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Bring back the hacks. is moving

In the coming months will be moved to a new server, which should provide better availability and performance than the existing hosting. At the moment we continue to experience intermittent but brief downtime, and slow site performance, which we are aiming to resolve with this move.

Uptime Report for Last 30 days

Edgewall, which created and continues to host Trac, Genshi and Babel has generously offered to provide the hosting for From a user standpoint, nothing will change except for an improved experience in accessing the site. Hosting by Edgewall should ensure that remains available with free hosting for Trac plugins for a long time to come.

Following the site move, the admin team can start focusing on more improvements to the site, so stay tuned! Please don't hesitate to comment if you have any questions or concerns.

XML-RPC interface is back

The XML-RPC interface to, made possible by the XmlRpcPlugin, is available once again. Anonymous users can access through, and authenticated requests can be made through

NewHack is back!

The NewHack tab is once again available to logged-in users, allowing new hacks to be published to the site. This feature has been unavailable since the site upgrade in June 2013. Sorry for its long absence!

Thanks to Michael Renzmann (otaku42) for creating the new version of the TracHacksPlugin, and to Jun Omae (jun66j5) for fixing many issues and making it compatible with Trac 1.0.

If you spot any issues, please let us know by opening a ticket.

1. Trac-(Plug-in-)Entwicklertreffen in Dresden (German developer meeting)

Am 19.06.2013, nach einem der ersten heißen Sommertage des Jahres, trafen sich Entwickler im Cafe Max in Dresden, Louisenstraße 65. Der Abend verflog bei angeregter Unterhaltung. Die Anwesenden waren sich einig, die Gespräche bei Gelegenheit fortzusetzen.


  • Kennenlernen, regionale und persönliche Erlebnisse des gerade erlebten Elbe-Hochwassers
  • frühere und aktuelle Ereignisse der Trac-Gemeinschaft, besonders die t-h.o-Aktualisierung
  • beliebte Entwicklerwerkzeuge und Arbeitstechniken
    • automatische Tests (unittests) und verwandte Konzepte 1
    • persönliche Hilfsmittel zur Nachnutzung 2
    • Hinweise auf frühere Treffen des Dresdner Unix-Stammtischs 3
    • Arbeit mit verteiltem Versionskontrollsystem (DVCS), überwiegend Mercurial
  • Spaß, gutes Essen und erfrischende Getränke
  • Organisatorisches und Planungen

(transcript - English version) On 19th of June 2013, after one of the first hot summer days of the year, developers met at Cafe Max in Dresden, Louisenstraße 65. Excited conversation made the evening flew by. Participants agreed to continue the talks at another occasion.


  • get-together, regional and personal experiences of the flood of river Elbe, that just passed by
  • historical and recent Trac community events, especially the t-h.o upgrade
  • preferred developer tools and working styles
    • unit testing and related concepts 1
    • personal tools for re-use 2
    • references to previous meetings of Dresden Unix user meeting 3
    • working with distributed version control system (DVCS), Mercurial by large
  • fun, good food and freshening drinks
  • organizational matters and planning

-- Reinhard, falkb, hasienda

1 "White Box Testing" a session at PYCON DE 2012 in Leipzig, Germany (German abstract and movie stream record)

Welcome to Trac Hacks

The purpose of TracHacks is to provide free Subversion hosting for community created Trac hacks.

TracHacks uses the excellent TagsPlugin, which adds basic categorisation to Trac. All hacks are tagged with one or more of the available tags?.

How to Contribute

I've tried to make this as simple as possible:

  1. Register a user name then login (requires cookies).
  2. Fill out the NewHack form.
  3. Verify all the details for your new page are correct.
  4. Commit your code to the provided Subversion URL
    (alternatively you can simply attach your hack to your Wiki page, ala MacroBazaar, but remember that you can't delete or replace attachments)
  5. Have a look at TracHackDevelopment.
  6. Consider subscribing to the trac-hacks mailing list.

The TracHacks page contains more information, contact details, bug reports, enhancements, suggestions, etc.

I host my own hack elsewhere

Feel free to create a stub page here with a short description and links to your own hack. Please stick to the page naming convention, by appending the hack type (eg. GanttPlugin)

eg. The DoStuff macro would become the page DoStuffMacro.

Once you have created your page, tag it with the hack type and it will appear on the front page. Tag it with your TracHacks user id if you want it to show up on your user page.

How to Adopt Unmaintained Hacks

See AdoptingHacks.

How do I install these things?

Refer to the Trac plugin documentation and the MacroBazaar for details on how to build and install plugins and macros, respectively. For other types please refer to the page of the hack you are installing for instructions.


Have a look at the RequestaHack page for features that people request.


Show hacks for releases:0.8 0.9 0.10 0.11 0.12 1.0 anyrelease
Integrating Trac with 3rd party applications

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Macros are simple enhancements to Trac's Wiki engine. Examples include SubWiki, TOC, FootNote, etc.

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Modifications to the Trac source in the form of patches. This can include simple changes to Clear Silver templates, patches to the Python code,etc.

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As part of the move to a component architecture, Trac 0.9 is now extensible via plugins. Plugins can be used to add functionality to Trac that was not previously possible without extensive modification to the source. This could include anything from extended milestone facilities, multi-project functionality, integration of automated build systems, other link types, to simple macros.

Refer to the Trac documentation for installation instructions and more information.

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Scripts that enhance the functionality of Trac. This could include things like wrappers around creation of Subversion and Trac projects, post-commit hooks, etc.

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Themes are modifications to the visual layout and style of Trac. They can be anything from just CSS changes, to full templates with additional images and styles.

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Translations of Trac into other languages.

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Ticket Workflows

Trac 0.11 introduces the customizable TracWorkflow. Here are some you might find useful:

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Feedback and Suggestions

Please consider subscribing to the th-users mailing list.

The list is meant for discussion about, i.e. the services that are provided here for the Trac community. Use it to suggest new features, discuss ways to improve the website, report issues that you come across, stuff like this. Any feedback is highly appreciated.

Please note however that th-users is not meant for support requests for any of the plugins provided on by their authors. These should still be directed to the trac-users mailing list instead.


We have defined some shortcuts for commonly used links, such as download:hackname, google:search, trac:wikipage, trac-changeset:changeset and trac-ticket:ticket. See InterMapTxt for a complete list.

Registered users of TracHacks.

Hacks for Trac 0.8, 0.9 and 0.10.

Example hacks.

Adhering to the principle that one should eat one's own dog food, the following hacks are used on TracHacks:
AccountManagerPlugin, AcronymsPlugin, AutoWikifyPlugin, ChangeLogMacro, EmailProcessorMacro, FootNoteMacro, FullBlogPlugin, IncludeMacro, NewHackMacro, NewsFlashMacro, PollMacro, SpamFilterPlugin, SvnAuthzAdminPlugin, TagsPlugin, TocMacro, TracHacksPlugin, TracIniAdminPanelPlugin, TracRedirect, VotePlugin, and XmlRpcPlugin.