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This is a log of me running the trac_billing script (included in the scripts folder of the TimingAndEstimationPlugin

First we import the trac_billing package

import trac_billing

This runs the billing report against every trac database and emails the result to the specified address


Collecting output...
You might see some errors here if you dont have the plugin installed on some of your tracs or if you have non trac files folders in the trac directory
Writing out billing information to '/var/BigVisibleCharts/Billing/billing_2006_8_14_14_21_.html'
Emailing results to russ@…
Here we issue the command to add a new bill date at the current time to all of the databases


Marking the bill date on all projects.[br]

  • ADWolf2006 failed: ('no such table: bill_date',)

tracMgmt Succeeded.
... There will be a line for every directory in the trac folder and whether or not it succeeded or failed Done marking bill dates