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May 13, 2006:

9:13 PM Ticket #369 (Time tracking and quoting system) created by quinn@…
I propose a hack with the following features: * Project/ticket price …
7:40 PM GraphvizPlugin edited by eblot
Fix path to the README.txt file (diff)
1:17 AM Ticket #368 (Turn off autowikify for Tag listing page) created by rileypb@…
It would be nice if auto-wikify would not affect tag listings, as it …

May 12, 2006:

4:50 PM Ticket #367 (Permission denied FC5 Apache 2.2 htdigest) created by tcasada
I have the owner on my htdigest file set to apache group root and have …
4:48 PM tcasada created by tcasada
New user tcasada registered
1:08 PM RepoSearchPlugin edited by athomas
Noted Windows path separator (diff)
12:57 PM Ticket #366 (Repository search problem.) closed by speedmax
fixed: I find out it should be ";" as seperator in windows.. This plugin …
9:44 AM Ticket #366 (Repository search problem.) created by speedmax
Since the include and exclude tag should be seperated using OS path …
9:16 AM speedmax created by speedmax
New user speedmax registered
8:25 AM Changeset [761] by pacopablo
  • tracblogplugin/branch/0.3/blog/PyRSS2Gen.py
  • tracblogplugin/branch/0.3/blog/PyRSS2Gen_LICENSE
  • tracblogplugin/branch/0.3/blog/admin.py
  • tracblogplugin/branch/0.3/blog/templates/blog_admin.cs
  • tracblogplugin/branch/0.3/blog/web_ui.py


  • More restructuring
  • Added PyRSS2Gen to be used for generating the RSS feed
  • Added "Blog Feed" links
  • Added the ability to disable feed link addition when using [[BlogShow]
2:01 AM Changeset [760] by pacopablo
  • tracblogplugin/branch/0.3/blog/__init__.py
  • tracblogplugin/branch/0.3/blog/admin.py
  • tracblogplugin/branch/0.3/blog/new_blog.py
  • tracblogplugin/branch/0.3/blog/templates/blog_admin.cs
  • tracblogplugin/branch/0.3/blog/util.py


  • Major restructuring.
1:13 AM Ticket #364 (Search doesn't works) closed by rapin.s@…
fixed: Sorry it's there is the same tickets on Trac version …
12:53 AM Ticket #365 (Colums type, priority, resolution & status are always emptyt due to ...) created by rapin.s@…
After reading the source code and tamplate code, I think there is a …
12:34 AM Ticket #364 (Search doesn't works) created by rapin.s@…
After installation "Search" doesn't works : […]

May 11, 2006:

11:31 PM Ticket #363 (HTML problem with trac-hacks logo in IE6) created by patrickm
10:55 PM Ticket #362 (repository search seems to be impacted by presence of branches) created by patrickm
repo search seems to be slowed (re-index) is much slower when branches …
10:46 PM patrickm created by patrickm
New user patrickm registered
10:45 PM Changeset [759] by pacopablo
  • tracblogplugin/0.10/blog/admin.py
  • tracblogplugin/0.10/blog/new_blog.py


  • Added $U to page name formatting field when creating a new blog entry. It will be replaced with the name of the user that is currently logged in.
9:21 PM Ticket #361 (Macro expansion fails on preview page.) created by gannis
I just installed WikinfoPlugin from trac-hacks.org/svn on two sites, …
8:53 PM gannis created by gannis
New user gannis registered
5:38 PM Ticket #360 (Delete ticket comments) closed by coderanger
worksforme: It already supports this, as part of the ticket change deletion section.
4:43 PM Ticket #355 (New blog post disappears when formatted) closed by anuradha.moturi@…
fixed: Yea it works:) thank you .
11:32 AM Ticket #358 (it would be great if the search were like Google...) closed by patrickm
invalid: Fair enough: if anything I should raise it against Trac. Thanks for …
10:59 AM WikiStart edited by athomas
Limit front page posts to 4 (diff)
10:51 AM Ticket #360 (Delete ticket comments) created by coroner
There are cases when it is feasible to remove a comment that has been …
12:00 AM Ticket #359 ("cannot import name Markup" on plugin load) created by daved
When I try and load the plugin, I get the following error: […] I …

May 10, 2006:

