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    3333Then simply access the interface via WebAdmin 
     35== Comment ==  
     37John the email link on this page keeps being bounced so I'm adding this here, feel free to remove/edit as you see fit:  
     39Thanks for making siteupload available, it really simplifies uploading 
     40files. There are a couple of really nice things about it: 
     41 * it makes available the contents of htdocs directly; so if you  
     42   already have files in there, they automatically show up in the  
     43   siteuploads list, nothing else to do! 
     44 * you can find out the traclink to put in wiki to access the file  
     45   uploaded by mousing over the file link in the siteuploads page (won't be 
     46   necessary in 0.11 due to the new htdocs: link type) 
     48Couple of things would be nice to add, keeping in mind the KISS principle: 
     49 * download status: not necessary for small files, but for large files 
     50   the web page is frozen during the upload so even something as simple as 
     51   a "status" text field that gets updated once per second with the 
     52   percentage of file currently uploaded (e.g. by reading the file size 
     53   currently in htdocs) would be sufficient; 
     54 * support subfolders within htdocs:  
     55   * flattened list of folder tree under htdocs (ie you don't need to code 
     56     a tree view, just a list) 
     57   * ability to select one of those folders as the destination for the upload 
     58   * ability to create new subfolder in selected folder 
     59   * ability to delete selected folder 
     60 * ability to rename any of the selected folders or files; this would probably 
     61   work by showing a new panel when user clicks "rename", containing one text 
     62   field for every selection, with default text being current name, and  
     63   in which user can enter new name, plus one "submit" button that submits the 
     64   set of changes. 
     66Anyways keep up the good work! 
    3570== Recent Changes ==