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Oct 2, 2012, 4:13:30 PM (11 years ago)
Steffen Hoffmann

Thanks for forwarding this. It is certainly a plugin issue. I included the original report (small) for completeness. If you really expect a solution here, do not require everyone to open another ticket.

Claiming issues on misconfiguration is a rather weak argument. Nevertheless I'll have a closer look at it. But last time I checked it, Bloodhound still pulled acct_mgr-0.3.2 from this repository. Because 0.4 release is near, it would be sensible to already use 0.4dev now. I has a lot of issues fixed, that will never be back-ported to the current stable version.


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    initial v2  
    1 This bug has been reported by [ Bloodhound] users . Please read [ original bug report] for further details .
     1This bug has been reported by [ Bloodhound] users:
     3 In case where the system is misconfigured and password reset does not work as indicated by "!AttributeError?: Cannot find an implementation of the "IPasswordHashMethod" interface named "!HtDigestHashMethod?". Please update the option account-manager.hash_method in trac.ini" in UI an email with new nonworking password is sent out.
     5Please read [ original bug report] for discussion there.
    37I've forwarded it to t-h.o because it seems not to be related to ''Bloodhound'' core plugins but AccountManagerPlugin . Nonetheless , if this is not the case please close this ticket as ''wontfix'' and leave us a note so that we can continue the discussion in there .