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RevTree plugin


The RevTree plugin generates a graphical representation of a Subversion repository.

It generates a Graphviz DOT stream from the contents of a repository, and injects this stream into the excellent GraphvizPlugin, which converts in turn the DOT stream into a displayable bitmap image.

SvnCcHelpersScript/RevTree sample image Fig.1 - Revtree sample image

This plugin is part of the SvnCcHelpersScript suite, as it relies on special SVN properties that are automatically added to the repository when a developer commits her change, with the help of some pre- and post-commit scripts.


The RevTree plugin reads the following properties from the dedicated revtree section in the project configuration file:

; top-level directory common to all branches and trunk
topdir = /src/generic
; ignore revisions which are lower than revbase
revbase = 160
; prefix for custom properties used by revtree and the commit scripts
domain = domain
; suffix for the base version property
basever = basever
; regular expression to extract import info from a ClearCase label
; should contain two named groups: 'label' for the ClearCase label, 
; and 'basever' the version of static code synchronized with Rsync (see SvnCcHelpersScript doc)
importre = (?P<label>\w+)\sWEEK_(?P<basever>\d{6})

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