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    88screenshot of WikiTicketCalendarMacro 1.2.0 for Trac 0.12 with different localizations (wikipage links and CSS style ticket tooltip) 
    10 Versions compatible with Trac 0.11, 0.12 and even for old 0.10 are available now, so test, enjoy and report back any issue, please. 
     10The ticket 'list_condense' feature looks something like [attachment:wikiticketcalendar_screenshot_1-2-1.png this]. Comments welcome. 
     12Available versions are compatible with Trac 0.11, 0.12 and even the old 0.10 (depreciated/unmaintained, security concerns - see #7239). 
     13Get it, enjoy and report back any issue, please. 
    1215== Bugs/Feature Requests == 
    1720If you have any issues that is not found [query:component=WikiTicketCalendarMacro&order=priority there], create a  
    1821[/newticket?component=WikiTicketCalendarMacro&owner=rjollos new ticket]. 
    20 Version 1.2.1dev includes a new feature proposed in Ticket #7410. This looks something like [attachment:wikiticketcalendar_screenshot_1-2-1.png this]. Comments welcome. 
    2223== Download == 
    5556Excerpt of the source documentation: 
    57     Usage 
    58     ----- 
     58    Simple Usage 
     59    ------------ 
    5960    [[WikiTicketCalendar([year,month,[showbuttons,[wiki_page_format, 
    60         [show_ticket_open_dates,[wiki_page_template]]]]])]] 
     61                          [show_ticket_open_dates,[wiki_page_template, 
     62                          [query_expression,[list_condense]]]]]]])]] 
    6264    Arguments 
    6365    --------- 
    64     year, month = display calendar for month in year ('*' for current year/month) 
     66    year, month = display calendar for month in year 
     67                  ('*' for current year/month) 
    6568    showbuttons = true/false, show prev/next buttons 
    6669    wiki_page_format = strftime format for wiki pages to display as link 
    67                        (if there is not a milestone placed on that day) 
    6870                       (if exist, otherwise link to create page) 
    6971                       default is "%Y-%m-%d", '*' for default 
    7072    show_ticket_open_dates = true/false, show also when a ticket was opened 
    7173    wiki_page_template = wiki template tried to create new page 
     74    list_condense = ticket count limit to switch off ticket summary display 
     76    Advanced Use 
     77    ------------ 
     78    [[WikiTicketCalendar([nav=(0|1)],[wiki=<strftime-expression>], 
     79        [cdate=(0|1)],[base=<wiki_page_template>],[query=<TracQuery-expr], 
     80        [short=<integer-value>])]] 
     82     - equivalent keyword-argument available for all but first two arguments 
     83     - mixed use of keyword-arguments with simple arguments permitted, 
     84       but strikt order of simple arguments (see above) still applies while 
     85       keyword-arguments in-between do not count for that positional mapping, 
     86     - query evaluates a valid TracQuery expression based on any ticket field 
     87       including multiple expressions grouped by 'and' and 'or'  
    7389    Examples 
    7995    [[WikiTicketCalendar(2006,07,true,*,true)]] 
    8096    [[WikiTicketCalendar(2006,07,true,Meeting-%Y-%m-%d,true,Meeting)]] 
     97    [[WikiTicketCalendar(wiki=Talk-%Y-%m-%d,base=Talk)]] 
     98     equivalent to [[WikiTicketCalendar(*,*,true,Talk-%Y-%m-%d,true,Talk)]] 
     99    [[WikiTicketCalendar(wiki=Meeting-%Y-%m-%d,query=type=task&owner=wg1)]] 
     100    [[WikiTicketCalendar(wiki=Meeting_%Y/%m/%d,short=6)]] 
    94114draft=""          same as 'wiki_page_template' 
    95115query="id!=0"     see below 
     116short=0           same as 'list_condense', total ticket count per day, that'll have 
     117                  ticket list display condensed to just ticket no., 0 = never condense list 
    97119The ''query'' keyword supports any expression supported by TracQuery. This is the single new ticket selection logic that can use custom field values as well as expressions chained by AND (OR since 0.12 only). An invalid expression was chosen on purpose to select and show all tickets by default. Use your own query expression to create per-developer or per-component ticket calendars, or you could choose to display tickets only with high/highest priority, tickets with some special content in a custom field, etc.