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The Sandbox


This is just a page to practice and learn WikiFormatting.

Go ahead, edit it freely.

Example of using pytb:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/trac/web/", line 387, in dispatch_request
  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/trac/web/", line 238, in dispatch
    resp = chosen_handler.process_request(req)
  File "build/bdist.linux-i686/egg/webadmin/", line 109, in process_request
  File "build/bdist.linux-i686/egg/combinewiki/", line 58, in process_admin_request
  File "build/bdist.linux-i686/egg/combinewiki/", line 201, in process_combinewiki
  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/trac/web/", line 358, in display
    data = self.hdf.render(template, form_token)
  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/trac/web/", line 296, in render
  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/", line 108, in feed
  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/", line 148, in goahead
    k = self.parse_starttag(i)
  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/", line 226, in parse_starttag
    endpos = self.check_for_whole_start_tag(i)
  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/", line 301, in check_for_whole_start_tag
    self.error("malformed start tag")
  File "/usr/lib/python2.4/", line 115, in error
    raise HTMLParseError(message, self.getpos())
HTMLParseError: malformed start tag, at line 499, column 81


  1. Change this file so it can't be read by anyone except root:
    chmod g=,o= ~/mysql_lockdown.txt
  2. Change root user name to sf_admin.
    UPDATE mysql.user SET User = 'sf_admin' WHERE User = 'root';
  3. Provide strong password for sf_admin.
    mysqladmin -u sf_admin password [STRONG-PASSWORD]
  4. Change this file so it can't be read by anyone except root:
    chmod g=,o= ~/mysql_lockdown.txt
  5. Change root user name to sf_admin.
    UPDATE mysql.user SET User = 'sf_admin' WHERE User = 'root';
  6. Provide strong password for sf_admin.
    mysqladmin -u sf_admin password [STRONG-PASSWORD]
  7. Change this file so it can't be read by anyone except root:
    chmod g=,o= ~/mysql_lockdown.txt
  8. Change root user name to sf_admin.
    UPDATE mysql.user SET User = 'sf_admin' WHERE User = 'root';
  9. Provide strong password for sf_admin.
    mysqladmin -u sf_admin password [STRONG-PASSWORD]
  10. Change this file so it can't be read by anyone except root:
    chmod g=,o= ~/mysql_lockdown.txt
  11. Change root user name to sf_admin.
    UPDATE mysql.user SET User = 'sf_admin' WHERE User = 'root';
  12. Provide strong password for sf_admin.
    mysqladmin -u sf_admin password [STRONG-PASSWORD]

You seem to be using an old Tag query. Try using the new syntax in your ListTagged macro.

