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Jan 5, 2007:

10:19 PM Changeset [1847] by bobbysmith007
  • timingandestimationplugin/trunk/scripts/trac-post-commit.py


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6:37 PM Ticket #1076 (Input charset used for htmldoc should not be trac default) created by tonin
As we know, htmldoc isn't utf-8 compatible. However, quite a lot of …
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5:12 PM Ticket #1075 (0.11 compatible version) created by sreimers
Create a 0.11 dev compatible version of this plugin. Seems some minor …
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4:53 PM Ticket #1074 ('Forgot my password' link does not appear) created by gdh@…
Using packaged Trac 0.10.3 from backports.org. WebAdmin plugin works …
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Added a nice bold note under the reports section to note that reports … (diff)
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Hopefully improved install details for n00bs, and started documenting … (diff)
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Link to Endo (diff)
7:02 AM Ticket #1073 (Cannot create blog post) created by jfeid@…
Creating a new blog post entry, Trac responds with "Trac detected an …
3:22 AM Ticket #1072 ([PATCH] Add more data migrations) created by eridius
Adds migrations for components, enums, and milestones. Also fixes the …
3:22 AM Ticket #1071 (Discussion Forum lists reports 0 topics if there are 0 replies.) created by anonymous
The query used for the Forum List view does a simple join of tf and …

Jan 4, 2007:

7:31 PM Ticket #1070 (Stop robots from accessing page history) created by wardi-trac@…
The robots.txt method can't currently stop robots from indexing old …
7:26 PM Ticket #1069 (Modifications via Trac connector in MyLar does not trigger email sending.) created by anonymous
Steps To Reproduce: 1. Create task via browser 2. Modify this task via …
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8:55 AM Ticket #1068 (The zip file downloaded is empty) created by ivanyiu@…
Zip file for the CustomFieldPatch is empty …
7:17 AM Changeset [1846] by pacopablo
  • tracblogplugin/0.10/blog/web_ui.py


  • Refs #736
  • Added a check when trying to load a WikiPage. This should compensate for empty Wiki pages.
  • Please test and close this bug if it does indeed solve the problem. I currently can't duplicate the issue
6:44 AM Ticket #657 ([blog] post_size fails to cut down text) closed by pacopablo
fixed: (In [1845]) * Closes #657. Documentation added to Admin page and …
6:44 AM Changeset [1845] by pacopablo
  • tracblogplugin/0.10/blog/admin.py
  • tracblogplugin/0.10/blog/templates/blog_admin.cs
  • tracblogplugin/0.10/blog/web_ui.py


  • Closes #657. Documentation added to Admin page and BlogShow macro
6:26 AM Ticket #952 (Enabling 'Reply' to a blog post) closed by pacopablo
duplicate: Duplicate of #567. This is an enhancement that I do want to tackle, …
5:35 AM Ticket #1067 (Could you provid a zip file for download the source) created by anonymous
I'm behind a proxy server and the server is not own by our department. …
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1:00 AM Ticket #1066 (Missing an installation step?) created by anonymous
I think the documentation is making an assumption that the plugin is …

Jan 3, 2007:

5:38 PM Ticket #1059 (HtPasswdStore doesn't recognize Blowfish hashes) closed by mgood
fixed: (In [1844]) use the full hash when checking crypt-ed passwords since …
5:38 PM Changeset [1844] by mgood
  • accountmanagerplugin/0.10/acct_mgr/htfile.py
  • accountmanagerplugin/0.9/acct_mgr/htfile.py
  • accountmanagerplugin/trunk/acct_mgr/htfile.py


use the full hash when checking crypt-ed passwords since some implementations differ in salt values (fixes #1059)

2:55 PM Ticket #1065 (Report generate errors) closed by bobbysmith007
invalid: http://trac-hacks.org/ticket/830
1:41 PM Ticket #1062 (Links inside headers messes up output) closed by mnw21@…
invalid: My apologies, this is not a bug in TocMacro. The bug exists in Trac, …
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Updated for 0.5, including use_object option. (diff)
8:56 AM XsltMacro edited by roadrunner
Comment added (diff)
8:55 AM Changeset [1843] by roadrunner
  • xsltmacro/0.9/setup.py


Bumped version to 0.5 .

8:54 AM Changeset [1842] by roadrunner
  • xsltmacro/0.9/xslt/Xslt.py


Added ability to use <object> tag instead of <iframe>.

8:50 AM Changeset [1841] by roadrunner
  • xsltmacro/0.9/xslt/Xslt.py


Fixed plugin mode under 0.10 (the Request._headers array is not longer
available nor needed).

4:27 AM Ticket #1065 (Report generate errors) created by ivanyiu@…
I'm new to TRAC and found that this plugin is really helpful. The …

Jan 2, 2007:

10:33 PM Changeset [1840] by bobbysmith007
  • timingandestimationplugin/trunk/setup.py
  • timingandestimationplugin/trunk/timingandestimationplugin/api.py
  • timingandestimationplugin/trunk/timingandestimationplugin/ticket_daemon.py


trying to fix mysql error that shouldnt be occuring

version 0.3.7

8:57 PM Ticket #1064 (Error upgrading database) created by efeldt@…
[…] I use mySQL 5 as the database backend (the upgrade worked on a …
8:39 PM Ticket #1063 (email2trac not generating tickets) closed by vesty
worksforme: Managed to solve this. I'd followed the 'note for postfix' on the …
3:21 PM DelegatedWikiPlugin edited by anonymous
fixed a minor minor typo (diff)
3:15 PM Ticket #1063 (email2trac not generating tickets) created by anonymous
Trac 0.10.2 with Postfix on OS X. I've installed/configured …
2:16 PM Ticket #1062 (Links inside headers messes up output) created by anonymous
If there are links inside the text of a heading, then the full …
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Static code analysis alternatives to pydoc (diff)

Jan 1, 2007:

9:26 PM Ticket #1061 (Extend AccountManager to allow non-password-based authentication methods) created by dottedmag
Extracted from #173. AccountManagerPlugin currently supports only …
9:20 PM dottedmag created by dottedmag
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Dec 31, 2006:

9:10 AM Ticket #1060 (Calendar Navigation breaks at the end of each month!) created by tag@…
Today http://www.blisted.org/blog?year=2006&month=6, and at the end of …
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Dec 30, 2006:

5:06 AM Ticket #1059 (HtPasswdStore doesn't recognize Blowfish hashes) created by anonymous
On my FreeBSD Sparc box, the HtPasswdStore wouldn't work with …

Dec 29, 2006:

8:19 PM Ticket #1058 (Installation instructions would be nice.) closed by bobbysmith007
fixed: A couple things * All components of the plugin must be enabled. …
8:14 PM TimingAndEstimationPlugin edited by bobbysmith007
5:35 PM Ticket #1058 (Installation instructions would be nice.) created by anonymous
So far I've downloaded and run setup.py install I added the line …
4:37 PM Ticket #1057 (add new forum not working) created by apaczi@…
3:41 PM Ticket #1056 (Image support) closed by athomas
worksforme: Works here.
2:34 PM Ticket #1056 (Image support) created by anonymous
It doesn't seem to support embedded images in the PDF using the …
7:50 AM news/2006-12-29-tagsplugin-subversion-dump-imported created by athomas
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7:25 AM Changeset [1737] by athomas
  • tagsplugin
  • tagsplugin/support
  • tagsplugin/support/trac


Initialise tags directory structure

6:50 AM Blog: TagsPlugin Subversion dump imported created by athomas
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