10:25 PM Ticket #358 (it would be great if the search were like Google...) created by patrickm
I was struggling with searching for a set of unit test procedures by …
1:22 PM PeerReviewPlugin edited by Tim
Comment added (diff)
10:49 AM Ticket #355 (New blog post disappears when formatted) reopened by anuradha.moturi@…
Thank you for helping me out.I have installed the latest version of …
8:45 AM Ticket #355 (New blog post disappears when formatted) closed by pacopablo
fixed: (In [758]) * Fixed error in splitting multiple tags in the …
8:45 AM Changeset [758] by pacopablo
  • tracblogplugin/0.10/blog/web_ui.py


  • Fixed error in splitting multiple tags in the default_tag ini option. Problem was similar to #334. Closes #355
1:52 AM Changeset [757] by pacopablo
  • tracblogplugin/branch/0.3/blog/new_blog.py
  • tracblogplugin/branch/0.3/blog/web_ui.py
  • tracblogplugin/branch/0.3/setup.py


  • Merged changes from stable branch.
  • Continued refactoring
12:52 AM Ticket #334 (BlogShow doesn't display blog posts until they have been updated) closed by pacopablo
fixed: (In [756]) * Fixed error in parsing of tags when creating a new blog …
12:52 AM Changeset [756] by pacopablo
  • tracblogplugin/0.10/blog/new_blog.py
  • tracblogplugin/0.10/setup.py


  • Fixed error in parsing of tags when creating a new blog post. Closes #334

May 9, 2006:

10:05 PM Ticket #357 (Invalid link href) closed by pacopablo
fixed: (In [755]) * Refactor repository layout such that I can more easily …
10:05 PM Changeset [755] by pacopablo
  • tracblogplugin/0.10/blog/templates/blog.cs
  • tracblogplugin/0.10/blog/web_ui.py
  • tracblogplugin/branch
  • tracblogplugin/branch/0.3
  • tracblogplugin/branch/0.3/blog


  • Refactor repository layout such that I can more easily restructure the code without leaving it in a broken state
  • Apply patch from gotoh fixing invalid links. Closes #357. Thanks gotoh
7:30 PM Changeset [754] by stevegt
  • wikiworkflowpatch/0.9/wikiworkflowpatch.diff


add IWikiModel extension point

3:57 PM Ticket #357 (Invalid link href) created by gotoh
blog.cs uses invalid href starts with href="/tags/..." and …
2:29 PM AddCommentMacro edited by athomas
Removed example (diff)
1:53 PM Changeset [753] by walter
  • emailtotracscript/trunk/email2trac.py.in


mark X-Virus-found header as spam

1:11 PM Ticket #356 (utf-8 problem with BlogShow Macro) created by gernot@…
I get an trac error "'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xe4' in …
12:44 PM Changeset [752] by walter
  • emailtotracscript/trunk/debian/changelog


forgot to commit earlier

5:02 AM AccountManagerPlugin edited by mgood
4:59 AM AccountManagerPlugin edited by mgood
link to attached .egg for download (diff)

May 8, 2006:

7:43 AM Ticket #355 (New blog post disappears when formatted) created by anuradha.moturi@…
A new blog post disappears when I edit the post to add test formating …
5:58 AM Changeset [751] by pkropf
  • graphvizplugin/branches/v0.6/ReleaseNotes.txt
  • graphvizplugin/branches/v0.6/graphviz/graphviz.py
  • graphvizplugin/branches/v0.6/setup.py
  • graphvizplugin/branches/v0.7


Created the v0.7 release branch.

May 7, 2006:

5:04 PM Ticket #209 (Show where nonexistent pages are referred to) closed by anonymous
worksforme: Clearly, I am speaking to a brick wall.
2:45 AM Ticket #157 (SVN Commit From Trac) closed by athomas
duplicate: I think we can close this as a duplicate of #T2956. If only hooks are …

May 6, 2006:

8:08 PM Ticket #157 (SVN Commit From Trac) reopened by coderanger
This is a feature request. You do not close it because it is not …
11:58 AM Ticket #157 (SVN Commit From Trac) closed by anonymous
invalid: Trac has read-only SVN support
11:18 AM Ticket #354 (Add a ''password reminder'' feature) created by cboos
For people having less neurons than different Trac accounts, it would …
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