wikiganttchart/locale/ko/LC_MESSAGES/wikiganttchart.po

WikiGanttChartPlugin: added Korean translations, contributed by Genie (fixed #11896)

5:58 AM Ticket #11132 (Add Korean Localization) closed by jun66j5
fixed: In 14059: […]
5:58 AM Changeset [14059] by jun66j5
  • ticketcalendarplugin/0.12/ticketcalendar/locale/ko/LC_MESSAGES/ticketcalendar.po

ticketcalendar: Korean translations updated, contributed by Genie (fixed #11132)

4:29 AM Changeset [14058] by glinders
  • wantedpagesmacro/trunk/wantedpages/macro.py
  • wantedpagesmacro/trunk/wantedpages/tests/macro.py

updated using regexes in WikiParser

Aug 3, 2014:

6:57 PM Ticket #11899 (Use of deprecated Environment.get_db_ctx which has been removed in ...) created by jun66j5
Remove uses of get_db_ctx and get_read_db method from the plugin. …
6:41 AM Ticket #11898 (Incompatible with Trac 1.1.2) created by rjollos
The issue was reported in trac:#11639. Due to the use of a deprecated
12:04 AM Ticket #11897 (Add CC column to Component table rather than creating a separate table) created by rjollos
It seems like the code would be better structured if we added a cc

Aug 2, 2014:

10:37 PM TicketCalendarPlugin edited by Genie
remove outdated information: GanttCalendarPlugin compatibility. (diff)
10:28 PM Ticket #11896 (Add Korean Localization for WikiGanttChartPlugin) created by Genie
Hi! This is Korean Localization. Thanks ~
10:23 PM Ticket #11132 (Add Korean Localization) reopened by Genie
Hi! This is patch for improved Korean Localization. Thanks ~
11:55 AM ContextChromePlugin edited by anonymous
Fix typo (diff)
5:02 AM Ticket #11894 (Make (clear that) username policy (is) configurable) closed by rjollos
worksforme: Replying to anonymous: > Example, I don't want the …
3:54 AM Ticket #10876 (Add sorting to the Components, Milestones and Versions tables) closed by rjollos
wontfix: This will be implemented in the Trac core instead: trac:#11683.
2:54 AM Ticket #11895 (Tested and found working on 1.1.1) closed by rjollos
worksforme: Added tag:1.1 to wiki page, which is a good way to communicate that …
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