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Sep 4, 2006:

6:17 PM Ticket #688 (Generate PyDoc by providing SVN path instead of sys.path) created by alex@…
Not sure if this is possible, but would like ability to generate docs …
5:57 PM Ticket #687 (Trac 0.10b1 : Error when loading discussionwebadmin : web_ui not found) created by jouvin@…
When loading Discussion plugin with the suggested configuration lines …
5:50 PM Ticket #686 (Trac 0.10b1 : navigation bar doesn't show up if NavMover is loaded) created by jouvin@…
Something that appeared between Trac revision 3507 and 3520 and …
3:59 PM Ticket #685 (Delete all tickets that has the component label set to eg: SPAM) created by bas
see ticket #683 in EmailtoTracScript
12:42 PM Ticket #404 (Plugin tutorial is out of date) closed by coderanger
wontfix: As no one else has complained, I am closing this. Though a large-scale …
9:02 AM AcronymsPlugin edited by anonymous
set up processors for displaying the generated HTML code (diff)
7:16 AM Ticket #684 (Update more than once a day) created by stueker@…
== Idea: == I wondered why the script can only be started once a day. …
7:10 AM ScrumBurndownPlugin edited by stueker@…
Incremented counter. (diff)
4:54 AM Changeset [1238] by coderanger
  • paginateticketsplugin/0.10/paginate
  • paginateticketsplugin/0.10/paginate/__init__.py
  • paginateticketsplugin/0.10/paginate/templates
  • paginateticketsplugin/0.10/paginate/templates/paged_query.cs
  • paginateticketsplugin/0.10/paginate/web_ui.py


Initial import.

4:50 AM Changeset [1237] by coderanger
  • paginateticketsplugin/0.10


Adding version folder

4:50 AM Changeset [1236] by coderanger
  • paginateticketsplugin

New hack PaginateTicketsPlugin, created by coderanger

12:39 AM Ticket #683 (delete_spam does not delete changes to ticket) created by brent@…
delete_spam script doesn't delete changes/comments to the ticket in …

Sep 3, 2006:

11:25 PM Ticket #682 (User should know old password in order to change password) created by dan@…
This is a pretty standard security thing. In an office of people …
3:18 PM Changeset [1235] by Blackhex
  • screenshotsplugin/0.10/tracscreenshots/core.py
  • screenshotsplugin/0.10/tracscreenshots/templates/screenshots.cs


Applied fixes from 0.10 to 0.9 branch, small grammar fix.

4:27 AM Ticket #681 (document required fonts for FreeBSD) closed by anonymous
fixed: Fixed in changeset:1234.
4:26 AM Changeset [1234] by pkropf
  • graphvizplugin/0.9/README.txt


Merged w/ branches/v0.6 to get the README.txt file changes.

4:24 AM Changeset [1233] by pkropf
  • graphvizplugin/branches/v0.6/README.txt


Added note that FreeBSD systems should install the x11-fonts/urwfonts
package to get the fonts needed for graphviz.

Sep 2, 2006:

5:39 PM Ticket #681 (document required fonts for FreeBSD) created by clive
After installation, I would often get the following error message on …
2:26 PM TrueHttpLogoutPatch edited by flox
1:39 AM Changeset [1232] by pkropf
  • graphvizplugin/0.9/ReleaseNotes.txt
  • graphvizplugin/0.9/graphviz/graphviz.py
  • graphvizplugin/0.9/setup.py


Merged branches/v0.6 into the 0.9 release tree.

1:33 AM Changeset [1231] by pkropf
  • graphvizplugin/branches/v0.6/ReleaseNotes.txt


Added release notes for version 0.6.7.

1:18 AM Ticket #679 ('graphviz.graphviz.GraphvizMacro' object has no attribute 'cmd_path') closed by clive
fixed: Turned off anti-aliasing. It works now. I think the rsvg issue is …

Sep 1, 2006:

11:55 PM Changeset [1230] by pkropf
  • graphvizplugin/branches/v0.6/graphviz/graphviz.py
  • graphvizplugin/branches/v0.6/setup.py


Incrimented the version number to 0.6.7.

11:52 PM Changeset [1229] by pkropf
  • graphvizplugin/branches/v0.6/graphviz/graphviz.py


Added freebsd5 as a known platform to GraphvizMacro.cmd_paths. Initialized self.cmd_path to None in load_config(). References #679.

