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May 12, 2007:

11:43 PM Ticket #1535 (Export Wiki pages to HTML) closed by coderanger
worksforme: You mean like the CombineWikiPlugin?
10:50 PM Ticket #1535 (Export Wiki pages to HTML) created by mauzer_tim
Ability to export set of Wiki pages to HTML files linked to each …
7:19 PM Ticket #1533 (Calendar doesn't work with PostgreSQL) closed by ant_39
fixed: We actually depend very little on particular SQL backend, only for …
7:16 PM Changeset [2235] by ant_39
  • calendarplugin/0.10/azcalendar/azcalendar.py
  • calendarplugin/0.10/azcalendar/event.py
  • calendarplugin/0.10/azcalendar/templates/azerror.cs


  • Don't depend on sqlite.
  • Translate azerror.cs.
  • Resolves: #1533
7:02 PM Ticket #1534 (Integrate with MasterTicketsPlugin or add ablity to set master ticket) created by mauzer_tim
When we have some great task we divide it on a number of subtasks. It …
6:24 PM Ticket #1533 (Calendar doesn't work with PostgreSQL) created by anonymous
Now when I add new event I see this error: […] It would be great …

May 11, 2007:

9:05 PM Ticket #1532 (Changelog plugin fails with No node message) created by kate.yoak@…
Upon installing the changelog plugin, I modified a template to …
3:45 PM Ticket #1531 (Composing mulitiple XML files using 1 or more XSLTs) created by jcarter@…
I must split apart one large XML file into several smaller parts. I …

May 10, 2007:

12:47 PM ScrumBurndownPlugin edited by anonymous
11:20 AM Changeset [2234] by diroussel
  • colormacro/0.10
  • colormacro/0.10/Color.py


Initial commit of ColorMacro

11:15 AM ColorMacro created by diroussel
New hack ColorMacro, created by diroussel
11:15 AM Changeset [2233] by diroussel
  • colormacro

New hack ColorMacro, created by diroussel

10:30 AM Ticket #1510 (Porting to Trac 0.11 and Genshi templates) closed by salmira777
worksforme: This solution works for me. My system: OS: Windows …
9:32 AM Ticket #1530 (Preview shows previous post as yours) created by anonymous
When replying to a topic, if you preview what you have typed, the post …
1:56 AM Changeset [2232] by ant_39
  • calendarplugin/0.10/AztechCalendar.egg-info
  • calendarplugin/0.10/setup.py


  • Use entry point in setup.py instead of deprecated trac_plugin.txt.
12:45 AM Ticket #1528 (get_permission_actions returns nested list) closed by ant_39
fixed: Fixed in r2231.
12:43 AM Changeset [2231] by ant_39
  • calendarplugin/0.10/azcalendar/azcalendar.py


  • Fix permissions.
  • Resolves: #1528

May 9, 2007:

11:28 PM Ticket #1529 (function 'first' in azweekcal.cs not defined anythere) closed by ant_39
11:10 PM Changeset [2230] by ant_39
  • calendarplugin/0.10/azcalendar/templates/azweekcal.cs


  • Don't use first function to avoid dependency on new clear silver.
  • Resolves: #1529
5:31 PM Changeset [2229] by deltroo
  • searchattachmentsplugin/0.10
  • searchattachmentsplugin/0.10/README
  • searchattachmentsplugin/0.10/searchattachments
  • searchattachmentsplugin/0.10/searchattachments/__init__.py
  • searchattachmentsplugin/0.10/searchattachments/searchattachments.py


inital code of 0.10 version

5:27 PM SearchAttachmentsPlugin edited by anonymous
4:09 PM Ticket #1388 (Real-time progress bar for attachments uploads) reopened by anonymous
2:23 PM TimingAndEstimationPlugin edited by anonymous
12:10 PM SearchAttachmentsPlugin edited by deltroo
6:01 AM Ticket #1529 (function 'first' in azweekcal.cs not defined anythere) created by izekia
function 'first' in azweekcal.cs not defined anythere
5:37 AM Ticket #1528 (get_permission_actions returns nested list) created by izekia
so such error happens: […]

