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Apr 9, 2007:

10:49 PM Ticket #1435 (Invalid aggregate query) closed by Blackhex
fixed: I'm not sure why there was GROUP BY anyway, maybe piece of some …
10:47 PM Changeset [2166] by Blackhex
  • discussionplugin/0.10/tracdiscussion/search.py


  • Bug #l435 fix.
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9:24 PM BadContent edited by coderanger
Just flatout ban the word 'porn' (diff)
8:50 PM Ticket #1436 (No code?) created by dsmith
Found the original repository …
8:28 PM Changeset [2165] by coderanger
  • tracforgeplugin/0.10/tracforge/admin/dispatch.py


Typo. (Thanks kopernikus)

7:59 PM Ticket #1435 (Invalid aggregate query) created by x@…
Saw this in my logs: […] Appears to be coming from: […] That …
6:11 PM Ticket #1434 (`[webapps]` config is redundant with Paste compositing) created by mgood
Paste deploy already supports "Composite" applications which lets you …
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Note about me (diff)
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10:44 AM Changeset [2164] by martinpaljak
  • tracwsgiplugin/0.11/setup.py
  • tracwsgiplugin/0.11/test.ini
  • tracwsgiplugin/0.11/wsgiplugin/index.html
  • tracwsgiplugin/0.11/wsgiplugin/wsgiplugin.py


0.3 - add support for TRAC_ENV_PARENT_DIR style projects.
WIKI_VIEW permission is needed to show a project in the index list.

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9:41 AM Ticket #1433 (Performance Issue) closed by coderanger
wontfix: Not that I know of. The per-ticket security checks incur a lot of …
9:31 AM Ticket #1433 (Performance Issue) created by fungbat@…
I notice that the performance penalty of this plugin is quite high. …
8:24 AM TracForgePlugin edited by coderanger
Fix formatting some more and add information about the project index … (diff)
8:04 AM TracForgePlugin edited by coderanger
Add note about acct_mgr (diff)
8:01 AM TracForgePlugin edited by coderanger
Make the formatting suck less (diff)
7:51 AM Changeset [2163] by coderanger
  • tracforgeplugin/0.10/setup.py
  • tracforgeplugin/0.10/tracforge/admin/__init__.py
  • tracforgeplugin/0.10/tracforge/admin/db_default.py
  • tracforgeplugin/0.10/tracforge/admin/dispatch.py
  • tracforgeplugin/0.10/tracforge/admin/perm.py


Adding project index and dispatcher.

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Complete example (diff)
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Multiple environments (diff)

Apr 8, 2007:

9:39 PM Ticket #1432 (well, can't say anything except that login plugin doesn't seem to be ...) created by konryd+trac@…
Traceback (most recent call last): File …
9:23 PM Ticket #1431 (sample ldap schema for trac) created by pkoelle@…
I didn't found one, so here is a draft…
8:03 PM Changeset [2162] by martinpaljak
  • tracwsgiplugin/0.11/setup.py
  • tracwsgiplugin/0.11/wsgiplugin/wsgiplugin.py


Add support for multiple projects (trac.env_parent_dir)

4:52 PM Ticket #1395 (The binaries in the update site aren't up to date) closed by merlimat
fixed: sorry for being late but I was out for vacation.. should be fine now
4:09 PM EclipseTracPlugin edited by merlimat
4:09 PM Changeset [2161] by merlimat
  • eclipsetracplugin/eclipse/trunk/EclipseTrac/feature.xml
  • eclipsetracplugin/eclipse/trunk/mm.eclipse.trac/.classpath
  • eclipsetracplugin/eclipse/trunk/mm.eclipse.trac/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
  • eclipsetracplugin/eclipse/trunk/mm.eclipse.trac/icons/create_page.png
  • eclipsetracplugin/eclipse/trunk/mm.eclipse.trac/plugin.xml


Solved #1395 and started working a "create new page".

