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Oct 27, 2016: Yesterday

11:27 PM tocmacro.png attached to TocMacro by figaro
TOC macro example from Trac web site
10:44 PM Ticket #12914 (TOC Macro is not working for FullBlogPlugin if user has not WIKI_VIEW ...) closed by rjollos
fixed: In 15937: […]
10:44 PM Changeset [15937] by rjollos
  • tocmacro/0.11/setup.py
  • tocmacro/0.11/tractoc/macro.py Skip permission check on resource containing the TOC

Permission must have already been granted on this resource
if the macro is being executed. An effect of this change is that
TOC can be used in resources other than wiki pages, such as
blog posts, as long as the TOC is only created for the post
containing the TOC macro.

Fixes #12914.

12:08 AM KeepInterfaceSimplePlugin edited by figaro
No dots in titles (diff)

Oct 26, 2016:

11:16 PM Changeset [15936] by ash
  • keepinterfacesimpleplugin/trunk/kis/htdocs/bluebird.min.js
  • keepinterfacesimpleplugin/trunk/kis/htdocs/kis.js
  • keepinterfacesimpleplugin/trunk/kis/kis.py
  • keepinterfacesimpleplugin/trunk/utilities
  • keepinterfacesimpleplugin/trunk/utilities/import_TracTicketChainedFields.py

Switch to using Promises in preference to callbacks

9:35 PM TocMacro edited by figaro
Moved example to functional description (diff)
9:26 PM Tag change on TracWysiwygPlugin by figaro
Tags beta added; alpha removed
9:25 PM Changeset [15935] by rjollos
  • tocmacro/0.11/tractoc/macro.py Cleanup whitespace

9:16 PM TicketBoxMacro edited by figaro
Further cosmetic changes (diff)
8:44 PM Ticket #12916 (Autocompletion not working in WYSIWYG mode) closed by psuter
cantfix: You mean TracWysiwygPlugin? WikiAutoCompletePlugin is based on …
3:49 PM Ticket #12916 (Autocompletion not working in WYSIWYG mode) created by ntmlod
I was expecting that the two plugins would operate together but it's …
2:58 PM Ticket #12915 (Require Trac v1.0.2 installation onwards) created by ntmlod
When attempting to write links to ticket or wiki page, I get no …

Oct 25, 2016:

10:50 PM Ticket #12905 (trac-admin env project commands not available) closed by rjollos
9:32 PM FlashGanttPlugin edited by figaro
Changed heading for legibility (diff)
9:31 PM Tag change on BurndownPlugin by figaro
Tags flash added
9:25 PM FlashViewPlugin edited by figaro
Moved example to functional description (diff)
9:25 PM Tag change on FlashViewPlugin by figaro
Tags flash added
9:09 PM Ticket #12914 (TOC Macro is not working for FullBlogPlugin if user has not WIKI_VIEW ...) created by bitelxux@…
In the scenario where a user has BLOG_VIEW permission ( for …
8:49 PM ParametrizedTemplatesPlugin edited by figaro
Further cosmetic changes (diff)
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New user andries registered
8:21 AM Tag change on andries by andries
Tags user added
3:58 AM Tag change on RoadmapBoxMacro by rjollos
Tags nolicense added
3:58 AM Tag change on InsertElementMacro by rjollos
Tags nolicense added

Oct 24, 2016:

1:33 PM Ticket #12912 (upgrade installation from Trac 0.12 to 1.0 not OK) created by podskalsky
During upgrade installation from Trac 0.12 to 1.0 the database …
11:37 AM Ticket #12899 (kis_assistant .visible rule doesn't work with ...) closed by ash
fixed: KeepInterfaceSimplePlugin version 1.1 created in revision [15934], …
10:42 AM Bitelxux created by Bitelxux
New user Bitelxux registered
10:42 AM Tag change on Bitelxux by Bitelxux
Tags user added
9:42 AM Changeset [15934] by ash
  • keepinterfacesimpleplugin/tags/1.1
  • keepinterfacesimpleplugin/tags/1.1/CHANGELOG
  • keepinterfacesimpleplugin/tags/1.1/utilities
  • keepinterfacesimpleplugin/tags/1.1/utilities/TracTicketChainedFieldsPlugin_example.json

Version 1.1

9:11 AM Changeset [15933] by ash
  • keepinterfacesimpleplugin/branch/12899/utilities/TracTicketChainedFieldsPlugin_example.json

Add the example JSON file from TracTicketsChainedFieldsPlugin

9:07 AM Changeset [15932] by ash
  • keepinterfacesimpleplugin/branch/12899/utilities
  • keepinterfacesimpleplugin/branch/12899/utilities/import_TracTicketChainedFields.py

Add a utility script for converting TracTicketChainedFieldsPlugin configurations to KISplugin

Oct 21, 2016:

4:44 PM BadContent edited by jun66j5
10:33 AM Ticket #12910 (Component admin panel does not include project column) created by Jeffrey.Ratcliffe@…
Having upgraded from smp 0.0.4 to 0.5.1, I was expecting the legacy …
4:52 AM Ticket #12907 (Multiple independent projects with separate htpasswd files not working ...) created by BillChappell
I just installed trac for the first time, so I may well have missed …
4:19 AM BillChappell created by BillChappell
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