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Mark #1719 as FIXED. Add reference to current Trac revision, patch works with.

Spanish translation of Trac / Traduccion al espanol de Trac


Esta wiki, no acepta algunos caracteres como acentos, ni modo :-(

This hack consists in the spanish translation of Trac user visible components.

It's planned scope, is to realize the translation of following versions:

Trac will support internationalization in Milestone 0.12.

Artifacts to be translated include:

  • wiki-default
  • templates
  • Trac engine

It will be based and inspired on work previously realized and kindly contributed.

For comments about it, post in the following thread:

Important Note About 0.11 Spanish Translation

Edgewall has created Babel on 05/29/2007:

A collection of tools for internationalizing Python applications

Trac l10n/i18n will be powered by this new project.

Due to this, I'm not longer planning to realize translation of 0.11 until I internalize myself about this.

If you are curious about this, take a look at


Bugs/Feature Requests

Existing bugs and feature requests for TracSpanishTranslation are here.

If you have any issues, create a new ticket.


Download the zipped source from here.


You can check out TracSpanishTranslation from here using Subversion, or browse the source with Trac.

Patches for Trac releases

As for now, patches are not provided for Trac releases ( 0.10.4 , , 0.10.3, 0.10.2, 0.10.1 , 0.10 ...).

Only one exception, patch for 0.10.4 is planned due to ticket:1719:2.

Giving a try (0.10.5dev)

Current patch, works against Trac 0.10.5dev r5827 (changes in 0.10-stable branch up to rev5644)

Trac engine and ClearSilver templates (0.10.5dev)

Download patches from here and apply them, be aware to use patches for a corresponding Trac revision (see log messages of provided patches). If patch fails for latest 0.10-stable, maybe its out of date, create a ticket pointing which Trac revision you used.

Default Wiki Pages (0.10.5dev)

Download and replace Trac provided files, usually in /usr/share/trac/templates (TODO).

Patch Procedure (0.10.5dev)

As for now, patches are not targeted against Trac releases, instead you must get a working copy of Trac 0.10-stable branch, get the patches (corresponding to a Trac range of revisions) and apply patches:

  • Get a working copy of Trac 0.10-stable branch, for example:
    $ mkdir ~/tmp
    $ mkdir ~/tmp/0.10-stable
    $ svn co ~/tmp/0.10-stable
  • Get patches, for example:
    $ mkdir ~/tmp/0.10-stable-es-patches
    $ svn co ~/tmp/0.10-stable-es-patches
    • Alternatively, download patches from here, unzip patches and apply patches, modify next secion as needed
  • Apply patches witch patch command:
    $ cd ~/tmp/0.10-stable
    $ patch -p0 -f < ../0.10-stable-es-patches/patchs/trac-spanish-python_utf-8.diff
    $ patch -p0 -f < ../0.10-stable-es-patches/patchs/trac-spanish-templates_utf-8.diff

Recent Changes

[2594] by jmt4b04d4v on 2007-08-26 04:47:41

closes #1915: 'trac-admin TRACENV upgrade' failed in patched trac-0.10.5dev

  • Undo translation of $TRACSRC/trac/scripts/ script and related test.
[2576] by jmt4b04d4v on 2007-08-18 00:03:38


closes #1926 : Summary and Description fields in reports are broken, well sort of. Report 8 is broken

  • Restored summary and description fields in reports.
[2574] by jmt4b04d4v on 2007-08-17 21:26:51


closes #1928 : Include TrueHttpLogoutPatch in provided patches

  • Added patch section including TrueHttpLogoutPatch for 0.10.x.
  • Sync with Trac 0.10-stable rev. 5935


If I may, it's not a good idea to translate the various log(...) messages.
Imagine that you get in trouble and trigger a Trac bug (unlikely, but not impossible :-) ).
Then we ask for the log to understand what happened and ... we get in trouble!
-- cboos

You're right, created #1691 for tracking this issue, thanks.

  • #1691 - Translation of log(...) messages may be a bad idea (CLOSED-fixed).
  • #1719 - Encoding trouble (CLOSED-fixed).


Author: jmt4b04d4v