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Include a Pledgie badge in your trac instance, raise money for your project

source:pledgiemacro/pledgie.png (do not click, the plugin is not installed on this instance. this is a sample)

Please donate anyways.

Use the badge to allow people to donate money to your project and show how much has been donated.

I am in no way affiliated with pledige. Thinking about reviving another project hosted on assembla, I thought it might be nice to see if someone would trow a dime at it. That is what motivated me.


Pledgie requires the campaign id as it's first argument, like so:


That will display a badge like shown above.

Note: The campaign id can be found in the pledgie url, e.g. id.


If you have setuptools installed you can just use

sudo easy_install

or you download the zipped source from heretest
and extract the contents in the plugins directory of your Trac environment.test
or use subversion export in the plugins directory...test
if you have TRAC_ADMIN rights, you can also install it via the upload feature in the admin menu...test


stephas Contact me if interested