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Provide simple milestone progress dashboard.


  • Use unmodified Trac without custom fields or additional plugins


This is want I plan to add. Please feel free to give any comment on how to implement it. I am totally new so I start with simple but useful feature. I am currently trying to cook advance egg but yes able to make nice looking page with the Trac layout. Some how the menu disappeared when I click the new menu I created.

Milestone Summary by Type and Component

Ticket progress by day

I would like to know if such table could be done by report module with SQL statement alone or it has to be developed as module to gather the count data.

I am also aware that ticket can change status many times in a day but I need only the latest status otherwise I have to track ticket by ID which can be too complicated.

Future features

  • Support custom workflow
  • Add planning information if the timingandestimationplugin is enabled
  • Add progress report by developer

Feedback & Comments

Please feel free to leave any feedback, hints, comments, etc. :)

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