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Jan 21, 2012, 1:30:30 PM (6 years ago)
Steffen Hoffmann

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Another hint: Latest code is no longer in WikiTicketCalendarMacro, but in WikiCalendarMacro instead.

I think you must be doing something to the hints that is odd somehow. I have lots of hints from other things in IE and none of them look so narrow.

Odd? No, why? I will have another look, but I use it with IE too. Sure, the tips are slightly blurred compared to other browsers, but working for me and 50 other users here.

Ultimately this is just pure CSS, not something especially not something hidden or hard-coded. And it's relative to the regular text size. Does a bigger font size in IE fix it for you?

I had seen your consolidation, which looks quite good, and installed the WikiCalendarMacro a while ago. The hints are a bit better there, at least I can read them, but they are still very narrow. I do not know what is driving that, but they do not look like hints in IE anywhere else.

Yeah, right. I prefer a slightly smaller font size for the tips, while you/your users are obviously used to seeing it all at the same size. Continuing from the above: Adjust it by overwriting plugin default with own setting, and you're done. It should be really that simple for you.

Don't get me wrong on this one: It's up for discussion/user vote, in case there are more complaints, and I'm certainly listening and may be convinced. Right now you're the first one, and because settings are like this already for many months, if not years, I'm reluctant to change them right-away.

The new TicketCalendar looks good except I did see one problem. If you have multiple milestones due on the same day the old WikiTicketCalendarMacro showed more than one, but the new one only shows one.

A request for both calendars: It would be nice if the macro either used a default page relative to the current page (under it) or accepted a relative link like ./%Y-%m-%d. Currently I have to give a full path to the calendar page location. Generally, we do not want section specific calendar pages at the top level.

Thanks for notification. Actually I've been unaware of both issues and will address them in ongoing development. Because it's harder to have such mixed/moving/multiple-issue tickets I've split the issues out into #9718 and #9719 for further tracking. Please follow-up over there as required.


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    1 On our system, the hint text is tiny and the hint box is too narrow. The effect is that the hints are unreadably small and are therefore a nuciense rather than helpfui.
     1On our system, the hint text is tiny and the hint box is too narrow. The effect is that the hints are unreadably small and are therefore a nuisance rather than helpful.