9:08 PM Changeset [1228] by Blackhex
  • downloadsplugin/0.10/setup.py
  • downloadsplugin/0.10/tracdownloads


Move to 0.10 branch.

9:07 PM Changeset [1227] by Blackhex
  • downloadsplugin/0.10
  • downloadsplugin/tracdownloads
  • downloadsplugin/tracdownloads/__init__.py
  • downloadsplugin/tracdownloads/admin.py
  • downloadsplugin/tracdownloads/api.py


Initial version, still not functional.

7:55 PM Ticket #680 (Set locale in WikiCalendar) closed by hallison.batista@…
worksforme: Ok! Thanks for your help.
5:37 PM ScrumBurndownPlugin edited by anonymous
5:31 PM Ticket #680 (Set locale in WikiCalendar) created by hallison.batista@…
Hi, This macro is excelent for meeting notations. How to setting …
3:28 PM Changeset [1226] by Blackhex
  • doxygenplugin/0.10/doxygentrac/doxygentrac.py
  • doxygenplugin/0.10/doxygentrac/htdocs/css/doxygen.css


more_fixes-r1216.diff patch applied.

3:05 PM Ticket #679 ('graphviz.graphviz.GraphvizMacro' object has no attribute 'cmd_path') created by clive
I am using Trac-0.9.6. After following the installation instructions …
2:57 PM Changeset [1225] by Blackhex
  • screenshotsplugin/0.10/tracscreenshots/api.py
  • screenshotsplugin/0.10/tracscreenshots/core.py
  • screenshotsplugin/0.10/tracscreenshots/db/db1.py
  • screenshotsplugin/0.10/tracscreenshots/db/db2.py
  • screenshotsplugin/0.10/tracscreenshots/init.py


Changes with 0.10 supported features.

1:27 PM Ticket #678 (dynamic variable values with single quote) created by ot
to accept value with quote with sqlite like in …
6:15 AM Ticket #451 (Execute PDF then change to blank) closed by athomas
fixed: That issue is being tracked in #587.
6:11 AM Ticket #677 (PageToPDF Image Issues) created by trac@…
I'm not sure if the PDF tool could include the images or not, but I …
5:32 AM Ticket #451 (Execute PDF then change to blank) reopened by trac@…
But you forgot one very important thing: setting the file mode to 'rb'.
2:46 AM Changeset [1224] by Blackhex
  • screenshotsplugin/0.10/setup.py
  • screenshotsplugin/0.10/tracscreenshots


0.9 and 0.10 branch creation.

2:45 AM Changeset [1223] by Blackhex
  • screenshotsplugin/0.9/setup.py
  • screenshotsplugin/0.9/tracscreenshots


0.9 and 0.10 branch creation.

2:43 AM Changeset [1222] by Blackhex
  • screenshotsplugin/0.10
  • screenshotsplugin/0.9


0.9 and 0.10 branch creation.

2:10 AM Ticket #667 (ViewTopic() macro doesn't work) closed by Blackhex
fixed: This error occurs on Apache but not on tracd, fixed in changeset …
2:09 AM Changeset [1221] by Blackhex
  • discussionplugin/0.9/tracdiscussion/wiki.py


Bug #667 fix.

1:55 AM Ticket #675 (recent change to check for a version and component is overzealous) closed by Blackhex
fixed: Submited in chageset 1220.
1:55 AM Changeset [1220] by Blackhex
  • screenshotsplugin/setup.py
  • screenshotsplugin/tracscreenshots/core.py


  • Bug #674 fix.
  • Bug #675 fix.
  • Comment about problems with Trac 0.9 and TracTagsPlugin in setup.py.

Aug 31, 2006:

11:54 PM clive edited by clive
initial userpage (diff)
11:35 PM clive created by clive
New user clive registered
11:35 PM Ticket #676 (traceback while attempting to register) created by clive
I attempted to register a username and received this traceback: […]
11:23 PM Ticket #675 (recent change to check for a version and component is overzealous) created by clive
The code added recently to check for a missing version and/or missing …
10:19 PM Ticket #674 ("Oops" when I try attach a screenshot) created by clive
I am running TracTags-0.4 and ScreenShots plugin as from the …
5:48 PM Changeset [1219] by Blackhex
  • visitcoutermacro/visitcounter/core.py


Bug in session expiration date fix.

