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Mar 8, 2005:

3:24 PM Ticket #11 (Structured comments suggestions) created by anonymous
It would be funny to have something in between AddCommentMacro and …
2:55 PM Ticket #10 (Add an "Your email or username" input field to the AddComment macro.) created by anonymous
When editing a page, an anonymous user can indicate his name or e-mail …

Mar 7, 2005:

1:17 AM Changeset [22] by athomas
  • trunk/macros/TOC.py

Added quite a few features to TOC. The argument depth=<x> can be given to
limit the depth of headings displayed. inline will cause the TOC to be
displayed inline rather than as a sidebar. noheading will supress the
display of a heading. heading=<x> will override the default heading.
root=<x> will set a default page prefix (useful for doing a TOC of

Mar 6, 2005:

8:14 AM Ticket #9 (With slight modifications, AddCommentMacro could meet ...) closed by athomas
fixed: If you pass the argument appendonly to the AddCommentMacro, it …
7:59 AM Ticket #8 (Permission enforcement flaws) closed by athomas
7:59 AM Ticket #7 (XHTML Conformance Issues) closed by athomas

Mar 4, 2005:

6:49 AM Changeset [21] by athomas
  • trunk/macros/AddComment.py

Closes #7, #8, #9

6:34 AM Ticket #7 (XHTML Conformance Issues) reopened by athomas
6:25 AM Ticket #7 (XHTML Conformance Issues) closed by anonymous
fixed: I have fixed these, except for the <form> inside <p> which, as …
6:14 AM Ticket #9 (With slight modifications, AddCommentMacro could meet ...) created by athomas
This request could probably be supported easily by this macro. After …
6:13 AM Ticket #8 (Permission enforcement flaws) created by athomas
There are several issues with the permissions handling in the macro. …
6:12 AM Ticket #7 (XHTML Conformance Issues) created by athomas
XHTML Trac specifies the doctype as XHTML, so the comment macro should …
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