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     2= Cache Management = 
     4  Because network connections are expensive in time, compute cycles and network bandwidth, a strong caching paradigm (love using that word) was implemented to help lower the use of resources and lower the response time.  
     6== Configuration == 
     7 - the timeout and size can be tweaked as needed to support a particular environment.  The system will send out an INFO alert if it's purging too quickly. 
     8 - the memory cache can be completely disabled by setting the size to 0.  This should only be done if you are using a single process, as the database interface *should* be caching results.  
     9== Lookups ==  
     10 - Each search to the AD server is through a cached LDAP filehandle.  The restart option has been enabled to allow it to persist.  
     11 - When valid data is found .. the data is pickled, and the key hashed and stored in a new table in the database called ad_cache. 
     12 - It's also stored in a class variable {{{_cache}}} which is a dictionary. 
     14== Retrieval == 
     15 - the memory cache is checked first  
     16 - then the database cache 
     17 - lastly the AD server itself is searched 
     18 - Any results are then pushed back on the cache(s)  
     20== Integration == 
     21 - data is cached by 'class' where appropriate to speed up processing, 
     22 - all ldap searches are cached using a key which is a hashed combination of ( base_dn, scope, filter )