5:41 PM Changeset [1218] by Blackhex
  • screenshotsplugin/setup.py
  • screenshotsplugin/tracscreenshots/htdocs/css/screenshots.css


Removed TracTags dependency in setup.py

4:17 PM Ticket #673 (Unable to parse report dynamic variables with ".") closed by anonymous
worksforme: Nevermind... found out what is needed. I have to put the value 0.0.5 …
4:13 PM Ticket #673 (Unable to parse report dynamic variables with ".") created by Shawn
I created a report that has a dynamic variable based on milestone. …
4:00 PM Ticket #672 (WR plugin fails to rename attachment dir if the name contains escaped chars) created by bernd.tegge@…
I accidentally created a wiki page whose name contained a comma …
3:53 PM Ticket #640 (Problem upgrading trac_env) closed by Blackhex
fixed: Changed in changeset 1217.
3:50 PM Changeset [1217] by Blackhex
  • discussionplugin/0.9/tracdiscussion/db/db1.py
  • discussionplugin/0.9/tracdiscussion/db/db2.py


Different database update behaviour.

6:54 AM Changeset [1216] by coderanger
  • tracforgeplugin/0.10/tracforge/admin/api.py
  • tracforgeplugin/0.10/tracforge/admin/db_default.py
  • tracforgeplugin/0.10/tracforge/admin/perm.py


Central permission system!!!

6:43 AM Changeset [1215] by lewisbaker
  • perforceplugin/trunk/p4trac/api.py


Now roll-back uncommitted changeset cache entries if disconnected from the Perforce server during a cache sync so that the database isn't left locked.

4:17 AM Changeset [1214] by coderanger
  • modauthacctmgrscript/0.9/mod_auth_acctmgr/handler.py


Add a global environment cache to improve performance.

3:46 AM Ticket #671 (Login and then open page instad of 'Forbidden' when login is required.) closed by mgood
wontfix: This plugin can't control that behavior in Trac.
3:01 AM Ticket #671 (Login and then open page instad of 'Forbidden' when login is required.) created by anonymous
When Using form authentication: […] When launching a URL that goes …
2:37 AM Changeset [1213] by coderanger
  • tracforgeplugin/0.10/tracforge/admin/__init__.py
  • tracforgeplugin/0.10/tracforge/admin/api.py
  • tracforgeplugin/0.10/tracforge/admin/model.py
  • tracforgeplugin/0.10/tracforge/admin/perm.py
  • tracforgeplugin/0.10/tracforge/subscriptions/config.py


  • Fix TracIniMacro glitch with DictOption (tracforge.subscription.config)
  • Adding central membership management
2:13 AM Ticket #670 (Error browsing a path that contains trailing slashes) closed by lewisbaker
fixed: (In [1212]) Use correct variable name for path cleanup regexp. Fixes #670
2:13 AM Changeset [1212] by lewisbaker
  • perforceplugin/trunk/p4trac/repos.py


Use correct variable name for path cleanup regexp.
Fixes #670

2:09 AM Ticket #669 (Error retrieving log for a file that has been deleted and readded) closed by lewisbaker
fixed: (In [1211]) Fixed coding error in retrieving change history for a file …
2:09 AM Changeset [1211] by lewisbaker
  • perforceplugin/trunk/p4trac/api.py


Fixed coding error in retrieving change history for a file that has been deleted and re-added.

Fixes #669.

1:54 AM Ticket #670 (Error browsing a path that contains trailing slashes) created by lewisbaker
If the user enters a path to browse manually that contains a trailing …
1:46 AM Ticket #669 (Error retrieving log for a file that has been deleted and readded) created by lewisbaker
Trac displays an error with the following stack-trace if the file has …
1:31 AM Ticket #668 (screenshots plugin does not work after installation) closed by Blackhex
fixed: I've commited changeset 1210. There is error message …
1:26 AM Changeset [1210] by Blackhex
  • screenshotsplugin/tracscreenshots/core.py


Bug #668 fix.

