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  • #11319 enhancement: Ability to Modify Test Plans (closed: fixed)
  • #11450 enhancement: Test case name length limit cannot be changed (closed: fixed)
  • #11452 defect: Wiki Formatting new line does not work with test cases (closed: invalid)
  • #11453 enhancement: Default test case description box name cannot be changed (closed: invalid)
  • #11454 defect: Test Plan hierarchy contains empty (unselected) catalogs (closed: fixed)
  • #11471 enhancement: Test should be linked with testcase with the version (closed: fixed)
  • #11599 defect: Test Case URLs broken after organizing them (new)
  • #11600 enhancement: Organize Test Catalogs only allows Test Cases to be moved (accepted)
  • AdjectorIntegration Integrating with Adjector
  • TestManagerForTracPlugin Test Manager plugin for Trac - Full test management life-cycle: definition, planning, execution, statistics
  • TestManagerForTracPluginQuickSetup Quick startup guide for Linux
  • testCase testCase