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    2121You can check out JabberTracScript from [ here] using Subversion, or [source:jabbertracscript browse the source] with Trac. 
    23 == Example == 
    2723== Recent Changes == 
    2925[[ChangeLog(jabbertracscript, 3)]] 
     28= Howto integrate trac with jabber = 
     30=== Deps === 
     31First you'll need to have a working trac environment.  
     32Then, install plugin (and enable it) TicketBackLinksMacro 
     33This script. 
     34A jabber server with logging enabled, for chatrooms, configured to be ordered by subdirectories (dates). Jabber with jcr and muc is known to work ok. 
     36=== Configuring === 
     37You'll have to config j2t (config done from inside the script) to fit your needs  
     38(tracs main location, conference server address etc) 
     39Do a touch /etc/j2t.cfg 
     40Then, launch "j2t -c chatroom tracname" foreach chatroom you want. 
     42You can make a cron to launch j2t (without args) each time you want  
     43it to be updated.  
     45WARNING: This should be at most once a day, otherwise 
     46it will make too much noise on your timelines. 
     48=== Recomendations === 
     49Now, you'll have logs uploaded to wiki and shown in tickets' description. 
     50I recommend using TracFineGrainedPermissions to block undesired traffic to 
     51the conversations. 
     53Chatrooms will not be created automatically, so, if they don't exists, you'll have 
     54to join to them. 
     55A workaround for automatising this is having a gozerbot doing that work for you. 
     57I've also built a gozerplug for this: ( original, isn't it? ;-) ) 
     58You'll have to modify it a bit, since it's ready to get config trought ssh, 
     59and that might not be what you want. Also, you'll have to configure that user 
     60to don't require passwords if you use ssh (you know, certificates and so). 
     62If you wan't you can configure your bot nick inside j2t (botnick variable) so  
     63its messages won't be shown, also, commands are not saved (!whatever strings) into wiki. 
     65== Others == 
     66Check out my other gozerplugs: showticket and showrevision, to better integration 
     67with trac.  
     69I know there are gozerplugs already for trac integration, but those are adapted for  
     71this system (using j2t.cfg same way as j2t does, so it interact perfectly with them). 
    3176== Author/Contributors ==