12:49 AM Ticket #668 (screenshots plugin does not work after installation) created by clive
I created an egg from the source and installed that egg ( 25516 Aug 30 …
12:29 AM Changeset [1209] by Blackhex
  • doxygenplugin/0.10
  • doxygenplugin/0.10/doxygentrac/__init__.py
  • doxygenplugin/0.10/doxygentrac/doxygentrac.py
  • doxygenplugin/0.10/doxygentrac/htdocs
  • doxygenplugin/0.10/doxygentrac/htdocs/css/doxygen.css


Initial commit of 0.10 branch.

Aug 30, 2006:

8:37 PM stp created by stp
New user stp registered
8:36 PM Ticket #667 (ViewTopic() macro doesn't work) created by anonymous
adding macro […] to main wiki page causes error […]
8:02 PM Changeset [1208] by coderanger
  • tracforgeplugin/0.10/tracforge/admin/__init__.py
  • tracforgeplugin/0.10/tracforge/admin/admin.py
  • tracforgeplugin/0.10/tracforge/admin/api.py
  • tracforgeplugin/0.10/tracforge/admin/db_default.py
  • tracforgeplugin/0.10/tracforge/admin/membership.py


Initial work on the membership system.

5:30 PM Ticket #666 (When using the Gantt chart plugin, deleting doesn't work) created by anonymous
When you install the GANTTCHART plugin, the creation of four custom …
7:50 AM ScrumBurndownPlugin edited by anonymous
2:33 AM AccountManagerPlugin edited by anonymous
also need to turn off trac.web.auth.LoginModule and enable the … (diff)

Aug 29, 2006:

11:54 PM Ticket #665 (resyncing p4 depot fails) created by r.blum@…
I'm starting up trac-admin, and issue the resync command. After a …
11:04 PM Ticket #664 (PageToPDFPlugin fails) created by gary@…
I'm running Trac 0.10b1 and just installed this plugin. I'm also …
5:39 PM Ticket #663 (exception when trying to move tickets) closed by coderanger
fixed: (In [1207]) * Add some (mostly untested) stuff for moving wiki pages …
5:38 PM Changeset [1207] by coderanger
  • datamoverplugin/0.10/datamover/templates/datamover_wiki.cs
  • datamoverplugin/0.10/datamover/ticket.py
  • datamoverplugin/0.10/datamover/util.py
  • datamoverplugin/0.10/datamover/wiki.py


  • Add some (mostly untested) stuff for moving wiki pages
  • Fix #663
5:33 PM Changeset [1206] by wkornew
  • dbauthplugin/simple/setup.py


Fixed wrong module information.

5:31 PM Ticket #663 (exception when trying to move tickets) created by ThurnerRupert
we get the following error when using data-mover with a quite recent …
5:11 PM Ticket #662 (Port to 0.10) created by cboos
I've started to port this plugin to trac:milestone:0.10. See also …
5:46 AM Changeset [1205] by coderanger
  • tracforgeplugin/0.10
  • tracforgeplugin/0.10/setup.py
  • tracforgeplugin/0.10/tracforge/admin/__init__.py
  • tracforgeplugin/0.10/tracforge/admin/admin.py
  • tracforgeplugin/0.10/tracforge/admin/api.py


  • Move templates and static files to be central to the 3 subsystems.
  • Add the initial work on the admin subsystem.
12:24 AM Ticket #660 (The plugin does not work with CGI) closed by bobbysmith007
fixed: I have removed the offending print statements that get called when …
12:22 AM Changeset [1204] by bobbysmith007
  • timingandestimationplugin/setup.py
  • timingandestimationplugin/timingandestimationplugin/api.py
  • timingandestimationplugin/timingandestimationplugin/templates/billing.cs


Fixed bugs related to print and CGI as well as some template markup bugs

Aug 28, 2006:

11:47 PM Ticket #661 (TocMacro titleindex argument - empty page list should list all pages.) created by osimons
Have had Trac projects running for close to a year, and earlier the …
11:35 PM osimons created by osimons
New user osimons registered
11:34 PM Ticket #660 (The plugin does not work with CGI) created by christian@…
The plugin does not work with CGI as it prints out info before headers …
4:42 PM Changeset [1203] by bas
  • emailtotracscript/trunk/email2trac.py.in