12:31 AM izekia created by izekia
New user izekia registered
12:31 AM Ticket #1430 (Error Class XlsDoc) created by izekia
lines 16-18 need to call '_build_directory' method instead of …

Apr 7, 2007:

11:37 PM LdapWhitePagesPlugin edited by trygvis
11:31 PM trygvis created by trygvis
New user trygvis registered
11:29 PM Ticket #1429 (Encoding issues with returned data, patch included) created by trygvis
I have scandinavian charachters in my LDAP and needed to use the …
11:08 PM Ticket #1428 (What about remembering that user was logined (into cookies)?) created by sagrer
If i login into trac, then close my browser, then open it again and …
6:11 PM TicketBoxMacro edited by anonymous
1:42 AM BadContent edited by coderanger
Adding the same patterns mgood just put on t.e.o. (diff)
12:58 AM Changeset [2160] by coderanger
  • hidevalsplugin/0.10
  • hidevalsplugin/0.10/hidevals
  • hidevalsplugin/0.10/hidevals/__init__.py
  • hidevalsplugin/0.10/hidevals/admin.py
  • hidevalsplugin/0.10/hidevals/api.py


Initial add.

12:58 AM HideValsPlugin created by coderanger
New hack HideValsPlugin, created by coderanger
12:58 AM Changeset [2159] by coderanger
  • hidevalsplugin

New hack HideValsPlugin, created by coderanger

Apr 6, 2007:

7:55 PM Ticket #1427 (require password change upon login with auto-generated password sent ...) created by Phil Mocek <pmocek-trac-hacks@…>
If a password is reset and sent though e-mail (these messages are …
5:09 PM Ticket #1284 (assertion on viewing revtree) closed by eblot
5:06 PM Changeset [2158] by eblot
  • revtreeplugin/0.11/revtree/templates/revtree.html
  • revtreeplugin/0.11/setup.py


Add compatiblity with the latest Genshi release (0.4dev-510+)

3:22 PM Ticket #1426 (os.listdir gives error if directories do not exist) created by marius2@…
First thanks for the script, after a few modifications it gave good …
12:27 PM GoogleSitemapPlugin edited by datenimperator
12:26 PM GoogleSitemapPlugin edited by datenimperator
Current release (diff)
12:17 PM Ticket #1403 (Traceback on GoogleSitemapPlugin) closed by datenimperator
fixed: Corrected in changeset 18
12:16 PM Ticket #1320 (When pings are sent, a completely invalid URL is supplied resulting in ...) closed by datenimperator
duplicate: Implemented a configurable option to store the base url, this should …
12:15 PM Ticket #1009 (Wrong URL in the sitemap when running trac on different port using tracd) closed by datenimperator
fixed: Implemented a configurable option that will store the base url
11:49 AM ScrumBurndownPlugin edited by anonymous
increased counter (diff)
11:31 AM Ticket #1425 (Error attempting to run WindowsServiceScript) closed by anonymous
invalid: You're right, this was an editing error on my part. Thanks for your help.

Apr 5, 2007:

8:18 PM cbalan created by cbalan
New user cbalan registered
4:40 PM Ticket #1425 (Error attempting to run WindowsServiceScript) created by anonymous
I would like to run trac as a windows service. I'm running trac …
4:23 PM faxayran created by faxayran
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7:53 AM ScrumBurndownPlugin edited by anonymous
4:11 AM Ticket #1424 (RFE: Subscription to forums and topic.) created by cwiid@…
Notification is not a component, and cannot be disabled through trac.ini.

Apr 4, 2007:

9:43 PM Ticket #1417 (Not Creating tickets on incoming email) closed by anonymous
8:06 PM Ticket #1358 (reset_password needs to allowed) closed by anonymous
duplicate: duplicate of #1315
4:11 PM Ticket #1423 (name="__FORM_TOKEN", is this field needed in the gui) created by anonymous
<input type="hidden" name="FORM_TOKEN" …
4:06 PM Ticket #1422 (plugin should work in chroot environments where there is no /bin/sh) created by anonymous
os.system requires /bin/sh which may not be available in some chroot …
3:34 PM Ticket #1421 (plugin should work in chroot environments where there is no /bin/sh) created by anonymous
os.system requires /bin/sh which may not be available in some chroot …
11:16 AM Changeset [2157] by athomas
  • s5plugin/0.10/s5/s5.py


Remove markup from HTML title.