May 8, 2007:

7:53 PM DelegatedWikiPlugin edited by anonymous
7:11 PM EclipseTracPlugin edited by anonymous
7:04 PM Ticket #1527 (Create ability to hide all default ticket fields not just drop downs) closed by coderanger
worksforme: See SimpleTicketPlugin and HideValsPlugin.
4:26 PM Ticket #1524 (How about a list of currently online users?) closed by mgood
wontfix: I think you could get that information from the session table without …
1:48 PM Ticket #1527 (Create ability to hide all default ticket fields not just drop downs) created by GWright@…
I have not been able to find a way to do this and I find it surprising …
12:54 PM ScrumBurndownPlugin edited by dexen
incremented the counter -- this is really great tool, thankies! (diff)
12:46 PM Ticket #1526 (iCal export would be very usefull, too.) created by andy@…
12:45 PM Ticket #1525 (shouldn't the calendar contain the project's milestones?) created by andy@…
10:53 AM Ticket #1524 (How about a list of currently online users?) created by andy@…
Especially width projects with a great amount of developers it would …
8:37 AM Ticket #1523 (Add permission type to hide ticket-comments) created by jorgen.wahlund@…
When a single customer adds a ticket I would like a behavior like …
6:18 AM Ticket #1522 (Typing a ticket number into a search lets users see ticket summaries ...) created by stevemccusker@…
If the user enters # followed by a ticket number into the Trac search …
12:25 AM felmasper created by felmasper
New user felmasper registered

May 7, 2007:

2:12 PM josellm edited by jose <jllopezm@…>
9:52 AM ScrumBurndownPlugin edited by mike.henry@…
I am no. 105! (diff)
2:28 AM TracMetrixRequirements edited by khundeen
2:06 AM TracMetrixRequirements edited by anonymous
1:29 AM Changeset [2228] by coderanger
  • condfieldsplugin/0.10
  • condfieldsplugin/0.10/condfields
  • condfieldsplugin/0.10/condfields/__init__.py
  • condfieldsplugin/0.10/condfields/htdocs
  • condfieldsplugin/0.10/condfields/htdocs/jquery.js


Initial add.

1:27 AM CondFieldsPlugin edited by coderanger
Typo and another example. (diff)
1:26 AM CondFieldsPlugin created by coderanger
New hack CondFieldsPlugin, created by coderanger
1:26 AM Changeset [2227] by coderanger
  • condfieldsplugin

New hack CondFieldsPlugin, created by coderanger

May 6, 2007:

9:51 PM BadContent edited by coderanger
Block links to xanga.com (diff)
1:15 PM ScrumBurndownPlugin edited by anonymous
12:01 PM Ticket #817 (Problem with using "codetags" hack with perforce) closed by lewisbaker
fixed: (In [2226]) Fixed an assertion error that occured when querying the …
12:01 PM Changeset [2226] by lewisbaker
  • perforceplugin/trunk/p4trac/repos.py


Fixed an assertion error that occured when querying the subDirectories of the root directory node with None as the revision specifier.
Fixes #817.

May 5, 2007:

11:13 PM Changeset [2225] by ant_39
  • calendarplugin/0.10/azcalendar/templates/azdays.cs


  • Names of days and months translated to English.
11:11 PM CalendarPlugin edited by ant_39
10:44 PM Changeset [2224] by ant_39
  • calendarplugin/0.10
  • calendarplugin/0.10/AztechCalendar.egg-info
  • calendarplugin/0.10/AztechCalendar.egg-info/trac_plugin.txt
  • calendarplugin/0.10/azcalendar
  • calendarplugin/0.10/azcalendar/__init__.py


  • Initial commit.
10:27 PM CalendarPlugin created by ant_39
New hack CalendarPlugin, created by ant_39
10:27 PM Changeset [2223] by ant_39
  • calendarplugin

New hack CalendarPlugin, created by ant_39

10:04 PM ant_39 created by ant_39
New user ant_39 registered
3:43 AM Ticket #769 ('import perforce' doesn't work after installing PyPerforce) closed by lewisbaker
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.