  • added a space after the comma in the CC-list, see #570
4:14 PM PerforcePlugin edited by lewisbaker
Updated links to source tree. (diff)
1:34 PM TracImport edited by anonymous
1:33 PM TracImport edited by anonymous
10:55 AM Ticket #519 (if 'reply_all' is set, and there is no cc, email2trac fails) closed by bas
fixed: new version released
10:54 AM EmailtoTracScript edited by bas
10:23 AM Changeset [1202] by bas
  • emailtotracscript/tags/0.7.7

New email2trac release 0.7.7

10:14 AM Changeset [1201] by bas
  • emailtotracscript/trunk/ChangeLog
  • emailtotracscript/trunk/INSTALL
  • emailtotracscript/trunk/debian/changelog
  • emailtotracscript/trunk/email2trac.spec



  • email2trac.spec file thanks to Jon Topper
10:11 AM Changeset [1200] by lewisbaker
  • perforceplugin/tags/0.4.2


Tagged the 0.4.2 release.

10:08 AM Changeset [1199] by lewisbaker
  • perforceplugin/trunk/README.txt
  • perforceplugin/trunk/setup.py


Bumped the version to 0.4.2, added the project page url to the metadata and updated the README ready for a patch release.

10:05 AM Changeset [1198] by lewisbaker
  • perforceplugin/trunk/p4trac/api.py


Print a warning to the log if the 'perforce' module could not be imported. ie If PyPerforce isn't available.
This should help to diagnose some installation problems.

9:46 AM Changeset [1197] by lewisbaker
  • perforceplugin/trunk/p4trac/api.py
  • perforceplugin/trunk/p4trac/repos.py


Reduced memory usage requirements when performing the initial sync of the repository to the changeset cache in Trac's database.

Now perform the sync in batches of 1000 changes, commiting the changes to the database and clearing the cache after each batch, rather than precaching the entire set of changes up front.

Also, the precacheFileHistoryForChanges method has been renamed to precacheFileInformationForChanges and no longer retrieves the file's full revision history but only for the revisions affected by the specified changes.

These fixes combined reduced the time taken for a sync of one repository of ~80K changes from almost 2 hours to just over 20 minutes and reduced the total memory usage from almost 1GB to less than 100MB.

9:40 AM Changeset [1196] by lewisbaker
  • perforceplugin/tags/0.4.1


Tag the 0.4.1 release.

This is the initial release of the plugin based on PyPerforce. It uses Trac's database to cache changeset information.

9:36 AM Changeset [1195] by lewisbaker
  • perforceplugin/sandbox/pyperforce
  • perforceplugin/trunk/README.txt
  • perforceplugin/trunk/p4trac
  • perforceplugin/trunk/setup.py


Replace trunk with pyperforce sandbox.

9:33 AM Changeset [1194] by lewisbaker
  • perforceplugin/trunk/p4trac
  • perforceplugin/trunk/setup.py


Deleted trunk in preparation for replacement with sandbox/pyperforce.

9:00 AM Changeset [1193] by lewisbaker
  • perforceplugin/sandbox
  • perforceplugin/sandbox/pyperforce
  • perforceplugin/sandbox/pyperforce/README.txt
  • perforceplugin/sandbox/pyperforce/p4trac
  • perforceplugin/sandbox/pyperforce/p4trac/__init__.py


Import the 0.4.1 source into the pyperforce sandbox.

8:42 AM Changeset [1192] by lewisbaker
  • perforceplugin/tags/0.1
  • perforceplugin/tags/0.2
  • perforceplugin/tags/0.3


Tagged the 0.1, 0.2 and 0.3 releases of the plugin from their respective historical versions.

8:00 AM Changeset [1191] by lewisbaker
  • perforceplugin/branches
  • perforceplugin/branches/trac-0.9
  • perforceplugin/tags
  • perforceplugin/trunk


Reorganised the /perforceplugin repository to use the standard trunk/branches/tags layout to better manage the development/release process.

7:17 AM Ticket #659 (Changeset cache won't update if p4d rebooted during previous run) created by lewisbaker
From ticket #645 by excentric@… The Perforce server here …
12:55 AM Ticket #631 (Error when trying to compile plugin) closed by coderanger
worksforme: Just being a resolution stickler :)
12:54 AM Ticket #631 (Error when trying to compile plugin) reopened by coderanger
12:48 AM Ticket #631 (Error when trying to compile plugin) closed by anonymous
fixed: I installed the same version that's on Edgewall's site (3645) and it …
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