9:50 AM Ticket #1420 (TagsWikiModule loses user submit info and ?action=history links) created by andreas.schmied@…
Using default_handler=TagsWikiModule results in "edited by" (without …
7:14 AM Ticket #1419 (How can I use it in Trac) closed by Rene
fixed: Sorry - it is nice. With Include(source)I can use it simple.
6:47 AM Ticket #1419 (How can I use it in Trac) created by Rene
Could you please give an Example. I don´t now how I can add a Wiki …
6:29 AM Ticket #1418 (add descriptions to reports to document the $NEW issue from #830) created by jeff dean
First of all it's a killer plugin. Thanks! In #830 you mentioned …
1:43 AM Ticket #1417 (Not Creating tickets on incoming email) created by Johannes
I am using trac 0.10.3 and the most current version of the …

Apr 3, 2007:

9:49 PM Ticket #1416 (extend notifications and allow user sign up) created by gheard
I would like users to be able to signup (in preferences) to get …
9:49 PM Changeset [2156] by martinpaljak
  • tracwsgiplugin/0.11/setup.cfg
  • tracwsgiplugin/0.11/setup.py
  • tracwsgiplugin/0.11/test.ini
  • tracwsgiplugin/0.11/wsgiplugin/wsgiplugin.py


Small addition to usage - paste entry point added.

3:39 PM Ticket #1415 (EmailToTracScript work under exchange server?) created by anonymous
I'm trying to set up trac and the EmailToTracScript under windows 2003 …
3:37 PM Ticket #1414 (version number usage should be optional) created by stava@…
Thanks for a great plugin. However, we have quite a lot of software …
11:59 AM Changeset [2155] by wkornew
  • dbauthplugin/simple/dbauth/auth.py


Fixed for Genshi trunk.

11:50 AM Ticket #1413 (Word documents as attachments can't be open from the ticket (Windows2003)) created by faiksayran@…
I sent an email with a word document attached. email2trac successfully …
11:26 AM aamk created by aamk
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12:52 AM WikiNotificationPlugin edited by anonymous

Apr 2, 2007:

8:23 PM gheard created by gheard
New user gheard registered
4:27 PM Ticket #1412 (Add a "Date:" header to the mail) created by grg
Hello, I've installed trac-wiki-notify and one user reported that his …
4:22 PM grg created by grg
New user grg registered
2:31 PM TimingAndEstimationPlugin edited by bobbysmith007
2:25 PM TimingAndEstimationPlugin edited by bobbysmith007
1:37 PM Ticket #1411 (Report results should behave like query results) created by bjoern.wolf@…
In [2115] the access to reports in alternative formats (csv, tab) has …
12:15 PM Changeset [2154] by wkornew
  • dbauthplugin/simple
  • dbauthplugin/simple/dbauth/auth.py
  • dbauthplugin/simple/dbauth/templates/login.cs
  • dbauthplugin/simple/dbauth/templates/login.html
  • dbauthplugin/simple/dbauth/templates/password.cs


Updated to Trac 0.11. Changing the password is not possible (I'll have to add an extension to the new prefs interface in Trac 0.11).

12:07 PM Ticket #1410 (Error in _check_userline for HtDigestStore) created by bjoern.wolf@…
The method "_check_userline" (on line 176) in class HtDigestStore …
10:55 AM Ticket #528 (Script to import PVCS Tracker project into Trac) closed by terje@…
fixed: = Porting an existing PVCS/Merant/Serena Tracker project to Trac = We …
4:42 AM Ticket #1374 (Plugin to change commit message) reopened by coderanger
Saying this could be done through the command line client is not a …
3:41 AM Ticket #1409 (regex problem) created by anonymous
if I put this plugin into different environments . After I change …
2:34 AM Ticket #1374 (Plugin to change commit message) closed by prasand
fixed: I have attached a hook script to give you an idea of what needs to be …
12:51 AM TracMathPlugin edited by rlotun
12:51 AM TracMathPlugin edited by rlotun
12:48 AM test1.png attached to TracMathPlugin by rlotun
12:47 AM TracMathPlugin created by rlotun
New hack TracMathPlugin, created by rlotun
12:47 AM Changeset [2153] by rlotun
  • tracmathplugin

New hack TracMathPlugin, created by rlotun

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