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Provide simple milestone progress dashboard.


  • Use unmodified Trac without custom fields or additional plugins


This is want I plan to add. Please feel free to give any comment on how to implement it. I am totally new so I start with simple but useful feature. I am currently trying to cook advance egg but yes able to make nice looking page with the Trac layout. Some how the menu disappeared when I click the new menu I created.

This plugin will collect statistics and metric when the database is update. It will take long time but only once. Then the metric database will be update by the event listener.

Update process

  • Analyze the ticket history and update the metric repository

Screen Shots

Project Dashboard

Milestone Dashboard

Milestone Dashboard

Cummulative Flow chart

Cummulative Flow Chart

Milestone Summary by Type and Component

Ticket progress by day

I would like to know if such table could be done by report module with SQL statement alone or it has to be developed as module to gather the count data.

I am also aware that ticket can change status many times in a day but I need only the latest status otherwise I have to track ticket by ID which can be too complicated.

Then I would like to plot the graph like this

Future features

  • Support custom workflow
  • Add planning information if the timingandestimationplugin is enabled
  • Add progress report by developer

Feedback & Comments

Please feel free to leave any feedback, hints, comments, etc. :)

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