Change History for AccountManagerPlugin/Modules

Version Date Author Comment
22 2 years hasienda add more details about the new lost/new password procedure
21 3 years anonymous
20 3 years hasienda change component name according to name in next stable acct_mgr-0.4
19 3 years hasienda content moved to new dedicated wiki page …
18 3 years Dennis McRitchie <dmcr@…>
17 3 years Dennis McRitchie <dmcr@…>
16 4 years hasienda some editorial changes, especially pushing last edit towards …
15 4 years hans@… Added documentation for the account preferences tab
14 4 years hasienda some more words of explanation on account lock behavior
13 4 years hasienda add example screenshots with account guard in action
12 4 years hasienda about time to update the main "user" admin page view, painfully …
11 4 years hasienda add link to alternative login style preview
10 4 years hasienda note on module rename
9 4 years hasienda hint on existing example configuration for new AccountGuard feature
8 4 years hasienda add some more hints regarding initial configuration, refs #4755 and #5161
7 4 years anonymous Fixed incorrect formatting directive.
6 4 years matthijs Note that accountchangelistener is required for …
5 4 years matthijs Fix reset-password.png image (should point to parent page)
4 4 years hasienda add new section for account guard - just a stub
3 4 years hasienda moved more content from main page in here
2 4 years hasienda add hint on upcoming new login page design
1 4 years hasienda initial content, moved in from main page, trying to improve docu by …