Account Manager Announcement Plugin


AccountManagerPlugin notifications ported to the AnnouncerPlugin. Users who are using the AccountManagerPlugin and the AnnouncerPlugin should use this to get emails working.


This plugin is new and hasn't been tested thoroughly.

Recent Changes

[12503] by hasienda on 2013-01-02 21:37:29
AnnouncerPlugin: Extend AccountManager notifications as required, refs #843, #7759 and #7977.

Note, that any previous version of TracAnnouncer won't work with latest
AccountManagerPlugin 'trunk' code, and this already made me thinking about
a more robust change listener definition. But this is another subject.

[12331] by hasienda on 2012-11-09 23:37:58
TracAnnouncer: Really fix filter now, refs #7759, #7976, #7977, #8740, #8927, #9090 and #9204.

Complete the change from [12325] to get expected behavior, or filters would be
applied undesirably.

[12325] by hasienda on 2012-11-09 01:17:50
TracAnnouncer: Fix generator, that was broken by [12309], refs #7759, #7976, #7977, #8740, #8927, #9090 and #9204.

And the same bad filter code even got replicated in [12312]. Sorry for not
checking compiler errors earlier. Finally I discovered an UnboundLocalError
for resource_id hidden behind the first error. Obviously unit tests are
a blessing and needed here too.

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