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Aug 19, 2005:

2:03 AM Ticket #39 (# expanded to %23) closed by athomas
duplicate: Duplicate of #23

Aug 18, 2005:

4:29 PM AddCommentMacro edited by George Bush
Comment added (diff)

Aug 17, 2005:

1:26 AM Ticket #39 (# expanded to %23) created by anonymous
When using the TOC macro on my system, instead of the '#' in the URL a …

Aug 16, 2005:

10:12 AM Changeset [103] by gotoh
  • generallinksyntaxplugin/trunk/GeneralLinkSyntax/web_ui.py


Stop using href_join() which is obsoleted in trac trunk r2068.

4:51 AM Ticket #29 (Support webadmin interface) closed by gotoh
fixed: done in r101.

Aug 15, 2005:

4:41 AM Ticket #38 (trac hacks registraton hack?) closed by mgood
invalid: The trac-hacks site uses a patched 0.8.4 version for registration …

Aug 14, 2005:

3:23 PM Ticket #38 (trac hacks registraton hack?) created by phpnut
I noticed the registration pages for this site are different then the …
2:56 PM phpnut created by phpnut
New user Larry E. Masters (phpnut) registered

Aug 13, 2005:

12:50 PM GeneralLinkSyntaxPlugin edited by gotoh
Added notice to use patch. (diff)
12:47 PM GeneralLinkSyntaxPlugin edited by gotoh
Introduced a patch for formatter.py for more relaxed namespace. (diff)
12:43 PM Changeset [102] by gotoh
  • generallinksyntaxplugin/trunk/formatter.patch


Added a patch to allow more relax namespace of trac link.

12:27 PM GeneralLinkSyntaxPlugin edited by gotoh
Added descriptions around webadmin. (diff)
12:26 PM Changeset [101] by gotoh
  • generallinksyntaxplugin/trunk/GeneralLinkSyntax
  • generallinksyntaxplugin/trunk/GeneralLinkSyntax/__init__.py
  • generallinksyntaxplugin/trunk/GeneralLinkSyntax/api.py
  • generallinksyntaxplugin/trunk/GeneralLinkSyntax/htdocs
  • generallinksyntaxplugin/trunk/GeneralLinkSyntax/htdocs/css


Supported TracWebAdmin. * You can manage links via web interface using TracWebAdmin plugin.

  • Package name is changed to 'TracGeneralLink'. Remove old package if you installed old version. * Many refine of code.
  • More strict check

Aug 12, 2005:

10:25 PM Ticket #36 (Small Fix to AddComment.py to enable anonymous comments) created by lalee_net@…
With Revision 61, the GUI widgets are disabled if the user doesn't …
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