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Errors after migrating a trac project — at Initial Version

Reported by: Freddd Owned by: Andrea Tomasini
Priority: normal Component: AgiloForTracPlugin
Severity: normal Keywords:
Cc: Trac Release: 0.11


I am having the following errors after migrating a trac project to a different server.

  1. When I first log in I get this:

'Trac detected an internal error: OperationalError: no such table: tags'

  1. When I click on the tags or Dashboard link on the top of the page I get

Trac Error An error occurred while loading Backlog data: no such column: b_strict

  1. The product backlog link and view sprint links aren’t showing in the left pane.

I migrated from server A to server B.

In server A:

Trac: 0.11

Python: 2.5.2 (r252:60911, Oct 5 2008, 19:49:54) [GCC 4.3.2]

setuptools: 0.6c9

SQLite: 3.5.9

pysqlite: 2.4.1

Genshi: 0.5.1

mod_python: 3.3.1

Agilo: 0.9.4

Pygments: 0.10

Subversion: 1.5.1 (r32289)

jQuery: 1.2.3

In server B:

Trac: 0.11.3

Python: 2.4.6 (#2, Jan 24 2010, 12:20:41) [GCC 4.3.2]

setuptools: 0.6c9

SQLite: 3.5.9

pysqlite: 2.4.1

Genshi: 0.5.1

Subversion: 1.5.1 (r32289)

jQuery: 1.2.6

I followed this steps:

Migrate SVN and TRAC

  1. $ svnadmin dump /path/to/repo > reponame.dump
  1. $ svnadmin create /path/to/new/repo
  1. $ svnadmin load /path/to/new/repo < reponame.dump
  1. $ sudo trac-admin /var/www/newproject/agilo_trac/ resync

I would appreciate any suggestions/help. Please let me know if I submitted this in the wrong place.

Thank you.

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