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Project Plan Plugin


ProjectPlan introduces time, dependency Fields and enables Project Management Features, especially for graphical visualisation, like Reports and Networks. Furthermore its a Development Base for several graphical Representations.

  • Current Testing Version is 0.60a (alpha)
    • Features
      • GraphViz based MPM Network
      • GraphViz based Hierarchical MPM Network
      • Critical Path Analysis (Simple Workloadbases)
      • Sorted Reports for Delayed Tickets and Slacktimes
      • Other small things
    • Known Problems
      • no Images for this Package (supported, but no image files)
      • possible unused Imports in several Modules
      • Other small things in code and documentation

Software Requirements

  • Python 2.5 or 2.6 with Python Standard Library
  • a recent GraphViz Package
  • Trac 0.11 (.1-5)
  • XML Template Engine Genshi 0.51 or better (is part of Trac 0.11)

Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for ProjectPlanPlugin are here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.


Download the zipped source from here.


You can check out ProjectPlanPlugin from here using Subversion, or browse the source with Trac.


Add Ticket dependencies and close/assign Times.

  • Network Graphics
    • Use the ProjectPlan Macro for (mpm like) Network graphics with several options enabling Project runtime estimation and (workload based) critical path analyses.
  • Special Reports
    • Use special Reports which show Delays and Slacktimes
  • ...

Macro Samples:

  1. Both Network (hierarchical and non-hierarchical) use critical path analysis. This wont work without ticket times for all tickets (either start,end, or both).
  2. The critical path analysis wont work with cyclic dependencies
  3. Dependencies are saved in Ticket-Custom fields. A dependency line consists of Ticket Identifiers "#<Ticket ID>".

    == hierarchical Network ==
    == hierarchical Network with start and end times==
    == filtered (milestone=milestone1) ==
    == non-hierarchical (full network) ==
    == Network Legends ==
    == Special Reports ==

Recent Changes

[13331] by anbo on 2013-07-07 20:32:10
v2.1.5, patch release

fixes a bug, where the depending tickets are not saved during ticket creation

[13302] by makadev on 2013-06-22 19:25:20
sync to trunk (v2.1.4@r13300)
[13300] by makadev on 2013-06-20 07:33:02
v2.1.4, patch release

  • b.e. ticket mode for gv renderer: b.e. tickets were still datetime objects, but due times are date objects, so comparision raises an exception
  • added authname to init for DataAccessDependenciesInCustomFields, thought currently unused
  • convert ticket_id to string for str/unicode replace
  • removed false from sqlconstraint, because sqlite (and maybe others) treats both false or FALSE identifier as column name and fails
  • corrected use_fast_save_changes check, since PPBooleanSwitchOption inherits PPSingleSelOption the result is not realy Boolean and needs to be checked against its selectables

refs #11074


Author: makadev

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