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  • #809 enhancement: Fit long user list display in account admin page to one screen height ... (closed: fixed)
  • #843 enhancement: Make admin approval required for account registration (new)
  • #1515 defect: Admin can't manage user accounts, when AccountModule is disabled (closed: fixed)
  • #1681 task: LoggingViewPlugin (closed: fixed)
  • #1733 enhancement: 'Submit and Accept' button for Tickets (reopened)
  • #1902 enhancement: [patch] Allow more granular permissions (closed: fixed)
  • #2369 enhancement: How to delete a gringlet ? (assigned)
  • #2966 enhancement: Add user account edit support to "Manage User Accounts" page (without ... (closed: fixed)
  • #3343 defect: [patch] Error onClick "Remove selected accounts" when no account is ... (closed: fixed)
  • #3726 task: Split admin panels in seperate components (closed: fixed)
  • #4671 enhancement: Disable access to /account and /settings for specific users (closed: duplicate)
  • #4755 defect: Account administration doesn't work: "does not support listing users" (closed: fixed)
  • #5549 defect: elements overlapping in Trac WebAdmin pages when using PyTppThemePlugin (closed: fixed)
  • #7111 enhancement: Password reset from admin page (closed: fixed)
  • #7223 enhancement: [Patch] Option of enable and disable fields displayed by plugin (new)
  • #7426 enhancement: Dynamicity of Trac (Show number of registered users) (new)
  • #8004 defect: Cannot search if an admin (closed: fixed)
  • #8710 enhancement: Admin option to add user email address (closed: duplicate)
  • #9059 enhancement: [PATCH] Various fixes and enhancements (closed: fixed)
  • #9108 defect: TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not iterable (closed: fixed)
  • #9156 defect: Email showing in the clear, please remove my ticket soon (closed: fixed)
  • #9253 enhancement: Review account Attributes should allow to select by "sid" (new)
  • #9946 enhancement: make the user overview page and the user creation page separate pages (new)
  • #10142 enhancement: Allow admin to override verification status (closed: fixed)
  • #10307 defect: Trac 1.0 compatibility (closed: invalid)
  • #11243 defect: Theme admin panel doesn't show all themes when 4 themes are installed (closed: fixed)
  • #11879 defect: User-list is slow (new)
  • AdminConsoleProviderPatch Adds an IAdminConsoleProvider Extension Point
  • DiskUsagePlugin Report project's disk usage
  • GitolitePlugin GitolitePlugin
  • HipChatRelayIntegration Hipchat Relay Plugin
  • NukeUserPlugin nukeuser plugin
  • PerlSqliteToMysqlScript Perl Script for converting from SQLite to MySQL
  • RedirectsPlugin Redirects plugin
  • ScheduledWorkflowPlugin ScheduledWorfkflow
  • SettingsPlugin Settings Plugin for easy handling of a bunch of configuration data
  • SqlFlexibleAuthStorePlugin SqlFlexibleAuthStorePlugin
  • TeamcityPluginIntegration Teamcity integration plugin
  • TicketReminderPlugin Ticket reminder plugin
  • TracCronPlugin Trac Cron Plugin
  • TracIniAdminPanelPlugin trac.ini Editor Panel
  • TracMigratePlugin Migrate to new environment with another database
  • TracReportInplaceEditPlugin Edit tickets in reports by inplace editor
  • TracTicketFieldsLayoutPlugin Allow to customize the layout of ticket fields in view and form
  • TracWorkflowAdminPlugin Web interface for workflow administration of Trac


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