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May 22, 2006:

4:00 PM SecSessionPlugin edited by anonymous
new question (diff)
3:23 PM Changeset [781] by bas
  • emailtotracscript/trunk/INSTALL
  • emailtotracscript/trunk/email2trac.py.in



  • Added options for mailto_cc and ticket_update
  • Ticket updates are now working


  • Adjusted the docs for new options
12:46 PM Changeset [780] by bas
  • emailtotracscript/trunk/email2trac.py.in



  • Fixed an error with duplicate attachments Thanks Walter
11:44 AM Changeset [779] by bas
  • emailtotracscript/trunk/email2trac.py.in
  • emailtotracscript/trunk/msg.txt



  • First working implementation of ticket merging :-)
  • Now implement it as option


  • Changed back to orginal version
11:38 AM DiscussionPlugin edited by Blackhex
11:36 AM DiscussionPlugin edited by Blackhex
11:33 AM DiscussionPlugin edited by Blackhex
Removed notes about unsupport and help update. (diff)
11:21 AM Ticket #318 (Discussion plugin does not work) closed by Blackhex
fixed: Work on this plugin resumed. New commited version.
12:44 AM Changeset [778] by eblot
  • svncchelpersscript/0.10/revtree/revtree/view.py
  • svncchelpersscript/0.10/revtree/revtree/web_ui.py


Trunk directories can be customized

May 21, 2006:

11:23 PM Changeset [777] by eblot
  • svncchelpersscript/0.10/revtree/revtree/model.py
  • svncchelpersscript/0.10/revtree/revtree/repproxy.py
  • svncchelpersscript/0.10/revtree/revtree/templates/revtree.cs
  • svncchelpersscript/0.10/revtree/revtree/web_ui.py


  • Fix up the cache manager: 'update' button now works fine
  • RevTree is more tolerant with unexpected log message
1:38 PM Ticket #383 (0.10-incompatibility: No TOCs on main wiki page, and preview mode oddities.) created by Dinko Korunic <dinko.korunic@…>
TocMacro (0.9, checkouted from SVN) stopped working with latest Trac …
11:28 AM Ticket #382 (print summary of all open tickets) created by aj@…
would be nice to have some script to do that, so I can send a weekly …
4:15 AM DiscussionPlugin edited by JamesMills
This plugin does work (diff)
3:42 AM Ticket #381 (Smiley are not displayed) created by anonymous
Using trunk version of trac. Tried both 0.9 and 1.0 versions of …

May 20, 2006:

6:23 PM Changeset [776] by Blackhex
  • discussionplugin/0.9/TracDiscussion.egg-info
  • discussionplugin/0.9/build
  • discussionplugin/0.9/dist
  • discussionplugin/0.9/make.sh
  • discussionplugin/0.9/tracdiscussion.kateproject


Sorry, some trash commited too.

6:12 PM Changeset [775] by Blackhex
  • discussionplugin/0.9/TracDiscussion.egg-info
  • discussionplugin/0.9/build
  • discussionplugin/0.9/dist
  • discussionplugin/0.9/make.sh
  • discussionplugin/0.9/setup.py


DiscussionPlugin: Direct forum, topic and message appending added. AdminConsoleProviderPatch dependency removed.

1:25 PM Changeset [774] by cboos
  • wikigoodiesplugin/0.9/goodies/__init__.py
  • wikigoodiesplugin/0.9/goodies/mailto.py


Added transformation of e-mail addresses into mailto: links.

6:37 AM Changeset [773] by stevegt
  • wikiworkflowpatch/0.9/wikiworkflowpatch.diff


fix a nasty bug that was causing commits to be skipped for new pages
-- thanks pacopablo!

5:12 AM Ticket #359 ("cannot import name Markup" on plugin load) closed by daved
invalid: Looks like this doesn't work with Trac 0.9.2. I upgraded to Trac 0.9.5 …

May 19, 2006:

7:37 PM Ticket #380 (P4 activity doesn't show up in Timeline view) created by kenjin
I noticed P4 activity no longer shows up in Timeline page as the …
6:56 PM Ticket #379 (P4Python doesn't accept unicode type as the parameters) created by kenjin
I installed sandbox/vc-refactoring 0.10dev code (as of 5/18/06) from …
4:57 PM Ticket #378 (Select reviewers does not handle groups.) created by searay268
I have created a group that has CODE_REVIEW_DEV permission. I then …
10:53 AM Changeset [772] by bas
  • emailtotracscript/trunk/Makefile.in
  • emailtotracscript/trunk/email2trac.py.in
  • emailtotracscript/trunk/msg.txt



  • Starting with merging of tickets when a user replies via email


  • replace all install commands with short options, compatible with MacOSX

May 18, 2006:

8:03 PM Ticket #108 (bounty plugin ?) reopened by coderanger
Neither show any sign of being worked on, so to say one is a dup is silly.
6:04 PM Ticket #108 (bounty plugin ?) closed by ArcRiley
duplicate: This functionality is provided by #369 (and more)
2:20 PM Ticket #377 (Data/Form/Fields plugin providing macros to include form-like ...) created by JamesMills
I'm quite happy to develop a plugin that'll implement what I'm …
9:20 AM Ticket #376 (folding works only with simple one paragraph sections) created by wanagi
as soon as multiple paragraphs or similar advanced formatting is …
8:43 AM Ticket #375 (Show blog in wiki (right green page)) closed by pacopablo
invalid: Just FYI, this type of question is better asked on the mailing list or …
7:27 AM Ticket #375 (Show blog in wiki (right green page)) created by chogeha
I have a question to blog How to display blog like below in wiki …

May 17, 2006:

5:20 AM Ticket #374 (Unicode Problem?) closed by anonymous
fixed: Sorry i just realize i was using a old release.. I just build from …
5:13 AM Ticket #374 (Unicode Problem?) created by anonymous
Does the current version support unicode well? […]
2:30 AM Ticket #373 (`png_anti_alias` always evaluate to `True`) created by eblot
The current implementation …

May 16, 2006:

7:24 PM Changeset [771] by wanagi
  • foldingmacro/Folding.py


initial version. might be still buggy so use it at your own risk.
documentation and usage advice in the script header

7:09 PM Changeset [770] by wanagi
  • foldingmacro

New hack FoldingMacro, created by wanagi

7:01 PM wanagi created by wanagi
New user wanagi registered
4:00 PM Ticket #372 (Macro's seem gone after a while) created by Tim Stoop <tim.stoop@…>
I know I'm not posting a very helpful problem report, but the logs …
12:26 PM Ticket #296 (Email from OWA doesn't create ticket) closed by bas
fixed: Is fixed in new version and trunk
12:25 PM Ticket #312 (Disto test email doesn't import) closed by bas
fixed: Fixed in trunk and new version
12:23 PM Ticket #220 (ImportError: No module named Notify) closed by bas
fixed: Fixed in new version and trunk
11:49 AM EmailtoTracScript edited by anonymous
11:46 AM Changeset [769] by bas
  • emailtotracscript/tags/0.6


New email2trac version 0.6

11:45 AM Changeset [768] by bas
  • emailtotracscript/trunk/ChangeLog
  • emailtotracscript/trunk/debian/changelog
  • emailtotracscript/trunk/delete_spam.py.in



  • New version 0.6


  • Read it


  • Ported to 0.9 and 0.10
11:13 AM Changeset [767] by bas
  • emailtotracscript/trunk/ChangeLog
  • emailtotracscript/trunk/email2trac.py.in



  • Added support for version 0.10


  • See Changelog
8:00 AM Ticket #356 (utf-8 problem with BlogShow Macro) closed by gernot@…
fixed: Changeset 766 works for me, thank you very much for your help, …
3:25 AM chogeha created by chogeha
New user chogeha registered

May 15, 2006:

9:31 PM Changeset [766] by pacopablo
  • tracblogplugin/0.10/blog/web_ui.py


  • Do not explicitly convert macro return value to unicode. Trunk is patched to handle it, and 0.9.x doesn't handle unicode properly.
5:23 PM Ticket #371 (Trac detected an internal error:) created by tluk@…
If doesn't work for me, i did used trunk on a windows box couple days …
1:45 PM XsltMacro edited by ronald
replace the macro invocation with its results, since the macro is not … (diff)
1:40 PM Changeset [765] by roadrunner
  • xsltmacro/0.9/xslt/Xslt.py


Fix imports and get_macro_description() so the MacroList macro will work.

12:58 PM XsltMacro edited by ronald
The macro can now be installed as a regular plugin too (diff)
12:31 PM Changeset [764] by roadrunner
  • xsltmacro/0.9/setup.py
  • xsltmacro/0.9/xslt
  • xsltmacro/0.9/xslt/Xslt.py
  • xsltmacro/0.9/xslt/__init__.py


The macro can now be installed either as a simple macro or as a plugin;
in the latter case you can then use the use_iframe option.

11:54 AM ZoomQuiet edited by ZoomQuiet
creat intro. self.… (diff)
11:44 AM ZoomQuiet created by ZoomQuiet
New user ZoomQuiet registered
11:06 AM Ticket #370 (Login Error) created by anonymous
Hey, I'm been trying to get Trac setup now for a little while and seem …
9:08 AM BzrPlugin edited by luks
added external + alpha tags (diff)
5:16 AM BzrPlugin edited by athomas
2:08 AM Changeset [763] by stevegt
  • wikiworkflowpatch/0.9/wikiworkflowpatch.diff


add IRequestPostProcessor

Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.