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schedule=alap: ticket finish date must default to milestone but not to today (if dependencies don't give a date) — at Initial Version

Reported by: falkb Owned by: Chris Nelson
Priority: high Component: TracJsGanttPlugin
Severity: critical Keywords:
Cc: Trac Release: 0.12


        def _schedule_task_alap(t):


            # If we haven't scheduled this yet, do it now.
            if t.get('calc_finish') == None:
                # If there is a finish set, use it
                if, 'finish'):
                    # Don't adjust for work week; use the explicit date.
                    finish =
                    finish += timedelta(hours=options['hoursPerDay'])
                    finish = [finish, True]
                # Otherwise, compute finish from dependencies.
                    finish = _earliest_successor(t, _ancestor_finish(t))
==> WRONG!          # If dependencies don't give a date, default to
==> WRONG!          # today at close of business
                    if finish == None:
                        # Start at midnight today
==> ask milestone       finish =, 

Please, could you tell me, how I change finish = into something like finish = milestone.datetime()... ?

At present, all tickets without dependencies and without set fields.start or fields.finish are scheduled to start in the past which is nonsense. ALAP means to me such tickets need at least to start with a finish on milestone date.

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