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May 23, 2005:

8:33 AM Ticket #14 (Not working with latest Trac's trunk) closed by athomas
fixed: Now working thanks to Emmanuel Blot.
8:21 AM Changeset [37] by athomas
  • trunk/macros/TOC.py

Added contributions by Michel Jouvin:

  • titleindex option which produces a one line summary per page.
  • Default empty macro call now strips the top-level page heading, just displaying sub-headings.

May 20, 2005:

8:23 PM Ticket #12 (FootNoteMacro reference id's are not unique) closed by athomas
wontfix: [36] coalesces identical references into a single foot-note. Won't …
8:22 PM Changeset [36] by athomas
  • trunk/macros/FootNote.py

Foot-notes are now coalesced into a single entry if identical.

7:52 PM Changeset [35] by athomas
  • trunk/macros/TOC.py

Rolled back Michel's changes until the issues have been fixed.

7:47 PM Changeset [34] by athomas
  • trunk/macros/TOC.py

Whoops, top-level <ol> missing.

7:44 PM Changeset [33] by athomas
  • trunk/macros/TOC.py

Reverted part of the patch from Michel Jouvin as it had issues with multi-page

7:18 PM Changeset [32] by athomas
  • trunk/macros/TOC.py

Thanks to Michel Jouvin:

  • Correct handling of parameters (like inline) when no page is explicitly specified (means current page)
  • Suppress level 1 header when the TOC for the current page (no page specified in parameters) is displayed.

May 17, 2005:

5:59 PM Changeset [31] by athomas
  • trunk/macros/AddComment.py

AddComment updated for Trac trunk. An anonymous user submitted it.

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