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Display ticket subscribers

This is an external plugin. Please don't report any tickets here. See below for more information.


This plugin displays a list of all users that will informed about ticket changes of a certain ticket. Additionally it informs the user about the current notification settings of Trac (i.e. in which cases the user will be notified). This way the user knows whether he/she has to add himself/herself to the CC list or not. This detection depends on whether the user is logged in, whether has provided a valid email address, and the settings in trac.ini.

This plugin is influenced by the settings from the [notification] trac.ini, especially always_notify_owner, always_notify_reporter, always_notify_updater, smtp_always_bcc, and smtp_always_cc.

A live demo of this plugin can be seen here.

Source and Tickets

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Author: Sebastian Krysmanski
Maintainer: Sebastian Krysmanski

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