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  • 0.8 Hacks for Trac 0.8.x
  • 0.9 Hacks for Trac 0.9.x
  • 0.10 Hacks for Trac 0.10.x
  • 0.11 Hacks for Trac 0.11.x
  • 0.12 Hacks for Trac 0.12
  • 0.13 Hacks for Trac 0.13
  • 0perator 0perator
  • #1 defect: TracPermissions are not enforced in the PollMacro (closed: fixed)
  • 1.0 Hacks for Trac 1.0.x
  • #5 defect: Skip over headers appearing in wiki-escaped blocks (closed: fixed)
  • 7lima 7lima
  • 10function 10function
  • #12 enhancement: FootNoteMacro reference id's are not unique (closed: fixed)
  • #27 enhancement: Account Manager needs extension for auto login (closed: wontfix)
  • #41 defect: Anchor does not appear to be working (closed: invalid)
  • #44 defect: changes in the ITemplateProvider interface (closed: fixed)
  • #61 defect: GeneralLinkSyntaxPlugin webadmin integration corruption (closed: fixed)
  • #64 defect: [Patch] utf-8 output not enforced (closed: fixed)
  • #65 enhancement: Trac 0.9b2 compatability (closed: wontfix)
  • #102 defect: popen2.Popen3() does not exist on Windows (closed: fixed)
  • #115 defect: pydoc:object link text checking is very strict (closed: fixed)
  • #125 enhancement: Add configurable auth path to AuthForm (closed: wontfix)
  • #132 enhancement: Ported to Trac 0.9 (closed: fixed)
  • #134 defect: helloworld doesn't work as advertized with 0.93 (closed: wontfix)
  • #144 defect: Compilation warnings about implicit printf decalaration (closed: fixed)
  • #148 enhancement: Add TrackEmailNotification (closed: fixed)
  • #149 enhancement: Convert ticket description and attachements to UTF-8 (closed: fixed)
  • #150 enhancement: Script to create one iCalendar file from many trac db's (new)
  • #151 defect: WikiRenameScript does not work on Windows platform (closed: fixed)
  • #153 enhancement: Internationalized Doxygen pages encoding. (closed: invalid)
  • #154 defect: Problem creating tickets. (closed: invalid)
  • #163 defect: GeneralLinkSyntax plugin conflicts with InterTrac (closed: wontfix)
  • #173 task: Integrate login-related plugins (closed: fixed)
  • #185 enhancement: wysiwyg editor for wiki (closed: fixed)
  • #211 enhancement: Option to include Milestone Description field contents in the ... (new)
  • #212 enhancement: Spell-check in wiki and ticket descriptions (reopened)
  • #215 defect: MacroList is broken by WikiGoodies [.9 or 1.0] Egg in Trac 0.9.4 (closed: fixed)
  • #218 defect: graphviz breaks MacroList in 0.9.4r1 (closed: fixed)
  • #219 enhancement: fields property "mandatory" for standard and customized fields (closed: fixed)
  • #231 enhancement: Wiki Printable version (closed: fixed)
  • #240 enhancement: dotProject integration (new)
  • #243 enhancement: Show username rather than userid with hyperlink to user's page (new)
  • #265 enhancement: Rewrite Source Links (closed: wontfix)
  • #271 task: style bookmark store for Trac users (new)
  • #288 defect: Error when used with the built-in PageOutline macro. (closed: duplicate)
  • #296 defect: Email from OWA doesn't create ticket (closed: fixed)
  • #302 enhancement: Email quoting (closed: fixed)
  • #322 defect: Trac plugin importerror with DBAuthPlugin (closed: invalid)
  • #354 enhancement: Add a password reminder feature (closed: fixed)
  • #358 enhancement: it would be great if the search were like Google... (closed: invalid)
  • #362 defect: repository search seems to be impacted by presence of branches (new)
  • #363 defect: HTML problem with trac-hacks logo in IE6 (closed: fixed)
  • #368 enhancement: Turn off autowikify for Tag listing page (closed: wontfix)
  • #369 enhancement: Time tracking and quoting system (closed: fixed)
  • #375 task: Show blog in wiki (right green page) (closed: invalid)
  • #377 enhancement: Data/Form/Fields plugin providing macros to include form-like fields/data ... (new)
  • #383 defect: 0.10-incompatibility: No TOCs on main wiki page, and preview mode ... (closed: fixed)
  • #391 defect: DoxygenPlugin object has no attribute get_htdocs_dirs (closed: fixed)
  • #404 defect: Plugin tutorial is out of date (closed: wontfix)
  • #407 enhancement: CAPTCHA checking for new ticket submissions (closed: fixed)
  • #409 defect: ModPythonRequest object has no attribute 'href' (closed: fixed)
  • #412 defect: _add_js_footer (closed: fixed)
  • #413 enhancement: Jabber Bot for notifications (reopened)
  • #416 defect: ModPython req object has no attribute href (closed: fixed)
  • #436 enhancement: List missing wiki pages (closed: invalid)
  • #437 enhancement: ticket dependency (closed: duplicate)
  • #441 defect: 0.10-incompatibility: Broken. (closed: fixed)
  • #442 enhancement: [patch] Add email verification for new/changed email addresses (closed: fixed)
  • #444 defect: the cache directory is set to /tmptracrss , gives you apermission denied (closed: fixed)
  • #447 defect: Displaying blog entries with a certain tag on a page that has this tag too ... (closed: fixed)
  • #453 enhancement: BibTrac - BibTex support for paper references (closed: fixed)
  • #457 enhancement: [patch] WikiRenamePlugin doesn't update Tags etc., missing extension point ... (closed: wontfix)
  • #460 enhancement: wiki macro for quoting range of lines of source file (closed: fixed)
  • #467 enhancement: [Patch] Limit which milestones are listed via pattern match (closed: fixed)
  • #472 defect: smtp_always_cc entries are not copied on an email2trac submission (closed: fixed)
  • #474 defect: Nonexistent login pages always fail (closed: wontfix)
  • #475 task: No 0.10dev support (closed: fixed)
  • #479 defect: GeneralLinkSyntaxPlugin interferes with InterTrac (closed: duplicate)
  • #485 defect: crashes upon making new topic, errors (closed: fixed)
  • #500 defect: Support content syndication using the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) XML ... (closed: fixed)
  • #509 task: clarification and documentation needed (closed: fixed)
  • #517 defect: DEBUG option for compile does not work (closed: fixed)
  • #522 enhancement: verify ticket properties' fields during new ticket creating (closed: invalid)
  • #528 task: Script to import PVCS Tracker project into Trac (closed: fixed)
  • #534 defect: Login/Logout page isnt working properly (closed: fixed)
  • #541 enhancement: Support for Diff of OpenDocument files (new)
  • #544 enhancement: Aliasing other trac links (closed: wontfix)
  • #547 defect: Problems installing the plugin globally (closed: worksforme)
  • #552 defect: conflict with WikiRenamePlugin (closed: wontfix)
  • #562 enhancement: [Patch] Allow multiple navigation-synced instances on same page (closed: duplicate)
  • #568 enhancement: config options and tagging (closed: fixed)
  • #578 enhancement: Not all strftime format sequences allowed for wiki-page-format (closed: fixed)
  • #580 defect: password reset CCs other users (closed: fixed)
  • #581 enhancement: Patch proposal to handle group member attribute that is not a DN (closed: fixed)
  • #584 enhancement: Show html e-mail as inline html in ticket (closed: fixed)
  • #589 enhancement: configure arbitrary text to give a hint how the user name should look like (closed: wontfix)
  • #605 enhancement: Wiki Wide Find & Replace (closed: fixed)
  • #612 enhancement: Search Multiple Trac Projects from one Page (new)
  • 612adam 612adam
  • #613 enhancement: Inventory tracking system (new)
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