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Off course, there is the main reference: TracPlugins

Install Instructions


  1. Install
    • Manually:
      1. Download ...
      2. Build egg if not previously available ....
      3. Place the egg file at....
    • With easy_install:
      $ [sudo] easy_install
      $ [sudo] easy_install
      • sudo is optional case you already have enough authority to modify your server.
  2. Restart your web server (this example command line for Apache on Ubuntu).
    $ [sudo] /etc/init.d/apache2 restart
  3. Enable the plugin.
    • by updating your trac.ini with this:
      YOUR-SELECTED-PLUGIN.* = enabled
    • or accessing your Admin panel ( ..admin/general/plugins );
  4. Configure your environment
    • by modifiying trac.ini file;
    • by accessing your Admin panel case you have WebAdminPlugin enabled;
  5. Test your main environment and secondary ones
    • plugin / macro is working properly?
    • ....



In case Easy Install

In case Build Eggs

This page Goals (& arguments)

  1. keep install instruction at only one place
    • [+] different plugins / macros can refer to this page
    • [+] a standard procedure
    • [+] easy user's life
    • [-] will be possible to adopt a single set of installation instruction?
    • [-] redoing TracPlugins??
      • this have to be avoided (otherwise fails with this first goal)
  2. standardize or reduce variance of install instructions
    • [+] turn user's life easier
    • [+] reduce mistakes
    • [+] easy maintenance (for both plugin maintainer and user or I.T. staff)
    • [+] guideline to plugin developers

Ways to improve this page

  • allow a page to pass parameters to, full fill automatically YOUR-SELECTED-PLUGIN

Known Issues