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Oct 7, 2005:

8:05 PM Changeset [130] by Valient Gough
  • latexformulamacro/0.8/formula.py


Enable 'text_mag' configuration option which can be used to change the size of
text rendered in latex formula. 1000 is the default.

Oct 5, 2005:

10:54 PM Changeset [129] by Alec Thomas
  • discussionplugin/0.9/setup.py
  • discussionplugin/0.9/tracdiscussion


  • Renamed main module to tracdiscussion to avoid conflicts.
6:06 PM Ticket #61 (GeneralLinkSyntaxPlugin - GeneralLinkSyntaxPlugin webadmin integration corruption) closed by Shun-ichi Goto
fixed: I caught the behaviour you reported. It should be fixed in r127.
6:03 PM Changeset [128] by Shun-ichi Goto
  • generallinksyntaxplugin/0.9/GeneralLinkSyntax/web_ui.py


Changed EOL for unix.

6:02 PM Changeset [127] by Shun-ichi Goto
  • generallinksyntaxplugin/0.9/GeneralLinkSyntax/api.py
  • generallinksyntaxplugin/0.9/GeneralLinkSyntax/web_ui.py


Fixed strange behaviour on manipurating items via web admin I/F.

1:20 AM Changeset [1746] by muness
  • tagsplugin/support/trac/tagsplugin/tractags/TracTags.py

Alec's version: All Tags are now in one component, and the Setup Tags is now no longer needed.

Oct 4, 2005:

1:28 PM Ticket #62 (AccountManagerPlugin - An IAccountChangeListener extension point to AccountManagerPlugin) created by Alec Thomas
TracHacks has a requirement to hook into the user creation/destruction …
7:05 AM Changeset [126] by Alec Thomas
  • wikitemplatesplugin
  • Removed erroneously created plugin
6:05 AM s0undt3ch edited by Alec Thomas
6:04 AM s0undt3ch edited by Alec Thomas
3:44 AM Changeset [125] by Pedro Algarvio, aka, s0undt3ch
  • wikitemplatesplugin
  • wikitemplatesplugin/0.9

New hack WikiTemplatesPlugin, created by s0undt3ch

3:36 AM s0undt3ch created by Alec Thomas
New user s0undt3ch
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