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XML RPC with Bloodhound — at Initial Version

Reported by: markus.fuger@… Owned by: osimons
Priority: normal Component: XmlRpcPlugin
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Cc: Olemis Lang Trac Release: 1.0


Hello everybody,

I started this issue on the SCM Manager bug report list - but it now seems to be a problem of the XML-RPC plugin (!topic/scmmanager/iYLKzJQ9Wd0)

I tried to link the SCM-Manager with bloodhound using XML-RPC (this was initially designed for the communication with trac). After I failed to set it up I tried the Python examples from the plugin homepage (I set the privileges for XML_RPC to anonymous) Python 2.7.6 Bloodhound 0.7 (with trac 1.0.1)

import xmlrpclib server = xmlrpclib.ServerProxy("http://localhost:8000/main/xmlrpc") print server.ticket.query() # returns [1,2] because I added to tickets manually -> working'WikiStart/trac.bak', xmlrpclib.Binary(open('trac.bak').read())) # will add an attachment to the WikiStart page -> working


# <Fault 404: 'Ticket 1 does not exist.'> -> failed

a = server.ticket.create("foo","bar") server.ticket.get(a) # -> working BUT breaks the Bloodhound tickets page!!!

# My Tickets # Info Items list is empty # Widget error # Error Exception raised while rendering widget. Contact your administrator for further details # Widget name # TicketQuery # Exception type # TracError # Log entry ID # 492056e7-8a5c-46da-ac12-9d6e6b607b69

# until I delete that ticket again

server.ticket.get(a) # which returns 0

I tried those things with the dedicated bloodhound xml rpc plugin and with the trac XMLRPC plugin - both times the same effect.

Perhaps someone could help me fix that, Markus

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