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    12= Doxygen Plugin for Trac = 
    5354=== Configuring Trac === 
     55==== Basic Configuration ==== 
     56A `[doxygen]` section should be created in TracIni.  
     57There's only one mandatory setting, it's the `path` to the generated documentation. 
     58This should match the [ OUTPUT_DIRECTORY]  
     59setting in the Doxyfile. 
    55 Set path where you have your doxygen documentations and specify what documentation or wiki page should be displayed as a index. Setting wiki_index variable has higher priority. You can create your own content using ![doxygen:<page_name>] macro on specified wiki page and so provide easy multiple documentation support. 
     61==== Settings for Multiple Documentation Projects ==== 
     63In this case, the `path` option is used to set a common prefix, shared by all the generated documentations. 
     64You can also use `default_documentation` to specify which project should be used when no explicit path are 
     65given when requesting a documentation file, when using the `doxygen:` TracLinks. 
     67'''Example:''' [[br]] 
     68Let's imagine you have two sets of documentation, one for the latest trunk, one for a stable branch,  
     69and they are generated at the following locations: 
     70 - /var/cache/doxygen/devel 
     71 - /var/cache/doxygen/stable 
     73You want to have links like `doxygen:MyClass` refer to the documentation for the ''stable'' branch, 
     74i.e. to be equivalent to `doxygen:stable/MyClass`. 
    59 path = <path_to_the_doxygen_documentation> 
    60 index = <name_of_mainpage_file> 
    61 wiki_index = <name_of_wiki_page> 
     78path = /var/cache/doxygen 
     79default_documentation = stable 
     80wiki_index = DoxyGen 
    64 Doxygen generated documentation cointains html, png and sometime other files. To tell plugin which file extentions can be handled put to ![doxygen] section in trac.ini this: 
     83It is advised to used the `wiki_index` in this situation, so you can place links to both documentation sets: 
     85= Documentation generated by Doxygen = 
    66 {{{ 
    67 [doxygen] 
    68 ext = htm html png # Default values 
     87 - Documentation for the stable API:  
     88   [doxygen:stable/hierarchy class hierarchy], [doxygen:stable/dirs directory hierarchy] 
     89 - Documentation for the trunk API:  
     90   [doxygen:devel/hierarchy class hierarchy], [doxygen:devel/dirs directory hierarchy] 
     93==== Options Summary ==== 
     95These are all the configuration options recognized in the `[doxygen]` section of TracIni. 
     96|| '''''Option Name''''' || '''''Documentation''''' || '''''Default value''''' || 
     97|| '''path''' || Directory containing doxygen generated files. ||  
     98|| title      || Title to use for the main navigation tab. || ''Doxygen'' || 
     99|| ext        || Space separated list of extensions for doxygen managed files. || ''htm html png'' || 
     100|| source_ext || Space separated list of source files extensions || ''idl odl java cs py php php4 inc phtml m cpp cxx c hpp hxx h'' || 
     101|| default_documentation || Default documentation project, relative to [doxygen] path. When no explicit path is given in a documentation request, this path will be prepended to the request before looking for documentation files. ||  
     102|| index      || Default index page to pick in the generated documentation. || ''main.html'' || 
     103|| wiki_index || Wiki page to use as the default page for the Doxygen main page. If set, supersedes the [doxygen] index option. ||  
     104|| encoding   || Default encoding used by the generated documentation files. || ''iso-8859-1'' || 
     105^^''(the above is in sync with r1245''^^ 
    71109If you want to change main navigation menu button label put this to ![doxygen] section in trac.ini: