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Aug 15, 2007:

9:55 PM Ticket #1936 (Add login form to every Forbidden page) created by shadow@…
It would be great to be able to login instantly from these pages and …
3:51 PM Changeset [2569] by athomas
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/macros.py
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/ticket.py
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/web_ui.py


More fixes for Trac 0.11, thanks again to Gary Oberbrunner.

3:30 PM Ticket #1935 (Integration with Teamtrac) created by protocolus@…
I was looking at http://teamtrac.org/ and thinking what a good fit …
2:30 PM Changeset [2568] by athomas
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/api.py
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/web_ui.py


A few fixes picked up by garyo@…, thanks. References #1932.

1:15 PM Ticket #1931 (Added a "thumbs up" smiley & macro) closed by cboos
fixed: (In [2567]) Add a thumbs down icon ({!OK} or {DN}). Closes #1931.
1:15 PM Changeset [2567] by cboos
  • wikigoodiesplugin/0.11/goodies/htdocs/modern/img/thumbs-dn.png
  • wikigoodiesplugin/0.11/goodies/smileys.py
  • wikigoodiesplugin/0.11/setup.py


Add a thumbs down icon ({!OK} or {DN}). Closes #1931.

10:10 AM Ticket #1934 (TagsPlugin won't display tickets) created by track@…
Hi, I'd installed the plugin as described in install instructions. …
6:41 AM MasterTicketsPlugin edited by coderanger
6:39 AM Ticket #1933 (blocking string matches unintended tickets) closed by coderanger
wontfix: The 0.10 version suffers from many systemic issues (this being the …
6:02 AM Ticket #1933 (blocking string matches unintended tickets) created by jeffnorman
Setting the blocking field of a ticket to "22" will block the tickets …
2:22 AM BadContent edited by coderanger
2:22 AM BadContent edited by coderanger
12:28 AM Ticket #1932 (Patch for 0.11 version of TracTags) created by anonymous
Here's a patch to fix passing the request into a few more places, and …

Aug 14, 2007:

9:24 PM Ticket #1931 (Added a "thumbs up" smiley & macro) created by Morris
Pretty much what the title says. Added a new "thumbs down" image and …
5:31 PM Ticket #1844 (dead url at page /tags) closed by athomas
fixed: (In [2566]) Ported to 0.11. Also fixed #1844.
5:31 PM Changeset [2566] by athomas
  • tagsplugin/trunk/setup.py
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/templates/tags.cs
  • tagsplugin/trunk/tractags/web_ui.py


Ported to 0.11. Also fixed #1844.

3:42 PM Ticket #1804 (Fix output encoding) closed by athomas
fixed: (In [2565]) Added patch from Ilya Nazarov, thanks! Fixes #1804.
3:41 PM Changeset [2565] by athomas
  • s5plugin/0.10/s5/s5.py


Added patch from Ilya Nazarov, thanks! Fixes #1804.

6:16 AM Ticket #1930 (not work with 0.11) created by anonymous
failed to work with 0.11 version, any plan to support 0.11 ?
5:16 AM Ticket #1929 (Show only totals in Ticket Box) created by humberto@…
I think a great feature for TicketBoxMacro would be to have it list …
2:53 AM TracSpanishTranslation edited by jmt4b04d4v
Add refs to #1915, #1926, #1927, #1928 (diff)
2:46 AM Ticket #1928 (Include TrueHttpLogoutPatch in provided patches) created by jmt4b04d4v
Include TrueHttpLogoutPatch in provided patches.
2:40 AM Ticket #1927 (Some wiki pages (default ones) are broken (don't render correctly)) created by jmt4b04d4v
Following (default) wiki pages arise UnicodeEncodeError: * …
2:27 AM Ticket #1926 (Summary and Description fields in reports are broken, well sort of. ...) created by jmt4b04d4v
Reports: {1}, {2}, {3}, {4}, {5}, {6} define sumario as report …

Aug 13, 2007:

5:38 PM Ticket #1925 (WebAdmin required to use ThemeEnginePlugin) closed by coderanger
fixed: Done
5:38 PM ThemeEnginePlugin edited by coderanger
Add dependency. (diff)
5:21 PM Ticket #1925 (WebAdmin required to use ThemeEnginePlugin) created by joe_merchant@…
After turning on debug logging, I discovered that the …
4:34 PM GringottsPlugin edited by anonymous
typo (diff)
4:01 PM riskable created by riskable
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3:26 PM Ticket #1924 ([patch] Doesn't read group_file from global config) created by ken.dunnington@…
The plugin requires the group_file setting to be in the local trac.ini …
3:17 PM Ticket #1923 (reports don't work with PostgreSQL) created by arthur_kalm
Hi, we're using the plugin with PostgreSQL. When using it in simple …
2:56 PM arthur_kalm created by arthur_kalm
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1:11 PM Ticket #1697 (Hour reports not working with Trac 10.4 & MySQL 5.0) reopened by anonymous
MySQL 5.0 does not like the "CAST(t.id as text) as ticket" in …
9:10 AM Ticket #1539 (Internal Error When Moving Trac Ticket) closed by anonymous
9:02 AM Pramila created by Pramila
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Aug 11, 2007:

4:24 PM RevtreePlugin edited by eblot
Follow up for the option renaming introduced in [2564] (diff)
4:23 PM Changeset [2564] by eblot
  • revtreeplugin/0.11/enhancers/logenhancer
  • revtreeplugin/0.11/enhancers/logenhancer/logenhancer
  • revtreeplugin/0.11/enhancers/mergeenhancer
  • revtreeplugin/0.11/enhancers/mergeenhancer/mergeenhancer
  • revtreeplugin/0.11/revtree/web_ui.py


Fix up a small issue with relative time base.

  • Please note that option reltime has been renamed as abstime, which defaults to true. Define to false to use relative time base.

Fix up svn:ignore property in enhancer directories

9:41 AM TeamtracIntegration edited by roman
9:40 AM overviewgfx_t.png attached to TeamtracIntegration by roman
Example screenshot
9:17 AM TeamtracIntegration created by roman
New hack TeamtracIntegration, created by roman
9:17 AM Changeset [2563] by roman
  • teamtracintegration

New hack TeamtracIntegration, created by roman

9:03 AM roman created by roman
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5:46 AM TracMetrixPlugin edited by khundeen
5:42 AM TracMetrixPlugin edited by khundeen
5:40 AM TracMetrixPlugin edited by khundeen
12:20 AM Changeset [2562] by khundeen
  • tracmetrixplugin/0.11/setup.py
  • tracmetrixplugin/0.11/tracmetrixplugin/__init__.py
  • tracmetrixplugin/0.11/tracmetrixplugin/htdocs/css/dashboard.css
  • tracmetrixplugin/0.11/tracmetrixplugin/mdashboard.py
  • tracmetrixplugin/0.11/tracmetrixplugin/model.py


NEW: Ticket#1601

  • Add Project metrics

Aug 10, 2007:

11:16 PM Changeset [2561] by gt4329b
  • ldapsessionsettingspatch/0.11dev
  • ldapsessionsettingspatch/0.11dev/LdapSessionSettingsPatch - Trac Hacks - Plugins Macros etc. - Trac.url
  • ldapsessionsettingspatch/0.11dev/README
  • ldapsessionsettingspatch/0.11dev/session.py
  • ldapsessionsettingspatch/0.11dev/session_patch.diff


  • added patch, README, sample ini file
11:07 PM LdapSessionSettingsPatch edited by gt4329b
11:03 PM LdapSessionSettingsPatch edited by gt4329b
updated ini to reflect all settings (diff)
10:56 PM LdapSessionSettingsPatch created by gt4329b
New hack LdapSessionSettingsPatch, created by gt4329b
10:56 PM Changeset [2560] by gt4329b
  • ldapsessionsettingspatch

New hack LdapSessionSettingsPatch, created by gt4329b

10:12 PM gt4329b created by gt4329b
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7:46 PM Ticket #1918 (how can I use it) closed by coderanger
invalid: Dashboard is an OS X subsystem. If you don't have a Mac, you can't use it.
7:45 PM Ticket #1921 (0.11 support) closed by coderanger
duplicate: Duplicate of #1920.
7:12 PM Ticket #1922 ([patch] ValueError with HttpAuthStore when entering invalid credentials) created by retracile
Attempting to login with an invalid user gives this traceback: […]
6:05 PM Ticket #1921 (0.11 support) created by anonymous
coming anytime soon, pwetty please?
4:34 PM Ticket #1920 (0.11 support) created by anonymous
coming anytime soon, pwetty please?
12:38 PM Ticket #1919 (I would like to have something like a TexInclude-Macro) created by k9ert@…
I am using the Include-Makro to include other Wiki-Pages in an …
12:22 PM Ticket #1918 (how can I use it) created by didley@…
Sorry! But there is no description about the Dashboard. How can I us …
10:34 AM Changeset [2559] by roadrunner
  • xsltmacro/0.9/xslt/Xslt.py


del is called even if init raises an exception, but in this case
self.obj will be null, so check for that.

10:17 AM Ticket #1887 (Can't use customfieldadmin after install) closed by anonymous
fixed: Ok my version of the plugins was not good. Fixed
3:14 AM Ticket #1916 (Relative paths in document() function cause I/O errors) created by jcarter@…
After troubleshooting for a while I think this MIGHT be an error and …
3:02 AM Ticket #1915 ('trac-admin TRACENV upgrade' failed in patched trac-0.10.5dev) created by jmt4b04d4v
trac-admin TRACENV upgrade failed with patched trac-0.10.5dev. …

Aug 9, 2007:

9:48 PM Changeset [2558] by coling
  • worklogplugin/0.10/worklog/api.py
  • worklogplugin/0.10/worklog/xmlrpc.py


Refs #1667 - fixes things when xmlrpcplugin is not installed.

9:44 PM Ticket #1914 (Syntax error in parser.py during install) created by zack.carter@…
I attempt to install with easy_install (also tried manually, same …
9:40 PM Changeset [2557] by coling
  • worklogplugin/0.10/worklog/api.py
  • worklogplugin/0.10/worklog/manager.py
  • worklogplugin/0.10/worklog/xmlrpc.py


Refs #1667 by adding an XMLRPC interface to WorkLogPlugin.
I should stress that this is 100% untested and the permissions are totally wrong.
It should hopefully provide something to test even if it doesn't work 100%.

6:07 PM RoadmapBox.py attached to RoadmapBoxMacro by merrillbeth@…
updated py for .11 plus formatting
4:44 PM Ticket #1913 (0.11 workflow compatibility) created by bewst
In the reports I see conditions like […] but for 0.11 all reports …
1:26 PM Ticket #1911 (IE not supported?) closed by eblot
duplicate: Short answer: No, IE is not (and will not be, ever) supported, see …
1:17 PM Ticket #1912 (show "yes/no" for field "billable" instead of "0/1") created by domi_digitus
In the ticket overview the field "billable" should be displayed with …
1:16 PM domi_digitus created by domi_digitus
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1:09 PM Ticket #1910 (Internal Server Error using latex-pdf) closed by k9ert@…
invalid: Sorry, I should reread the Example-section.
1:00 PM Ticket #1911 (IE not supported?) created by simonsolida
I noticed, when trying to access http://myaddress/trac/revtree trough …
12:56 PM Ticket #1910 (Internal Server Error using latex-pdf) created by k9ert@…
When I use the PDF-Latex-Link on a really-simple-testpage, I get an …
12:10 PM Ticket #1833 ("Disallow closing blocked tickets" functionality doesn't work) closed by aqualx@…
duplicate: You are right. Module "mastertickets.web_ui" can't load due to error …
10:35 AM ScrumBurndownPlugin edited by anonymous

Aug 8, 2007:

10:36 PM Changeset [2556] by coling
  • worklogplugin/0.10/worklog/webui.py


Refs #1898. Adds a file name for the CSV export. Probably helps on some platforms.

10:25 PM Ticket #1909 (Overshooting estimate reduces remaining effort while ticket is open) created by andyg
If you have a ticket set with an estimate of X hours, and you add a …
10:13 PM ScrumBurndownPlugin edited by anonymous
9:41 PM OsxRssDashboardWidgetLeopardIntegration edited by qualan
9:29 PM OsxRssDashboardWidgetLeopardIntegration edited by qualan
9:27 PM Changeset [2555] by qualan
  • osxrssdashboardwidgetleopardintegration/trac.wdgtproj
  • osxrssdashboardwidgetleopardintegration/trac.wdgtproj/michael.wdgtuser
  • osxrssdashboardwidgetleopardintegration/trac.wdgtproj/project.wdgt
  • osxrssdashboardwidgetleopardintegration/trac.wdgtproj/project.wdgt/Default.png
  • osxrssdashboardwidgetleopardintegration/trac.wdgtproj/project.wdgt/Icon.png


9:22 PM trac.wdgt.tar.bz2 attached to OsxRssDashboardWidgetLeopardIntegration by qualan
the widget
9:20 PM OsxRssDashboardWidgetLeopardIntegration created by qualan
New hack OsxRssDashboardWidgetLeopardIntegration, created by qualan
9:20 PM Changeset [2554] by qualan
  • osxrssdashboardwidgetleopardintegration

New hack OsxRssDashboardWidgetLeopardIntegration, created by qualan

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7:18 PM Ticket #1908 (JavaScript error in blog.cs) created by anteploon
In file templates/blog.cs on line 61 there is a javascript call: …
7:06 PM anteploon created by anteploon
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4:13 PM Ticket #1907 (bind_passwd special characters) created by candrews@…
My LDAP server needs to have an authenticated bind. I know this works, …
3:42 PM XmlRpcPlugin edited by anonymous
3:41 PM XmlRpcPlugin edited by anonymous
3:35 PM XmlRpcPlugin edited by anonymous
11:44 AM Ticket #1906 (How to install and use This plugin?) created by qstalker
I install this plugin on winXP: easy_install …
11:19 AM Ticket #1905 (column rev is not unique) created by andakawwa
After installing PerforcePlugin and configuring repository_type and …
11:01 AM andakawwa created by andakawwa
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10:04 AM Changeset [2553] by coling
  • worklogplugin/0.10/worklog/templates/worklog.cs
  • worklogplugin/0.10/worklog/webui.py


Refs #1898 and improves CSV export

8:12 AM Ticket #1901 (тестовое сообщение) closed by coderanger
invalid: If this isn't spam, please re-enter this in English.
3:19 AM ScrumBurndownPlugin edited by anonymous
2:42 AM Changeset [2552] by coling
  • worklogplugin/0.10/worklog/api.py
  • worklogplugin/0.10/worklog/dbhelper.py
  • worklogplugin/0.10/worklog/htdocs/worklogplugin.css
  • worklogplugin/0.10/worklog/manager.py
  • worklogplugin/0.10/worklog/templates/worklog.cs


Refs #1898 by applying modified patch.

Bits of the patch not submitted:

  • Does not modify the display of the worklog page and keeps it as a single user overview.
  • Does not allow the storage of a comment when starting work (only stopping)

Bits changed:

  • The display of the comment on the timeline was moved to the detail area which is more appropriate
  • Comments on the worklog should now support WikiFormatting

Bits added:

  • Added a db schema version wrapper as per reportmanager.py and my other plugins.
  • Added a CVS output to the worklog page (VERY VERY rudimentary - mime time is just text for debugging and there is no attempt at quoting and delimiting the data properly)

Bits to do in the future:

  • Make the CSV output better and properly quote/delimit things (a comma in a comment will totally break things right now).
  • Remove the comment field from Stop Work button area as it looks UGLY ;)
    • On this note, when clicking Stop Work it should display a popup type window, that:
      • Allows a selection of a date/time in the past to Stop Work (incase you forgot and overran)
      • Display the comment field.

I've probably forgotten some detail in this commit message and I've not tested this as much as I would usually so there may be some bugs.

Thanks loads to krugerm for the initial patch. Keep up the good work. Hope you agree with my changes here :)

Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.