Install Instructions

This page, is a template which can be used for document install procedure in wiki pages.

<---- TEMPLATE START HERE ---- > Unused sections are suggested to be kept under comment. In future you might need it. Example:


The plugin follows the standard installation procedures described in t:TracPlugins. Here are some specifics and highlights.

  • [sudo] might be optional case you already have enough authority to modify your server.

  1. Comply with pre-requirements:
    1. none required

  2. Install globally with:
    $ [sudo] easy_install
    • You might be required to select a specific tag, branch.

  3. Enable by updating TracIni file (..../trac.ini) as follows:
    YOUR-SELECTED-PLUGIN.* = enabled
    • or accessing your Admin panel ( ..admin/general/plugins ).

  4. Configure by updating TracIni file (..../trac.ini) appropriate configuration section as follows:
    <argument> = <value>
    <argument> = <value>
    • or accessing your Admin panel ( ..admin/general/plugins ).

  5. Restart web server on command line:
    $ [sudo] /etc/init.d/apache2 restart
  6. Test if is it working properly (all your environments).
    1. If this component was installed correctly, then the configuration you have made should reflect on tickets.
    2. If this component was installed correctly, then the example shown in the #Usage section should be also displayed on the WikiMacros#.... page.
    3. ....


This page Goals (& arguments)

  1. keep install instruction at only one place
    • [+] different plugins / macros can refer to this page
    • [+] a standard procedure
    • [+] easy user's life
    • [-] will be possible to adopt a single set of installation instruction?
    • [-] redoing TracPlugins??
      • [-] this have to be avoided (otherwise fails with this first goal)
      • [+] TracPlugins have generic instructions and should be kept as a global reference
      • [+] This should focus on a step by step one shot installation guideline, and must lower the entry barrier / tool adoption
  2. standardize or reduce variance of install instructions
    • [+] turn user's life easier
    • [+] reduce mistakes
    • [+] easy maintenance (for plugin maintainer, user and I.T. staff)
    • [+] guideline to plugin developers

Ways to improve this page


  • Q: How to allow a page to pass parameters to, full fill automatically YOUR-SELECTED-PLUGIN ?
  • Q: How to reuse sections on install instructions? (for easy and widespread maintenance)
    1. use of TracSubPagesMacro

Known Issues

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