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Ticket-based Gantt chart and calendar


This plugin adds Gantt charts and calendar views for tickets to Trac.

See also: ProjectManagementIdeas, TracJsGanttPlugin, TeamCalendarPlugin, GoogleCalendarPlugin, CalendarPlugin


Click on the thumbnails for larger versions of the screenshots.

Thumbnail: Gantt chart view
Gantt chart view

Thumbnail: Calendar view
Calendar view

Thumbnail: Ticket creation
Ticket creation example

Download and Installation

'A' Method

This plugin is not hosted on Please refer here for download, installation and usage instructions.

The version at the address above is the previous (0.11) release translated into English. The new version (0.12) by the original author now supports English, so using 'B' method below is recommended.

'B' Method

Status: 'Draft' (worked partially)

  1. Download from original repository
  2. Edit this files to translate
    • trunk/ganttcalendar/templates/calendar.html
    • trunk/ganttcalendar/templates/admin_holiday.html
    • trunk/ganttcalendar/templates/gantt.html
  3. Build egg
  4. Install globally (you can disable / enable per project)
    ganttcalendar.complete_by_close.completeticketobserver = enabled
    ganttcalendar.ticketcalendar.ticketcalendarplugin = enabled
    ganttcalendar.ticketgantt.ticketganttchartplugin = enabled
    ganttcalendar.ticketvalidator.ticketvalidator = enabled
    complete_conditions = fixed, invalid
    default_zoom_mode = 3
    first_day = 0
    format = %Y-%m-%d
    show_ticket_summary = false
    show_weekly_view = false
  5. Configure
    ticketgantt.label = Ticket Gantt
    ticketcalendar.label = Ticket Calendar
    complete = select
    complete.label = Completed [%]
    complete.options = 0|5|10|15|20|25|30|35|40|45|50|55|60|65|70|75|80|85|90|95|100
    complete.value = 0
    complete.order = 12
    due_assign = text
    due_assign.label = Start (YYYY-MM-DD)
    due_assign.order = 10
    due_close = text
    due_close.label = End (YYYY-MM-DD)
    due_close.order = 11
  6. Web server restart

input date format:

  • accepted date format as: YYYY-MM-DD
  • shows tickets which dates were edited after plugin was installed (does not show previously edited tickets)


in fact this plugin is not stable

I got the v2_fixed to work. I was disappointed that the Gantt chart doesn't show milestones. (Also note that "Gants" is misspelled in the navigation bar.)

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