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    1818 * (Somehow) give reviewers an overview on changesets not yet reviews. 
    1919  * Currently I accomplish this via the timeline. 
     20'''Yoheeb added:''' 
     21 * Allow selective creation and display of code review comments that are specific to a file in the changeset, maybe next to (view diffs) on changeset summary, add "Code review - ACCEPTED/REJECTED/NONE/ADD REVIEW (with proper permissions of course)" as a link to the full review. 
     22 * Allow wiki formatting in code reviews, including inter-trac links. (file: xyz/abc.C according to !#123, this isn't the correct fix....see @line127-129 or something) 
     23 * Configurable Workflow hooks on configurable Code review status (accept, reject...etc)? 
     25Originally, I was going to create something similar to this, but you created a foundation that was better.  Some things I was going for, which I hope you will consider: 
     26My design requirements were (optional items in italics): 
     27 1 - Allow a code review on a changeset[[BR]] 
     28 2 - save the code review results in a "permanent" location (I was going to use subversion repo properties)[[BR]] 
     29 3 - ability to view/print code reviews for: 
     30   A: individual changeset[[BR]] 
     31   B: Range of Changeset (including all) 
     32 ''4 - configurable pass/fail, etc states''[[BR]]  
     33 5 - Access to add/view code reviews for entire changeset from changeset view 
     34   ''A: with wiki markup support and/or links to individual files under review'' 
     35 6 - Access to add/view code reviews for the "currently" viewed file from a changeset diff view[[BR]] 
     36 7 - code review permission to create/edit a review[[BR]] 
     37 ''8 - code review VIEW permission''[[BR]] 
     38 9 - ability to see all (or individual) reviews when viewing a specific file/file+revision (suggest augmenting annotation feature)[[BR]] 
     39 ''10 - workflow triggers.'' 
     41with that: 
     42My original idea was to save the reviews to the subversion changeset via properties with some simple formatting, and: 
     43 * Also suggest a link to code review, if present, when a list if files is presented for large changesets (right next to "view diffs") 
     44 * Modify the Annotation view template to parse the special properties, and pull out reviews specific to the current file/selected revision and 
     45  * Show each review by author (allow multiple reviewers) 
     46  * only show the review outcome (accepted, rejected, ...make this configurable?) as a link to the full review text as a wiki page/section of a page (maybe 1 page per changeset, 1 heading section per file?) 
     47   * This allows a code review summary to just be a print of a wiki page, or, a print of all the sub page via, say, Wiki-Print 
     48 * changeset string format could be something as simple as CR:REVNUM:File:Author:result as the property name, then the comments. 
     49   * then on the annotation hover, parsed into: (in pseudo code, sorry, not sure how else to convey the idea) 
     51for all properties on changeset REVNUM: 
     52 split on : 
     53 if [0] ==CR and [1] ==$REVNUM: 
     54   if [3] == CURRENT_FILE_SHOWN: 
     55     insert "Code review by " +Author +" - " + CreateLinkToFullReview(CR:REVNUM:File:Author:result) into annotation pop-up 
     56   else: 
     57     remove it from the __displayed__ list of properties in annotation pop-up! 
     58 else: 
     59   allow normal processing 
     62Now I realize this is tied to subversion, but could some of these ideas be incorporated into this DB based implementation. 
     63Also, I apologize for the verboseness of this, not sure what the best way to convey these concepts in compact form.