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Trac Recaptcha Plugin

TracRecaptchaPlugin was a Trac plugin that added a CAPTCHA (using reCAPTCHA) to ticket forms. This plugin only worked in Trac 0.10.


  • Once you have it installed you'll need to modify your ticket templates and add your keys to your trac.ini file. In your ticket.cs and newticket.cs files, insert the following code somewhere before your submit buttons:
    <?cs var:recaptcha_javascript ?>
  • If you only want recaptcha for anonymous users, add:
    <?cs if:trac.authname == "anonymous" ?>
    <?cs var:recaptcha_javascript ?>
    <?cs /if ?>
  • Edit your conf/trac.ini file and add these lines, including your public and private reCAPTCHA keys:
    recaptcha_plugin.* = enabled
    public_key = 
    private_key =

Functionality is now included in SpamFilterPlugin.